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Best Home Surveillance Camera System Reviews 2022 – 7 Best Selections

Best Home Suvellance Camera system

With the rising number of domestic crimes, home surveillance camera systems are much-needed devices. These cameras are a cornerstone to keeping your home safe. Boasting of innovative technology these cameras records everything that goes on in your home. This means, even if a disaster strikes, you can go through the footage to find the root cause. Besides allowing you to catch a burglar, these cameras keep your family at large safe. For instance, if you don’t feel comfortable leaving your kids with a nanny, these cameras give you peace of mind. Additionally, you can monitor your kids or pets behavior even if you are not around. Yes, that right, unlike traditional security systems that allowed you to monitor your home from a few feet; you can watch your home remotely. These devices are Wifi enabled allowing you to watch your home from wherever you are. After doing intensive scouting, we have narrowed our choice to the following top models.

Our Best Pick

Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera

Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera

Wide Angle Lens for Smarter Home Security

The Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera has a wide-angle lens that captures videos with greater clarity. It records videos in 2K and stores them in the cloud where they cannot be tampered with. Its excellent night vision and integrated spotlight help ward off unwelcome guests at night.

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Best Home Surveillance Camera System 2022

Best Overall: Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera

Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera

Special features: Wireless connection, high-quality video, night vision, 2-way audio, cloud recording, rich notifications, advanced object detection.

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The Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera is the best home surveillance system you can get to improve the security in your home. The camera has a wide-angle lens to help you see everything that’s happening in your home. The lens offers auto image correction and reduces the fish-eye effect to help you survey large areas with ease. This wireless outdoor security camera records video in high-definition to help you capture clearer details and zoom into moving images for clarity.

When darkness sets in, you don’t have to worry that the camera won’t serve its purpose to protect your home. The camera lights up in the dark, with its excellent night vision and integrated spotlight helping you ward off unwelcome guests from your home. And when the camera notices anything important to you, it sends smart notifications to your phone so you can take quick action. The camera also supports 2-way audio to allow you to hear and speak to whoever’s at your door. All the footage the camera records is stored securely in the cloud to ensure it doesn’t get lost or compromised.

Pros and Cons


  • The camera sends smarter alerts to help you take quick action.
  • It has a wide-angle lens to capture clear details.
  • The footage is stored in the cloud for safekeeping.


  • The battery life should be improved to ensure uninterrupted service.

Best Runner Up: WYZE Cam v3 Indoor/Outdoor Camera

WYZE Cam v3 Home Surveillance Camera System

Special features: Color night vision, indoor/outdoor use, motion & sound detection, continuous recording, Google assistant, 1080p video quality.

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Second on our list is the amazing WYZE Cam v3 Indoor/Outdoor Camera that comes with everything you need to make your home more secure. It comes with color night vision to ensure you can see everything that’s happening at night in greater clarity. It can sensor full color in much darker environments than other home surveillance cameras, making it a great investment for every homeowner. The camera is made of tough material to ensure it can withstand harsh outdoor environments.
Besides recording videos of what’s happening outside your home, the camera also detects motion and sound to help you keep track of suspicious activities outside your home. It then sends notifications straight to your phone to alert you to take quick action. The other thing we love about this home surveillance camera is its 24/7 continuous recording. All the recording is stored in a memory card that you insert into the base of the camera.

Pros and Cons


  • It offers 24/7 continuous recording to ensure you don’t miss out on suspicious events.
  • The camera captures videos in HD quality.
  • Made from tough material to withstand harsh environmental conditions.


  • The camera doesn’t offer cloud storage services.

Best for Outdoor and Indoor Use: Arlo Pro Wireless Home Surveillance Cameras with Siren

Arlo Pro Wireless Home Surveillance Cameras with Siren

Special features: Works with Alexa, wireless connection, weather-resistant, rechargeable batteries, HD video, 2-way audio, night vision, live streaming.

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Watch over your home from every angle, outdoors and indoors day and night conveniently with the Alro Pro surveillance camera. Unlike other models, this camera doesn’t require cords or wiring connection. It is powered by rechargeable batteries and only needs a working Wifi to send surveillance footage. The camera boasts of sound and motion activated alerts that let you watch everything going on in your home. In case of a break-in, the system comes with a loud 100-decibel siren that alerts neighbors and police of a possible intrusion.

It also comes with two-way audio. This lets you warn the stranger or possibly, you’re kids as well as your pet. Another feature that makes this unit stand out is that you don’t have to pay for cloud storage. You are provided with seven days of sound and motion triggered records or free. Additionally, this camera is IP 65 certified weatherproof. This allows you to use it both indoors and outdoors.

Pros and Cons


  • Wire-free HD camera with audio
  • 360-degree swivel ensuring that you don’t miss a thing
  • Weatherproof, can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Includes a loud siren


  • A bit expensive

Best value: Ring Stick Up Cam

Ring Stick Up Cam

Special features: Battery-powered, live view, easy setup, HD video, color night vision, weather-resistant, indoor/outdoor use/

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Are you looking for an affordable camera for your home surveillance needs? Then you should buy the Ring Stick Up Cam that delivers HD video quality to improve the security in your home. This versatile camera sends motion-activated alerts to users to notify them about suspicious activities in their homes. It comes with two-way audio as well to help you talk to the person on the other side of the door.

The camera works with Alexa to help you control it with ease. It is small and compact to ensure it doesn’t take too much space in your home. Enjoy flexible placement anywhere in your home or outdoors. You can place it on a flat surface like a table or mount it to a wall to improve viewability. Customize your motion zones to detect unwanted movements in your home. And to create a ring of security, get several of these cameras and place them strategically in your home.

Pros and Cons


  • Advanced motion detection helps you monitor unwanted movements in your home.
  • Connect several ring cameras to create a ring of security.
  • It comes with two-way audio to help you communicate effectively with visitors.


  • The battery drains quickly.

Best Budget: YI 2PC Home Camera

YI 2PC Home Surveillance Camera

Special features: Instant activity alerts, mobile access, cloud storage, works with Alexa, high-quality resolution, 2-way audio.

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Keeping tabs on everything that goes on in your home is crucial to ensuring your safety. Coming with an impressive 1080p HD resolution couple with 112° lens, the camera offers complete coverage. We also love the simple double tap feature that allows you to zoom so that you can focus on the small details. This unit also comes equipped with an ultra-sensitive microphone that enables smooth conversation. By using the intercom mode, you can activate the speaker and microphone. This lets you send commands to your pet or scare off a burglar.

It also comes equipped with sensitive motion sensors that send alerts whenever it captures anything suspicious. The best thing about this surveillance system is its simple set up. Moreover, this unit comes with advanced night vision. This model integrated with eight infrared LEDs that deliver excellent footage even in pitch black.


  • Custom Motion Sensors
  • Infrared night vision
  • Helps you monitor your home in 1080 HD video
  • Two-way talk microphone and speaker


  • This unit is noticeably bulkier than other models

Best Simple Installation: Blink Indoor Home Security Camera System

Blink Indoor Home Surveillance Camera System

Special features: Motion detector, battery-powered, simple installation, free cloud storage, works with Alexa, HD video, live view mode.

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Stop crime before it happens with the Blink indoor camera system. This system is an excellent choice for individuals who are looking for something insanely simple to install and doesn’t come with a monthly fee. This is a simple yet functional camera system that only requires a Wifi connection and AA batteries to operate. The system is equipped with motion sensors that push notifications in case of unauthorized access. Whenever these sensors capture something worth reviewing, it sends an alert to your Smartphone. It also uploads a video of the occurrence just in case you want to review it.

What sets this gadget from the rest is its ease of installation. It includes all the hardware you need and simple steps, for DIY installation. This means you don’t need to pay for professional service. Additionally, instead of purchasing separate cameras for each room you can amp it by purchasing ads on for your system. Wait, there is more, this system is compatible with Alexa. This enables you to control the system using your voice. This goes a long way in boosting your convenience.

Pros and Cons


  • Inbuilt motion sensor alarm
  • Simple self-install that doesn’t require professional help
  • Free cloud storage
  • Compatible with Alexa


  • Powered by non-rechargeable batteries

Best night vision: eufyCam 2 Pro Wireless Home Security Camera System

eufyCam 2 Pro Wireless Home Security Camera System

Special features: 2K revolution, long battery life, advanced night vision, weather-proof, photosensitive sensor, instant mobile alerts, smart response.

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The eufyCam 2 Pro camera is the best home surveillance camera system you can get for advanced night vision protection. The camera comes with an F2.0 aperture camera and a photo-sensitive sensor to capture more light for enhanced clarity when it gets dark. This majestic camera has also been built for tough outdoor conditions, with the tough exterior ensuring it doesn’t get damaged by rain, snow, or excessive sunlight.

Designed using AI technology, the camera focuses and identifies the human image to help you get a clearer view of all the visitors to your home. It sends instant alerts to your mobile when it notices any suspicious people of activity within its vicinity. But to reduce instances of false alerts, the camera uses smart technology to differentiate humans from animals/objects. You can also set the activity zone to ensure you only get alerts when something happens in the custom area. You can speak directly to anyone who comes to your home through the two-way audio. And to ensure the security of your data, the camera uses military-grade encryption to prevent others from accessing the footage.

Pros and Cons


  • Sends instant alerts to notify you of suspicious activities in your home.
  • It offers smart image enhancement to provide you with a smarter, clearer view.
  • The advanced night vision allows you to see things clearly in the dark.


  • The camera gets unresponsive sometimes and you have to reboot it to resume normal recording.

What Sets home surveillance camera systems from regular security systems?

A surveillance camera system is a part of security systems available. Unlike general security systems that are designed to deter thieves, these cameras keep your home under watch all the time. Besides allowing catch a criminal, these systems also allow you to keep watch on other things. For instance, you can monitor your nanny, kids or pet behavior even when you are not at home. Below are the main advantages of installing home surveillance cameras.

Offers better home coverage

While some security cameras are designed to cover the outside of the house, the surveillance systems provide better coverage, inside and out. This means you can watch every corner of your home regardless of where you are. This enables you to watch what your kids and pets are doing, or get to catch a burglar and stop them before the act.

Better resolution

If you want to see what is going on in your home, a garbed footage will not do you much help. Therefore, you need cameras that deliver high quality and clear footage. The best thing about the surveillance cameras is that they only deliver HD video footage.

Comes with night vision

You would want to keep your home under watch day and night. This is the primary reason these cameras come with Infrared night vision. They are designed to enable the night vision depending on the lighting conditions automatically.

Compact and easy to install

Additionally, these cameras are compact and easy to install. Unlike the large security cameras that are designed to deter the thieves, these cameras are compact. This enables you to set them up discreetly inside or outside the house. They are also often affordable than other security cameras.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, there is no one fit size when it comes to home surveillance camera systems. The best choice will depend on your home’s layout, security concerns, climate among other factors. Before making your choice, you should have an idea of exactly what you need. Thereafter, go through the above-reviewed products and pick the model that suits your needs best. Best of luck!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the surveillance camera systems, wired or wireless?

A: They have wired and wireless Models. The wired models are powered by electricity. This means you need a generator when there is a power outage. On the other hand, rechargeable or replaceable AA batteries power the wireless models. The wireless is the most common as they ensure efficiency even if the burglar interferes with the electricity. However, ensure that they are always charged for optimal performance.

Q: Do surveillance cameras come with hidden fees?

A: Well, this is not a Yes or No question. The best answer to this question is; it will depend on the company. Some companies will charge a cloud storage service while others offer it free.

Q: Are all surveillance camera systems expandable?

A: Not all camera systems are expandable. Therefore, if you are planning to add more rooms, ensure that you pick an expandable model.

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