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Best Gas Cooktops Review 2021 – Top 9 Ranking

Best Gas Cooktop

Do you cook or plan to cook your food at home? If so, you know that one of the most crucial things to have in your kitchen is a cooktop. Cooktops can either be electric or use gas to run, and in this guide, we will focus on the latter. They come in a variety of sizes and they each have different features. This sometimes makes it hard to pick the right one. In this comprehensive buying guide, we have listed down and reviewed some of the best gas cooktops that worth investing in. This is after spending countless hours doing research on different cooktops.

Our Best Pick

Best Pick – Bosch NGM8055UC Gas Cooktop

Highly Efficient, Durable & Unmatched Performance

The best rated gas cooktop is the Bosch NGM8055UC. The gas cooktop comes with a solid cast iron construction and metallic parts to ensure good sturdiness and quality. From the knobs to the burners, the cooktop is designed to offer tip-top convenience. The only thing is that it comes with a wallet wilting price tag. Otherwise, you can be rest assured that you are getting the best out there with unmatched performance and quality.

Best Gas Cooktop 2021 To Buy

With the help of experts and research that panned countless hours, here is our review of the best gas cooktops you can find in the market.

9. Ramblewood GC2-48P 2 burner gas cooktop

Ramblewood GC2-48P 2 burner gas cooktop

Price: Low price tag.

Special features: LPG/Propane setting, electric ignition, ceramic glass, sealed burner, thermal couple module, auto gas shutoff feature, durable stand.

Number of burners: 2

Dimensions: 12” x 20” & weighs 10.5 pounds.

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Prepare your meals in style with this incredible gas cooktop. It has an LPG/Propane gas setting, thus allowing you to switch between these modes of fuel seamlessly. The flames burn gently to ensure your meals cook properly and in a short period of time. The gas cooktop is made of high quality ceramic glass to prevent damage caused by excessive heat. The stand is made of heavy cast iron to provide enough support when you are preparing your favorite dishes. The cooktop uses an electric ignition that makes getting it started very easy. It has an automatic shutoff feature as well that helps prevent accidents in the kitchen.

The burners have different heat capacities that make them ideal for different meal preparation needs. It also supports off the grid lighting where you can use a match ignite the cooktop. It incorporates a thermal couple module that supports flameout detection. The fuel consumption of this cooktop is low, and this will help to reduce your energy costs. Everything about this cooktop points to a pleasurable experience, and you will be wise in acquiring it for your kitchen.

Pros and Cons


  • Electric ignition makes it easy to use the cooktop
  • Auto shutoff feature prevents accident in the kitchen
  • Low fuel consumption keeps energy cost low


  • Adjusting the flame level for both burners is difficult because of the position of the knobs.

8. K&H LPG/Propane Gas Glass Cooktop

K&H LPG-Propane Gas Glass Cooktop

Price: Low price tag.

Special features: Glass-top design, 2 gas burners, Removable rubber feet, Gas pressure regulator.

Number of burners: 2.

Dimensions: 23 x 15 x 6 inches & weighs 18 pounds.

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Designed with a sleek appearance, this 2 burner gas cooktop by K&H comes with tons of handy features that ensures that users enjoy convenient cooking. It uses LPG/Propane but users have the option of easily converting it to natural gas. For better stability and grip on the surfaces, the cooktop comes with removable rubber feet.

The gas cooktop has passed the ETL/UL safety certification and guaranteed to be safe under any kitchen setup. If you are looking for a small gas cooktop that is affordable, then you will love this one.

Pros and Cons


  • It comes with a sturdy construction.
  • The cooktop is very convenient and easy to use.


  • Some people have reported issues with installation.

7. GE JGP5036SLSS Built-In Gas Cooktop

GE JGP5036SLSS Built-In Stove

Price: Highly priced.

Special features: Multiple dials & controls, LP conversion kit, rubber bumpers.

Number of burners: 5 burners.

Dimensions: 39 x 27.3 x 11 inches & weighs 46 pounds.

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Nobody can really argue about the quality of General Electric appliances. Their century old experience comes to play in this gas cooktop which features 5 burners. Each of these burners offer good heat distribution and will deliver on user’s expectations. Installing the cooktop is very easy and doesn’t require any prior experience or expertise.

For better stability and grip, rubber bumpers have been used under the cooktop. Despite a few flaws like the lack of indicator lights and knobs chipping off easily, the cooktop would make a good addition to any kitchen.

Pros and Cons


  • It is convenient and offers ample heat.
  • The cooktop comes with a sturdy and durable construction.


  • It is pricier than most in the market.

6. Gasland Chef GH30SF Gas Cooktop

Gasland Chef GH30SF Rangetop Stove

Price: Low price tag.

Special features: LP gas conversion kit, Electronic ignition system, Auto shut-off system, Thermocouple protection.

Number of burners: 2 burners.

Dimensions: 11.4 x 19.7 x 3.9 inches & weighs 9.4 pounds.

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This Gasland dual burner gas cooktop is a small, compact and easy to use gas stove that is ideal for apartments and people who are looking for a small size cooktop. The highlight of this cooktop is its low fuel consumption. The 2 burners it has are designed to offer different heat intensities, with the lager semi-rapid burner pushing up to 6,500BTUs and the smaller one 5,000BTUs.

With its auto shut-off feature, users can be guaranteed that they will be safe in case of a flame-out or if valves fail. It is fairly priced and guarantees good value for the money.

Pros and Cons


  • Cleaning this cooktop is very easy.
  • The heavy cast iron materials makes it durable.


  • Several people have complained of leakages.

5. Cosmo 850SLTX-E Gas Cooktop with 5 Burners

Cosmo 850SLTX-E Gas Cooktop with 5 Burners

Price: Affordable

Special features: High performance burners, advanced safety, built to last, stylish design, stainless steel surface, efficient cooktop, flame failure technology.

Number of burners: 5

Dimensions: 30.31” x 20” x 2.15” & weighs 30.7 pounds.

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The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. It is from here where you get to prepare healthy meals for your family. You, therefore, need the best kitchen appliances to make it easy for you to prepare great meals and the Cosmo 850SLTX-E Gas Cooktop is one of the best gas cooktops you can get in this regard. Built with 5 burners, this gas cooktop allows you to prepare different meals at the same time, and this will help you save a lot of time. The burners have been sealed for enhanced safety and performance. They have different BTU capacities that make them ideal for a variety of cooking options.

The cooktop has been designed to look good and this will make your meal preparation sessions enjoyable. The sleek stainless steel surface is easy to clean, and this makes maintaining the cooktop in the best condition very easy. The cooktop has been built to last with the structure made of heavy-duty materials. The control knobs are perfectly positioned to make it easy to adjust the flame. It uses electric ignition for enhanced efficiency and user safety. It uses flame failure technology during ignition and this helps reduce fire accidents in your kitchen.

Pros and Cons


  • High performance burners ensure effective cooking
  • Flame failure technology ensures maximum protection
  • Multiple burners reduce meal preparation time.


  • The fuel consumption for the burners is high.

4. Frigidaire Professional Gas 5-Burner Cooktop

Frigidaire Professional Gas 5-Burner Cooktop

Price: Fairly priced

Special features: Professional grade cooktop, stainless steel, durable, cast iron grates, easy to clean, precision controls, stylish design.

Number of burners: 5

Dimensions: 30.5” x 23” x 3.55” & weighs 53.6 pounds.

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For you to prepare tasty meals that all will enjoy, you need a great cooker and the Frigidaire Professional Gas 5-Burner Cooktop is one of our top recommendations in this regard. It has 5 burners that you will use to prepare different dishes simultaneously and this will end up saving you a lot of time. The burners are high performance and this will ensure your meals get prepared just as you want them. The grates are made of heavy duty iron to offer better support when you are cooking. The cooktop is, therefore, able to support heavy pots with ease and this will make it easy to prepare all the dishes you desire.

The cooktop has a shiny appearance that gives it an impressive look. It is simple to clean as well and this will ensure it remains in the best condition all the time. The control knobs are positioned properly to allow you to adjust the flame easily. It consumes fuel moderately and this will keep you keep your energy costs in check. With its different BTU ranges, this cooktop can be used for various meal preparation exercises such as searing, boiling, simmering, and sautéing. Get it top and prepare meals like a pro.

Pros and Cons


  • Multiple burners for different cooking needs
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Durable construction for long-term use


  • Delivery challenges could cause part damages.

3. Empava Stove Top Gas Cooktop

Empava Stove

Price: Fairly priced.

Special features: Convertible nozzles, Sealed burners, heavy cast iron grates.

Number of burners: 5 burners.

Dimensions: 36 x 20.7 x 4.5 inches & weighs 40 pounds.

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Empava appliances are among the best in the market and are well known for their solidity and reliability. This cooktop is no different as it comes with 5 performance burners (12000 BTU triple ring burner, 10000 BTU rapid burner, and 2 Semi-rapid burners 6000 BTU). The burners are covered nicely, so no food will fall on them or affect the burning.

If you are looking for value for money, then you will love this Empava gas cooktop. You will hardly find a good 5 burner gas cooktop for the price this one comes with.

Pros and Cons


  • Cleaning and maintaining the cooktop is very easy.
  • It has a solid and durable construction.


  • Might not work with some regulators.

2. Thorkitchen Pro-Style Gas Rangetop

Thorkitchen Pro-Style Gas Rangetop

Price: Highly priced.

Special features: Porcelain Drip Pan, Zinc alloy knobs, Pro-Style design.

Number of burners: 6 burners.

Dimensions: 36 x 25.7 x 7.3 inches & weighs 90 pounds.

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Thorkitchen has quickly gained popularity over a few years and is fast becoming a household name with their amazing kitchen appliances. It comes equipped with 6 sealed high performance burners which have a range of 15,000 to 18,000 BTUs. The construction features solid cast iron and zinc alloy control knobs which makes it go a long way.

If you are ready to spend more for quality, performance, and convenience, then you surely won’t go wrong with this Thorkitchen gas cooktop. It is everything a cooking enthusiast would want to have in their kitchen.

Pros and Cons


  • It is easy to install, clean, and maintain.
  • It has a very solid construction that makes it durable.


  • It is very pricey.

1. Bosch NGM8055UC  Gas Cooktop

Bosch NGM8055UC Gas Cooktop

Price: Highly priced.

Special features: LED safety indicator, Energy efficient design, Metallic knobs.

Number of burners: 5 burners.

Dimensions: 30 x 20.5 x 4.5 inches & weighs 45.4 pounds.

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A good gas cooktop must deliver in performance and it is easy to see why Bosch NGM8055UC is the best out there. It has a heavy duty cast iron construction with 5 sealed burners and metallic knobs. It is very powerful and with its centralized knobs users are guaranteed to have good control with their cooking.

A lot has gone into perfecting this gas cooktop, and although it is pricier than most in the market, you will get your money’s worth. It is simply the best designed and best performing gas cookware there is.

Pros and Cons


  • It comes with a high customer rating.
  • The cooktop has a solid and durable construction.
  • It is very efficient and convenient.


  • It is pricey.

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Choosing The Best Gas Cooktop To Buy

Here are some crucial factors to consider when you are shopping for the right cooktop to buy.

Cooktop Size & Kitchen Space

They come in different sizes which means that the space required will also vary. That said, you need to know the available space in your kitchen countertop or where you intend to place the cooktop. The number of burners will also determine the size that you will get. If you intend to do a lot of cooking, then you may need a cooktop with more burners. However, keep in mind that more burners mean more space.

Type Of Burner & BTU

Gas cooktops can further be classified based on their sizes and intended uses. This means that there are specialty cooktops which are intended to be used specifically or best in doing some cooking better than others. Some of the most common ones are the Wok burners which are known for their high heat flow and simmer burner cooktops which have low heat and meant for use in simmering and things like melting chocolate. That said, you should be aware of the BTU and heat you get from each cooktop you are getting.

Ease Of Cleaning

Hygiene is very important around the kitchen and everyone should be concerned about this. With that in mind, it is always important to make sure that the kind of cooktop you are getting will be easy to clean. Some have parts that are detachable and this is the kind of burner that you should be getting.

Safety Features

Last, but most importantly, you have to make sure that the gas cooktop that you are getting will be safe to use. This means having advanced warning features that alert and warn users in case anything goes wrong. Most advanced ones have hot surface indicator and safety lock for children and when left unattended.

Final Verdict

Just as well all love to eat, we must as well need to cook. And when it comes to cooking at home, nothing else beats the use of cooktops. However, you need to make sure that the kind of cooktop you have is the best and does what you expect from it. To help you find the right cooktop, we have done the hard job of searching and reviewing the best gas cooktops worth going for.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a gas cooktop?

A: A gas cooktop is a cooking stove that is designed to use gas as a source of fuel. The most commonly used gases include butane, propane, liquefied petroleum gas, Biogas and liquefied petroleum gas. A cooktop usually has multiple burners that lets users cook different foods simultaneously.

Q: How does a gas cooktop work?

A: A gas cooktop is made up of burners which are connected in a closed channel which is sourced from a gas tank. When the knob is turned on, a gas pilot light which is usually on the side of the burner ignites the fuel gas from the tank, and starts to burn. Adjusting the knob regulates the amount of heat on the burners.

Q:‌ How hot is a gas cooktop flame?

A: It is obvious that the flame of a cooktop varies depending on the type of cooktop. Besides that, the type of gas used can also affect the temperature of the heat and flame that is produced, which means that the gas used can affect cooking. Propane gas is considered one of the best and could reach up to 5072 °F hot.

Q: Are electric cooktops expensive than gas cooktops?

A: Electric cooktops are among the most affordable when it comes to cooktops. While the initial purchase of cooktops tend to favor electric cooktops, energy efficiency and usability is a different story. Gas cooktops are far much better in the long run since they are more energy efficient and reliable.

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