Top 7 Best Hair Brushes Make Your Hair look Stylish!

There are many hair brushes type that you might seem easy to find but do you know which one is the best for your hair type?  Round brushes, paddle brushes, hair detanglers…..  Now let find out below for our review on the seven of the latest offering hair brushes to find out which are worth to add to your dressing table.


hershesons-ceramic-ion-brush Buy @Hershesons

Create dramatic volume with a silky smooth finish using this ceramic ion hair brush. Nano mineral coated bristles protect the scalp and minimize split ends to protect the hair whilst styling. All brushes are anti-static and anti-bacterial with an inbuilt ability to banish frizz.

If you have really crazy, wild, frizzy hair, and this hair brush really does cut blow drying time quite a bit. The way it dry your hair is to divide it into sections and blow dry each section smooth. The best thing about this hair brush is bristles, which really grip your hair from the root, giving a superior smoothness. The second really great thing is the ceramic barrel, which heat up when you blast it with a hairdryer, allowing you to smooth out hair and fix it faster than a brush with, say, a wooden barrel would. If you wind hair on to it and leave for a minute then you can also achieve slightly wave or flicked ends. The result is a silky smooth mane and salon finish without leaving your bedroom.

2. Paul Mitchell Express Ion Round Brush

Paul Mitchell ProTools Express Ion Round XL - Extra-Large

Paul Mitchell Express Ion Round Brush is an award winning barrel brush for all hair types. Expertly crafted with an Aluminium barrel and Ionic bristles, Express Ion Round Brush speeds up drying time and heats up during blow drying to help shape your style. Available in a selection of sizes to suit all lengths and types of hair, Express Ion Round Brush minimises flyaways and creates a sleek, frizz free finish. In Short this hair brush will give you:

  • Helps minimize flyaways and creates a sleek, frizz-free finish.Helps minimize flyaways and creates a sleek, frizz-free finish.
  • Speeds up drying time. Aluminum barrel heats up during blow-drying to help shape your style.

3. KENT ‘OOOH That’s nice!’

Kent Oooh

‘Oooh that’s nice!’ hair brush has been developed to eliminate the woes of everyday brushing, grooming and styling. The head of the brush moulds and flees to the shape of your head allowing for the most gracious of hair brushing experiences!

The brush part of Ooh That’s Nice is really flexible so it doesn’t put much pressure on the hair at all. It has metal bristles for getting through the tangles, it also has natural bristles for smoothing the hair. Not only it is super gentle, it also makes hair look really shiny. No frizz, no knots, no tears!

4. WET Brush

Wet Hair brushes

Effortlessly detangle wet and dry locks with the Wet Brush Neon. With a neon, rubber coated handle for grip, the super thin, flexible Intelliflex™ bristles detangle tough knots whilst massaging the scalp to stimulate circulation at the follicle.

Suitable for all hair types, including extensions and wigs, the Wet Brush is lightweight and can be carried in your handbag to treat your hair troubles on the go. Expect tangle-free, super sleek hair.

5. SHU UEMURA Art Of Hair Round Brushes

Shu Uemura Art Of Hair Round Brush

The hand crafted Shu Uemura Art of Hair Round Brush combines the suppleness of an air cushion with double nylon and natural softening bristles for efficient detangling, enhanced shine and smoothness from roots to ends.

  • A lightweight ergonomic design
  • Comfortably in the hand
  • Soft and natural bristles

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6. GHD Ceramic Vented radial Brush

ghd Professional 55mm Hair Ceramic Radial Brush

An easier blow – dry on longer lengths. Best for… The medium barrel of the size 2 brush makes it really versatile – producing a body-full or smooth blow-dry on short to mid-length hair. This ceramic -barrelled brush retains its heat to allow for a faster blow-dry. To use… Blast hair until it’s 80% dry. Working with small to medium sections, place the brush into the root area and direct the heat from your dryer at the barrel. Keep the tension as you move the brush through your hair, directing heat at the barrel as you go. Style tip… To create body in the crown, use your brush like a large roller. Dry your crown section (as above) and then wrap the whole section around your brush. Blast with hot air and then use your cool shot. Leave the brush in your hair and let it cool completely before removing.

7. Tangle Teezer The Ultimate Hair Brushes

Tangle Teezer The Ultimate Brush Pink

Tangle Teezer’s The Ultimate hair brush is the go-to for fabulous hair. Perfect for creating the perfect pony or up-do’s, it’s also extension friendly. The teeth flex and glide over bonds keeping them in great condition for longer. The soft tips deliver gentle brushing and smooth the hair in seconds. You can back-brush easily with it too for added volume at the roots. The first Tangle Teezer with a handle, it’s your hair’s new BFF.

Now that you have read and reviewed all the top 7 best hair brushes, which is your favorite one? Give us some thoughts on that.

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