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Best Freestanding Wine Coolers 2023 Review – Top 7 Selections

Best Freestanding Wine Coolers

Wine coolers, also known as wine Refrigerators/chillers are freestanding units that enable you to keep your wine at ideal temperatures. They often come with a wide range of temperature from 45-64 degrees. This enables you to store both red and white wine. Coming in a variety of capacity, dimensions finish, and price, wine coolers offer novice and enthusiast wine lovers a simple way to store their wine. Thanks to their unique design these coolers provide you with a safer and economical way to store a budding wine collection.

Different from the kitchen refrigerators, these coolers also ensure that your wine is exposed to minimal light. They also retain the right humidity ensuring that your wine maintains its natural taste. After going through numerous models on the market, we have narrowed down our search to the following best selling models. In our research, we considered various aspects including customer feedback, features installed, price, and efficiency. Go through each model while comparing the features and find the model that suits your needs best.

Best Freestanding Wine Coolers 2023

Best Overall: Allavino VSWR172-2SSRN 172 Bottle Wine Refrigerator

Allavino Bottle Wine Refrigerator

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The Allavino VSWR172-2SSRN is an elegant dual zone wine cooler that preserves the unique characteristics of your wine perfectly. Boasting of a generous interior, this wine cooler is an excellent choice for aficionados with a diverse collection. The cooler comes with cutting edge shelves that offer ample space when compared to the standard refrigerators. This enables the user to store different sized wine bottles without sacrificing the bottle capacity. The shelves are made of durable metal ensuring stability and preventing sagging over time.

This is a dual zone refrigerator allowing you to store both white and red wine. This is made possible by the digital temperature settings that let you adjust the temperature of each zone separately. Adding to its versatility, this unit comes in a cool interior lighting. Moreover, this unit has a front venting design, allowing you to use it either as a free-standing or built-in unit.

Pros and Cons


  • Impressive 172 bottle capacity
  • Larger shelves stores More Bottle Sizes
  • Digital Temperature Control
  • Wide range of temperature settings


  • Might be too big for smaller kitchens

Best Runners-Up: NutriChef 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

NutriChef 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

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Wine enthusiasts know the importance of maintaining the proper wine temperature, especially when aging them. Wine is sensitive to heat, humidity, and light. Wine bottles are also fragile. This means your standard kitchen fridge might be too cold or humid for wines. Storing them in a standard refrigerator will affect the flavor. The NutriChef wine cooler is designed to ensure that your favorite wine stays fresh and chilled.

Different from other models on the market, this fridge uses a thermoelectric cooling system. The system does not only operate silently, but it is also energy efficient. Additionally, this system has less vibration, ensuring that the sediments of the wine are not disturbed. Thanks to the compact design, this cooler will fit in most kitchens or home bars. The unit also comes with removable metal shelves that let you store the bottles either standing up or lying down. The glass door is also made of tempered glass that blocks the UV rays. As you probably know, excessive light may affect the wine flavor. Also, UV rays tend to change the temperature inside the cooler.

Pros and Cons


  • Comes with adjustable temperature control
  • Simple to use thanks to the digital touch panel
  • Has an integrated LED light
  • Superior thermo-electric cooling technology


  • Not a built-in unit

Best Value: EdgeStar CWR181SZ 18 Bottle Wine Coolers

EdgeStar Freestanding Wine Cooler

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When you have a smaller apartment or studio space is always at a premium. However, this shouldn’t hinder you from storing your favorite wine. The EdgeStar CWR181SZ wine cooler comes in a compact freestanding design that doesn’t take much space. It comes in a slim design that has a 12-inch width. Don’t mistake the compact design for weakness; this unit will hold up to 18 bottles of wine. The unit is also loaded with other exciting features and elegant design allowing it to blend into any home décor perfectly.

Unlike other models that you need to place on a counter, this unit comes with front ventilation. This feature allows for under-counter installation or freestanding use. Another great feature is the powerful circulation fans. These fans ensure even cooling, so you don’t have to worry about hot spots. It also comes with an impressive temperature range, making it ideal for all wine types. What’s more, you will also love the soft LED interior lighting and sleek stainless trim door, providing a timeless design. This enables wine lovers to showcase their treasured collection beautifully.

Pros and Cons


  • Digital temperature control
  • Space-efficient design
  • A blue internal LED lighting
  • Comes with a Shelf Bottle Arrangement


  • Single cooling zone

Best Dual Cooler: Koldfront 18 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Koldfront 18 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler

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Keep more than a few bottles of your favorite wine at the ideal temperature with this dual wine cooler. This is a freestanding wine cooler with a 18 -bottle capacity. It has two compartments with different temperature settings. This enables you to store both white and red wine. As part of the latest series from the manufacturer, this unit comes in a stylish and efficient design. It also comes with an impressive cooling system that ensures even cooling. Actually, this unit comes with thermoelectric cooling. Unlike other models, this system has no harmful vibration. This ensures that the wine retains its natural flavor.

Additionally, this unit is also energy efficient. Therefore, you can drink your wine at the right temperature without having to worry about high energy bills. Both zones are centrally controlled by a simple control panel that has a LCD display. The unit also boasts of a soft lighting zone that displays your bottles in a delicate and non-intrusive light. More importantly, this unit comes with removable shelves. This allows you to reconfigure the setting, allowing it to accommodate larger bottles.

Pros and Cons


  • Has a removable Wood shelving enables you to store larger bottles
  • Comes with a Soft Interior Lighting that allows for a beautiful display
  • Comes with a lockable lock for extra security
  • Dual Zone Control Panel makes it easy to control


  • Small for people looking to store an extensive collection of wine bottles

Best Compact: Ivation 18 Bottle Wine Cooler

Ivation 18 Bottle Dual Zone Freestanding Wine Cooler

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If you love both white and red wine, then you need to select a wine cooler that keeps both at their proper temperature. This refrigerator comes with a wide range of temperature settings letting you store your wine chilled. Different from other models, this unit comes with a smoked glass door that protects the wine from excess light. Thanks to the vibration-free thermoelectric cooling, this unit doesn’t disturb the wine sediments. This enables the wine to age gracefully while at the same time retaining its fresh taste.

Besides, this unit comes with an insulated door that keeps the humidity in. This does a great job to ensure that the bottle corks do not dry out. You will also love the soft interior lighting that provides a gorgeous display of wine. Most importantly, this unit comes in a space-saving design.

Pros and Cons


  • Digital Touch Controls and LCD Display
  • An efficient thermoelectric cooling system
  • Silent and vibration free operation
  • Easy temperature adjustment


  • Might be too small for people with large families or wine collectors

Best Aesthetics: Kalamera 15” Wine Cooler 30 Bottle

Kalamera Freestanding Wine Cooler 30 Bottle

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Whether you are looking for a freestanding unit in your entertainment area or an inbuilt wine cooler, this model suits your need. The Kalamera 30 bottle cooler boasts of a proficient single zone system that keeps your wine chilled perfectly. The cooler comes with low vibration and low noise compressor allowing for silent operation. Reduced vibration also keeps the wine sediment undisturbed ensuring that the wine tastes crisp and fresh. The unit also comes with a temperature memory function. This ensures that you don’t have to reset the settings in case of power loss.

We also love the gleaming stainless steel frame plus two layers tempered glass door. This gives it an elegant appearance, giving your home a classic look. We also love the soft blue LED interior lighting that lets you showcase your wine collection nicely. The unit also comes with six beechwood racks that not only hold your bottles safely but also allows the air to circulate freely. Besides, to ensure that the wine stays perfectly cooled and fresh, this unit comes with a carbon filter to protect against any odors.

Pros and Cons


  • Boasts of Advanced Cooling Technology
  • Comes with a Smart Digital Control
  • Nice Wooden Shelves
  • For enhanced security, it comes with a Safety Lock


  • A bit expensive but worth every penny

Best Spacious: Edgestar CWR1661SZDUAL 332 Bottle Wine Cooler

Edgestar CWR1661SZDUAL 332 Bottle Wine Coolers

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If your wine collection has outgrown a small kitchen wine fridge, it’s time to get the Edgestar CWR1661SZDUAL wine cooler. This unit boasts of plenty of storage space with side-by-side racks. The cooler comes with two separate units allowing you to either keep them separately or next to each other. The cooler holds about 332 bottles, giving you plenty of room to store your wine. For added security, the door comes with a security lock that ensures that your wine is safe.

We love the tinted glass and LD display giving your cooler a stylish look. When it comes to performance, this unit comes with temperature control. This lets you keep the wine at your desired temperature. The shelves are made from wire and wood trim giving them lightweight design. While the doors have the hinges on the right side, you can customize the look by reversing the doors. You can do so easily by following the information in the manual.

Pros and Cons


  • Digital temperature controls
  • Plenty of space holds up to 332 bottles
  • Tinted door and LED display
  • Replaceable built-in carbon filter


  • Can’t build it into a cabinet

What makes freestanding Wine coolers stand out from a standard kitchen Refrigerator

If you are a serious wine lover, your kitchen refrigerator will not make the cut when it comes to storing your favorite wine. Below are the various reasons why you should own a freestanding wine cooler.

  • Wider bottle capacity

While you might keep two or three wine bottles in your kitchen fridge, a wine cooler gives you plenty of room. This allows you to keep a number of assorted wines to quench your thirst. Thanks to the broader capacity, you have space to age wine for a few years.

  • Offers the perfect temperature for wine

A regular refrigerator might be too cold or have excess humidity for wine. This will alter the taste of your wine. On the other hand, freestanding wine coolers are designed to keep your favorite wine at the right temperature. Also, keeping the wine at the right temperature can enable you to age your favorite wine for years without altering its taste

  • Comes with different zones and removable shelves

Another main advantage of owning these coolers is that you can also find models with dual zones. Red and white wine requires different temperature settings to retain their natural taste. Wine cooler with dual zones is an excellent choice for people who love both white and red wine. On the other hand, these coolers come with removable shelves. This enables you to reorganize the unit to accommodate larger bottles.

  • Superior cooling

Different from a standard refrigerator that uses vapor compression system, the wine coolers utilize the thermoelectric system. This system is not only energy efficient but also quieter. Additionally, this system has less vibration ensuring that the wine retains its natural taste.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of the size, freestanding wine coolers are useful appliances for just any wine drinker. The above reviewed best freestanding wine coolers offer you the convenience of storing your favorite wine. This enables you to clear up space in your kitchen fridge. Besides, these coolers also let you age your wine gracefully for many years. Happy buying!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do freestanding wine coolers fit all bottle sizes?

A: Most freestanding wine coolers are designed to accommodate standard wine bottles. Some models come with more massive shelves or removable shelves allowing them to accommodate larger bottles

Q: Should I go for Single Zone or Dual Zone Wine Coolers?

A: Here, it will depend on your needs. The single zone comes with one cooling temperature. On the other hand, dual zone wine coolers let you set the temperature differently in either compartment. If you love both white and red wine, go for the dual zone coolers.

Q: Are freestanding wine cooler childproof?

A: Yes, most of these wine coolers are lockable

Q: What additional options should I think about?

A: To ensure you get the best model, consider the following features. First, you need to consider the noise level. Here we recommend going for the models with thermoelectric cooling systems as they are quieter than those with compressors. Next, look at the rack construction.  Generally, the racks are made of wire, wood or a combination. Besides the construction, ensure that you pick a model with racks that accommodate standard and larger bottles. Additionally, look at the door type.  Basically, the location where you will place the cooler determines whether you need a left or right hinged since not all are reversible.

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