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Apple Watch Series 4 Review: The Best Smart Watch – Better and Faster

Apple Watch Series 4

Today it is easy to see Apple watch series 4 on wrists of all kinds of people, not just the tech nerds. While its predecessor, Series 3 performed pretty well, it had several shortcomings particularly the quiet speaker. So, how does the Apple Watch series 4 fair in terms of functionality and looks? Well, Series 4 does exceptionally well as it comes with advanced features that push boundaries in terms of practicality. Similar to other Apple Smartwatches, this model does three essential things. First, it tracks your health. Secondly, it pushes all the notifications and texts from your phone. Thirdly, it tells time and displays other metrics on its face.

With any latest Smartphone, we expect to get a better camera, speedy performance, and improved battery life. However, in Smartwatches the future is a bit of a mystery. Unlike for the Smartphones, the defining features are for the manufacturer to decide. Apple has defined the Series 4 as the best smartwatch on the market. They describe it as a do it all mini iPhone on your wrist. But is it worth the hype?

Apple Watch Series 4 Review

When compared to its predecessor, Series 4 performs everything the series does, but it performs them faster and efficiently. While it comes with numerous advanced features, it is role as a medical device that impressed us most. Equipped with the latest technology and features such as ECG sensor and fall detection, Apple Watch Series 4 is a handy gadget that you should own. Besides supporting your health, what other reasons that make this model stand out? Let’s find out.

Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4

What’s Better

  • Brilliant display
  • Advanced health sensors to keep you on track
  • Lightweight design
  • Louder speaker allows for seamless communication
  • Faster processing power that launches apps instantly

What’s Bad

  • On the high price range but worth the investment

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Brilliant Display

Apple Watch Series 4 Brilliant DisplayOut of the box, the Apple watch series 4 is similar to its predecessor in terms of design. It still maintains the usual rectangular shape as the series 3. This watch also accepts the same watchbands. However, when you turn it on, you will notice the larger screen, which makes it look more appealing than the previous model. Featuring a thinner bezel and rounded edges the screen is bigger, making it easier to tap and read. Interestingly, every millimeter counts when it comes to legibility as well as functionality.

When compared to the earlier model, this watch comes with innovative faces that squeeze in compilation without making the screen look crowded. The infogram, for example, displays nine customizable data point while still maintaining a decent clarity. This means that you will get more information from a glance.

More importantly, this watch comes with a higher resolution display. The impressive display makes the controls and text to have a sharper look. Also, there is mini doses information on each watch face, giving you all the data you need at a glance.

Fast Processor

Contrary to many people’s believes, speed is crucial in a watch than a Smartphone especially when you are considering the instant info and glances. When comparing it to series 1, this model is lightning fast. Fascinatingly when Apple Series 3 cranked its processor up to 70 percent more quickly than Apple Series 3 cranked its predecessor, almost everyone was contented with that speed. However, Apple felt the need to do more in terms of speed and this time they have done it!

Apple Watch s4 processor

Jumping from the 32-bit processor on its predecessor, the Series 4 has a 64-bit dual core processor. This processor is twice as fast as the series three processors. This fast speed processor does not only make the apps to load in a flash but also allows for instantaneous switching between screens.

Combining the larger screen and advanced WatchOS 5, Apple series 4 is more enjoyable to swipe a tap. Besides allowing the apps to launch faster, the combination also ensures silky smooth scrolling. Similarly, the speedy processor has also improved cellular connectivity for faster messaging and clear calls.

Better Tracking in Health and Fitness

Ever its inception, Apple Watch has remained a formidable workout companion supporting a wide range of fitness including running, walking, rowing, yoga, swimming, cycling, and interval training. With the previous models, you used to start a workout manually. However, this is a thing of the past when it comes to Series 4. This versatile watch comes with smart sensors that figure out the workout you are doing. It then asks you if you would want to track the workout. The best thing is that it comes with an exceptionally lightweight design that you will even forget that you are wearing it.

Apple Watch s4 Health Tracking

Similar to other models, the Series 4 is an expertly made sport watch. It is more proficient and capitalizes on what is important for the user. Using its innovative technology, this watch now captures a great deal of activity data and can detect health problems.

Previous Apple Series watch would alert you when your heart is beating too fast to avoid health complication. With Series 4, it will alert you when the heart is beating too fast and worryingly slowly. Additionally, this watch performs an ECG, which helps it spot atria fibrillation. Additionally, this watch also comes with a gyroscope accelerometer. This feature is advanced in terms of speed and comes with a greater range. By using this feature, your watch can detect when the user falls over. It also comes with an SOS function to call emergency services. For added convenience, this watch may also alert a designated emergency contact and 999 when the emergency services do not respond. This is an implausible feature especially for the elderly.

To prevent false alarms, fall detection is not easily triggered. Research shows that most hard falls that are caused by accidents such as falling down stairs or tripping on the street, as well as other hard impacts, create a force of up to 32g’s. By considering these parameters, this watch senses when you are really in danger to prevent false positives. While this watch detects it falls with up to 32g’s of force, the series 3 detects up to 16g’s. This limits their fall detection accuracy. However, with the Apple watch series 4, you can rely on its performance.

Amusingly, the fall detection functionality is not turned on automatically unless you are aged 65 and above. The argument is, young people tend to have a more active lifestyle and performs high-intensity activities that could to accidental trigger of the fall detection.

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Improved Cellular and connectivity

Apple Watch s4 Cellular ConnectivitySimilar to its predecessor, the Series 4 has the option of purchasing a model that has a cellular connection. As you may know, buying a model with the cellular connection requires you to pay an additional fee to your carrier that provides a set amount of data that you can use with the watch. On the positive side, this watch doesn’t require a permanent connection to your watch or a SIM card. This enables you to make calls, receive, and send texts as well as use the GPS while you are away from your phone. Notably, this watch connects to various carries all over the world. The best thing is that you can easily do so from the watch app rather than calling customer service or visiting an Apple retail store.

One of the main problems that came with the Series 3 is that it had a quiet speaker. It was extremely hard to hear your caller even with minimal ambient noise. To solve this problem, the Series 4 integrates a microphone, which helps the caller to hear you better. It is worth noting, while this watch can allow you to make calls, it doesn’t entirely replace your phone since it lacks app support. You will still look weird especially when using the watch to call in public.

Apple Watch Series 4 App Carousel

Apple Watch Series 4 App Carousel

As another advantage, the Series 4 also comes with a WeChat app, Official Messenger app, and a Line app. You can also use a third-party Twitter app. Apart from the cellular connectivity, this watch has Bluetooth and is easy to connect to wireless headphones. Another interesting feature is that you can transfer music from your iPhone to Apple watch series 4wirelessly. While it takes some time to do so, it is more transpired and reliable than doing it via Google’s WearOS. More importantly, the inbuilt music app also performs better than Google’s app as it comes with extensive controls, greater responsiveness, as well as easier access to features such as shuffle.

Smarts and WatchOS

Apple Watch Series 4 Watch OSWhen it comes to versatility, Series 4 is hard to beat. Generally, the consumer expects improvement with every update of a technological device. This is the same when it comes to Smartwatches. Luckily, the Series 4 doesn’t disappoint when it comes to integration of advanced features and new technology. This watch does not only improve on the apps but also the functionality. The improved functionality helps you to accept or reject something rather than depending fully on the apps.

Apple had done a lot of improvement in the WatchOS 5. These improvements are visible in the Siri watch face. The faces do not only look great but also excels when it comes to letting you know of all the crucial information such as the traffic updates, weather as well as notifying you when you need to leave for work to avoid being late.

For added convenience, the Siri digital assistant launches as soon as you raise your wrist and speak a command. Different from the prior models you don’t need to say “Hey Siri.” This is a great shortcut especially when you are looking for prompt assistance. More importantly, Apple understands that our work is demanding and it is easy to lose track of time. For this reason, this watch allows you to put an appointment and location to its calendar. Doing so enables you to notify you when you may need to leave early. Besides, this feature ensures that you don’t miss a notification because you are not near your phone.

This is not all; the Siri Face also learns about other habits as time goes one. For instance, if you have a driving playlist when commuting home, the watch will alert you when to leave your workstation. Additionally, Siri also suggests Home Kit scene as you enter your home compound; this enables you to turn all the lights before getting inside your house. Interestingly this watch also enables wireless connection to earbuds. It also connects to the latest apps, providing you with endless entertainment, easy communication, as well as activity tracking capability.


  • Comes with a large, beautiful display
  • Has advanced health sensors to keep your health in check
  • Lightweight design, you will even forget you are wearing it
  • Louder speaker allows for seamless communication
  • Faster processing power that launches apps instantly


  • On the high price range but worth the investment

Our verdict

Without pulling any punches here, the Apple Watch Series 4 is currently the best Smartwatch on the market. Its functionality goes beyond normal to ensure a performance you can rely on. Putting on the Apple Watch series 4, you will find changes from other models subtle. When off, it has a similar look with the series 3 since it has a dark background. However, you will notice an instant upgrade when you turn it on. The extra thin bezel has created more space for the screen, making it easy to use. You will also notice the speed boost when launching apps and switching between the various faces.

Looking back to the Apple Watch series 3, users were happy with its improvements when comparing it to Series 2 and older versions. While the Series 3 is still an outstanding gadget, the Series 4 brings a sum of all the improvements cleverly. It is also lighter, smarter and comfortable than most of the Smartwatches on the market. People with an active lifestyle will find it great as it comes with a relaxed fit. It also comes with better productivity thanks to better networking and zippier apps. Besides, it retains a familiar shape and is compatible with regular bands. When it comes to health tracking, this unit beats other models easily. Its impressive heart rate monitor and fall detection makes it an indispensable unit especially for the elderly. What’s more, Apple Watch Series 4 is also an all-round fitness wearable. It offers a decent battery life while its cellular mode replaces your phone surprisingly well. Overall, Apple Watch Series 4 is genuinely superb!

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