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Best Cable Modem Reviews – 2020 – Top 9 Ranking

by Gilbert Fillmore
Best Cable Modems Review

Want to get high speed internet in your home or office? Chances are you are already thing about the cable modem as the best means to get connected. most people are turning away from traditional internet access systems like the use of the less reliable routers. A cable modem is probably the most crucial piece of hardware you will need to get high speed internet today, yet it is still a big challenge to find the right one. Although there are still people who opt to use ISP, it can be a cheaper option to consider getting your own cable modem. Check out our best cable modem 2020 reviews below.

There are countless options of cable modems in the market, which makes it confusing for many people to pick the right one. In this guide, we have gone through dozens of cable modems and handpicked a few that meet our rigorous criteria.

Our Best Pick

TP-LINK Cable Modem

Best Pick -TP-LINK Cable Modem

Boasting lightning internet speeds of up to 343 Mbps, this TP-Link cable modem is the best out there. It features the latest technology and comes with a lot of attention to detail which ensures that users get quality and reliable internet on all their home and office devices regardless of the cable internet provider. Besides that, the cable modem comes at a price that is hard to beat. You are guaranteed to love every bit of this cable modem.

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Top 9 Best High Speed Cable Modem Reviews

Here is a countdown of the 9 best cable modems that you can find in the market.



Price: Low price tag.

Special features: 4 Ethernet interfaces, high-speed LAN capability.

Data Transfer Rate: 300 Mbps.

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This is a high-speed capability cable modem that boasts incredible speeds of 686 Mbps downstream and 122 Mbps upstream. It offers great convenience and usability and meets the demands of residents who want to experience good internet speeds.

The cable modem is also loved by many people for its capability of eliminating the operational expenditures (OpEx) and reducing the need for many devices. It is ideal for use in homes or in an office environment serving several people.

Pros and Cons

  • Users love the network stability that this cable modem offers.
  • It comes at a fairly low price as compared to most in the market.
  • Its WiFi connectivity isn’t the best.

8. Verizon FiOS Quantum Gateway Review

Verizon FiOS Quantum Gateway

Price: Fairly priced.

Special features: Easy plug-in installation, Verizon FiOS dedicated features.

Data Transfer Rate: 5 GHz

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Verizon leads the way in the world of internet, and although their focus isn’t much into the hardware bit, they still excel and beat many dedicated cable modem makers.

The only downside with this cable modem is that most of the features and capabilities only work with Verizon dedicated services like Verizon Fios. If you are a Verizon user who would want to get good internet connectivity, then you may want to consider this one.

Pros and Cons

  • It has a pretty impressive internet speed.
  • Installing and setting up is very easy.
  • It has limited ISP capabilities.

7. Zoom 8×4 Cable Modem Review

Zoom 8x4 Cable Modem Review

Price: Low price tag.

Special features: Cross compatibility, Broadcom integrated circuit.

Data Transfer Rate: 343 Mbps.

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Zoom cable modem is an incredibly designed device that uses the Broadcom integrated circuit technology which makes its connectivity more reliable and fast. The internet speeds has a top speed of 343 Mbps which is faster than the average.

With this cable modem, you will save on rental charges and many ISP connectivity. Considering that this is one of the cheapest cable modems on the market, you can rest assured you are getting good value for the money.

Pros and Cons

  • The cable modem is affordable.
  • Its internet speed and reliability is spot-on.
  • Some users find it difficult to use it with Comcast.

6. Linksys DOCSIS 3.0 8×4 Cable Modem Review

Linksys DOCSIS 3.0 8x4 Cable Modem Review

Price: Affordable.

Special features: Bonded DOCSIS channels, Intel Puma 5 chipset.

Data Transfer Rate: Ranges between 343 to 960 Mbps.

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Designed to work with some of the most popular Cable internet services like Comcast, Cablevision, Charter and Time Warner Cable, this cable modem is one of the best there is. For it to give users reliable and speedy internet, the modem uses a high performance Intel Puma 5 chipset.

Users can choose between 3 modem options that can range between 343 Mbps that is ideal for light home usage to as high as 960 Mbps for business and office premises.

Pros and Cons

  • It comes at a very affordable price.
  • The installation and set up process is simple.
  • Not compatible with some some cable internet providers.

5. Cisco DPC3010 Review – DOCSIS 3.0 8×4 Cable Modem

Cisco DPC3010 Review - DOCSIS 3.0 8x4 Cable Modem

Price: Affordable.

Special features: Backward compatibility, multi-speed port.

Data Transfer Rate: 343Mbps.

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Nobody can debate about the quality of Cisco products, especially in the networking arena. The Cisco DPC3010 cable modem is designed with DOCSIS 3.0 specifications in mind and the fact that it also offers backward compatibility offers users with extended flexibility to use many different internet options.

It comes with multiple ports with varying speeds which is ideal for plugging in any internet enabled device. It integrates with almost every service provider, besides Comcast which uses a different set of features.

Pros and Cons

  • It offers steady and speedy interment service.
  • The modem is very affordable.
  • Incompatible with Comcast.

4. ARRIS SURFboard Gigabit Docsis 3.1 Cable Modem Review

ARRIS SURFboard Gigabit Docsis 3.1 Cable Modem Review

Price: Highly priced.

Special features: Backward compatibility, Cross-compatibility.

Data Transfer Rate: 10 Gbps Max.

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This ARRIS Surfboard utilizes the DOCSIS 3.1, which is the latest technology in the field. It is one of the best in terms of speed as it has the capability of soaring to 10 Gbps, although users can choose basic options for their home.

From a pricing point, it tends to be steeper, especially considering that it has no WiFi router capabilities. However, it would still make a great investment for anyone who is more concerned about extremely fast internet.

Pros and Cons

  • The modem delivers extraordinary internet speed connectivity.
  • It can work with any cable internet provider.
  • The modem is pricier than most in the market.

3. MOTOROLA MG7540 16×4 Cable Modem Plus Review

MOTOROLA MG7540 16x4 Cable Modem Plus Review

Price: Fairly priced.

Special features: Dual band capability, Charter spectrum, 4 Ethernet ports.

Data Transfer Rate: 686 Mbps.

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Motorola’s dominance in the making of modems and routers is one that can’t be debated. Among their top selling cable modems is this MOTOROLA MG7540 which is well equipped with the latest DOCSIS 3.0 and a built-in dual band system which both work to deliver incredible internet speeds.

Boasting internet speeds of up to 686 Mbps, you surely won’t go wrong with such internet. Whether it is for your home or office, you are sure to love it.

Pros and Cons

  • It comes with high internet speeds.
  • Installing and setting it up is a breeze.
  • The WiFi signal strength isn’t the best.

2. NETGEAR Cable Modem CM400 Review

NETGEAR Cable Modem CM400 Review

Price: Low price tag.

Special features: 1 Gigabit Ethernet port, 8×4 channel bonding.

Data Transfer Rate: options between 100 Mbps to 2 Gbps.

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NETGEAR is yet another superior brand that has been around for some time. This fairly best affordable cable modem that is one of their best selling units and offers speeds of between 100 Mbps to 2 Gbps, depending on the one you pick. This gives users the flexibility of acquiring a cable modem that not only meets their desired purposes but also one for the best price possible.

It employs some of the latest industry technologies, and this is a brand that you can never go wrong with.

Pros and Cons

  • Setting the cable modem is easy and takes a few minutes.
  • Works with any router and internet service.
  • The company’s tech support is iffy.

1. TP-LINK DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem Review

TP-LINK Cable Modem Review

Price: Affordable.

Special features: DOCSIS 3.0 technology, compact design, Gigabit Ethernet port.

Data Transfer Rate: 343 Mbps.

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Ranked top among the rest in our countdown is the TP-LINK DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem, one of their latest and most advanced. The modem boasts having the highest customer ratings in the market, all thanks to the incredible performance and unmatched reliability it brings to the table.

Its Gigabit Ethernet port ensures that users gets lightning fast and uninterrupted internet anytime. It has been certified to work with almost every internet cable providers in the US. For its low price tag, this is the value that you can’t beat.

Pros and Cons

  • It is very affordable.
  • Comes with a high customer ratings.
  • Setting it up is very easy.
  • Few users feel that the WiFi signal strength needs a boost.

Choosing The Best Cable Modem To Buy

Here are some of the things that one needs to keep in mind when they are choosing the right cable modem.

Ease Of Use

Everyone wants to have the best internet speeds. However, to achieve that, you need a modem that you can easily configure and set up. If you find yourself with a modem that is hard to configure or troubleshoot, then it might take you a lot of time trying to get things to work. Be sure that the cable modem also comes with an installation manual.

Features & Capabilities

Another important thing that one ought to keep in mind when they are choosing a cable modem to buy is the capabilities it comes with. How it has been designed with the features allows users to use in various ways. You should pick one that is compatible with your PC and other hardware that will be connected to the modem. Other features like reset buttons and visible status lights will come in handy.

Reliability & Signal Strength

Every modem comes with a certain speed rating which one needs to consider when they are buying a cable modem. It all comes down to the hardware features and receivers that the modem has. For a normal home, one can expect a 16X4 modem to work perfectly with a speed that is capped at 300 Mbps. This is considered to be a reliable cable modem with decent signal strength.

Price & Warranty

It is not unheard of to come across a cable modem that is faulty or simply doesn’t meet your expectations. This is something that happens every-time with electronics. That said, you should make sure that the warranty coverage is good and that you can return the modem in case there is an issue.

Final Verdict

Gone are the days that people used to spend a minute waiting for a page to load or a YouTube video to buffer. With the right kind of hardware you can enjoy limitless and uninterrupted internet. Shared in this guide is a handpicked list of the best cable modems that one can get in the market. They have stood the test of time and have proven to live up to their advertised purpose. Hopefully, they will help you find the right one to set up good internet in your home.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: What is a cable modem?

A: A cable modem is simply an electronic device that is used to broadcast internet and allowing other devices to use the internet. It receives the internet connectivity through the Internet Service Provider (ISP) then converts the analog signals allowing users to access the internet on other devices.

Q: What is the purpose of cable modems?

A: A modem in full stands for Modulator/DEModulator. It receives internet in form of analog signals which is usually transmitted through wired cables. The modem converts these analog signals to digital transmissions so that it can be used on internet capable devices such as PC and smart TVs.

Q: Do I need a router if I have a cable modem?

A: The question on whether you need a router or a cable modem for your internet connectivity all comes down to the kind of internet source you have. If you are using a DSL connection, then you definitely need a router. However, for normal ISP connection that is passed through an Ethernet cable, you need a cable modem.

Q: Can a modem also be a router?

A: Advanced cable modems that you will find in the market today are equipped with everything that a router has. As long as your cable modem has ports at the back side, you can distribute it to other devices and use it in the place of a router.

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