Top 9 Best Bikini Suits for Teens in 2017

Though it’s only January, those summer months will be creeping up on us and it will be time to strip down and bare all at the beach. We always hope that we will have lost a few pounds and toned up our summer bodies but let’s face it. Does this ever really happen? While the idea of flaunting our bikini clad body can fill us with dread, let’s take time to think how our daughters feel about this. Our teenage daughters are constantly receptive to media images, telling them they should look and dress in a certain way. This would add pressures to them at an age which is far too young. So in a bid to help you have a stress-free family holiday, we want to help you as much as possible by giving you some tips about the best bikini suits for teens. Hopefully, this precious mother-daughter time will help you to bond and you can spend time reassuring her that she is perfect just the way she is. Keep reading our review to find the best bikini suits for teens which are available right now.

9. FEESHOW Big Girls’ Tankini Swimsuit Set Bathing Suit.

FEESHOW Big Girls Geometric Two Piece Halter Tankini Bikini Swimwear Swimsuit Set

This classic tankini set is available in two colours; blue for the more sporty daughters out there and pink which is perfect if your daughter wants a girlier swimsuit. The top is designed with a halter around the neck and has removable bra pads. So if your daughter is a bit too young to be concerned about a large chest you can remove these before you give it to her. The elastic bottoms are attached to a belt which can be knot at the side, giving this swimsuit a really modern edge.

8. The FEESHOW Big Girls Youth Tie-Dye Swimsuit Tankini Bathing Suit.

Feeshow Big girls Youth Tie-Dye

This is another swimsuit from the FEESHOW range. The product is not completely dissimilar to the previous FEESHOW tankini. However, we feel that this one, available in pink and purple, is a little younger and therefore more suitable for your teens. The $6.99 price tag will mean you can treat your daughter to both of her favourite colours, which will make you a very popular mum.

7. O’Neill Big Girls Sun Ruffle Bikini in Chase the Sun, Purple

O'Neill Kids Womens Cruz Ruffle Tank Top (Toddler/Little Kids) bikini suits

Naturally, the branded name means a higher price tag but your daughter will thank you for helping her to keep on trend. We love the vibrant colours on this one. However, some mothers may be concerned about the amount of flesh on show, which is why we haven’t listed it as our favourite.

6. HaiCoo Retro Polka Dot Bikini Padded Halter High Waist

Hai Coo Womans Bikini Suits

If your daughter is into all things retro, then she will love the HaiCoo Retro Polka Dot Bikini Padded Halter High Waist Swimsuit. We think this is a really unique swimsuit and your daughter will love how grown up it makes her feel. The very fashionable high waist will also help smooth out any lumps or bumps she is experiencing during her puppy fat years.

5. The Bala Bala Girls’ Big Bowknot Stripe 2 Pieces Bikini Suits Set

Bala Bala Girls’ Big Bowknot Stripe 2 Pieces Bikini Set

This sailor-inspired design is really cute and on trend, which will earn you some extra brownie points from your daughter. The large bow is perfect in two ways; creating the illusion of a bigger bust for your teenage daughters who might be concerned if they are lacking in that area.

4. The Speedo Big Girls’ Youth Solid Splice Cross-Back One-Piece Swimsuit

Speedo bikini suits

The Speedo Big Girls’ Youth Solid Splice Cross-Back is bright, vibrant, and exciting, perfect for all young girls out there. The swimsuit features an inner edge silicone gripper to help keep the suit in place and the double-strap crisscross back gives even more support. We also love the fact that it is resistant to suntan lotions, skin oils and chlorine; meaning that it is super long lasting. Well done Speedo, you’ve proved yourselves again.

3. Kanu Surf Girls’ Alexa Tankini Swimsuit

Kanu Surf Girls’ Alexa Tankini Swimsuit

We love this Kanu Surf Girls’ Alexa Tankini Swimsuit and think that your teenage daughter will do too. Available in four different colours, this also comes with a matching rash guard and board short, which means that your daughter can enjoy all of her favourite water sports, without the embarrassment of any little accidents. Great colours, great price, which is why we’ve rated it our third favourite.

2. Bandage Print Sport Bathing Suit, High Neck Crop Top Bikini suits

Bandage Print Sport Bathing Suit Print Boyleg High Neck Crop Top Bikini Suits

What’s not to love about the Bandage Print Sport Bathing Suit Print Boyleg High Neck Crop Top Bikini Swimsuit? Your daughter spends all her time on WhatsApp, sending emoji’s to her friends. So she might as well have them printed all over her swimsuit too. The high neck crop top and short style bikini bottoms give lots of coverage too. We’re sure there will be lots of selfies taken in this one!

1. Womens Tankini Swimsuit Bikini Padded Bathing Suits Girl

Womens Tankini Swimsuit Bikini Padded Bathing Suits Lotus Leaf Cover Up for Girl

Our winner has to be the Womens Tankini Swimsuit Bikini Padded Bathing Suits Lotus Leaf Cover Up for Girl. We think this swimsuit is perfect for teens. The bikini style gives them a little more freedom as they feel more grown up, yet it has just enough material to ensure that it is not too revealing. The loose, flowing design is great if your daughters are a little concerned about their body and the vibrant colours in three different designs offer a real summer feel.

Whatever age, shape or size your daughter is, there is a suitable swimsuit out there for her. We hope that this review on the best bikini suits for teens helps you to guide her in the right direction. Our teenage girls have lots of pressure both from the media and their peers to look and dress a certain way. So try not to get frustrated with her if this is all she ever talks about. Instead, try and make sure that she feels comfortable and confident in her own skin. Our teenage years are precious and we want to make sure that they enjoy them without worrying about unnecessary external influences. Always try to show an interest in what your daughter, including what she likes to do and what she likes to wear. This will not only earn you some respect from your daughter, but the time you spend together will be invaluable.

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