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Best Mesh Walking Shoes for Women in 2020 – Top 9 Ranking

by Gilbert Fillmore
Best Mesh Walking Shoes for Women Review

Do you find yourself walking for long distances? If so, then there are chances that your footwear gets uncomfortable making it a problem to walk normally. This is more common than you think. And the good news is that there are lots of footwear that are designed for specifically walking long distances without causing pressure or fatigue to your feet. In this comprehensive buying guide, we will go through some of the best mesh walking shoes for women which are comfortable and very helpful in long distance walks.

Our Best Pick

Best Pick – Slow Man’s Women’s Walking Shoes

Extremely Comfortable, Lightweight & Affordable

Want a shoe that has been engineered by experts for walking? The Slow Man’s slip on are the best mesh walking shoes for women in the market, thanks to years of perfection. The shoe is made with high quality mesh fabric top and air-cushioned soles which not only makes the shoe lightweight but very breathable. Almost everybody who wears the shoe has something great to say about it, and all that is explained by the raving reviews these pair of shoes have received. Besides that, the shoes are cheaper than most in the market.

​Top 9 Best Mesh Walking Shoes for Women

Here is a countdown of the 9 best mesh walking shoes for women that you can buy today.

9. TRAQ BY ALEGRIA Qwik Women’s Smart Walking Shoe

TRAQ BY ALEGRIA Qwik Women's Smart Walking Shoe

Price: Fair price range.

Special features: Built-in pedometer, Slip resistant sole, Dream knit upper.

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This Traq by Alegria women’s walking shoe is stylish, of great quality and ultra-light. It is made using high quality synthetic materials which makes it light and breathable. To enhance breathability and avoid heat build-up inside the shoe, the upper-front is made using breathable mesh materials. The shoe is very comfortable, thanks to a number of design features and inner cushioning.

The removable cork and memory foam footbed offers optimum support and improved comfort for the user. Anyone looking for a simple, breathable women’s walking shoe that can be used for long distance walking should consider getting this one.

Pros and Cons

  • It is lightweight and runs true to size.
  • The shoe is comfortable and supportive.
  • Not the best for tracking.

8. ASICS Women’s Gel-Quickwalk 3 Walking Shoe

ASICS Women's Gel-Quickwalk 3 Walking Shoe

Price: Fair price range.

Special features: Lace-up closure, Molded foam insole, plush tongue & collar.

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Asics is a well known shoe brand, and that comes with the assurance that you are getting a good shoe that is worth investing in. The walking shoe helps the wearer to stay on top of their goals and can be worn as either a casual, tracking or for working out. It is a lace-up style shoe that is easy to wear and remove.

Everything from its plush tongue, to the molded foam insole is spot on when it comes to ensuring the wearer is comfortable. It is a good quality women’s walking shoe that offers good value for the investment.

Pros and Cons

  • It is made with high quality materials that are durable.
  • The shoe fits well and is very comfortable.
  • Some people feel that it could be lighter.

7. Konhill Women’s Walking Tennis Shoes

Konhill Women's Walking Tennis Shoes

Price: Low price tag.

Special features: Heel-pull loop, MD outsole, Rubber sole.

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Konhill women’s walking shoes have an ultra-lightweight design that is athletic and good for casual wear. The textile fabric used with the mesh top ensures that the shoe is breathable, durable yet still lightweight. The skid-proof sole that it comes with ensures that it has good traction and the wearer doesn’t slip.

If you are looking for simple but efficient walking shoes without spending to much, then this should be among the top in your bucket list. The shoe is one of the most affordable walking shoes in the market and has been lauded by many for its comfort and lightweight nature.

Pros and Cons

  • It is lightweight and of good quality.
  • The shoe is supportive and feels comfortable.
  • Some people feel that it doesn’t run true to size.

6. New Balance Women’s WW496V3 Walking Shoe-W CUSH + Walking Shoe

New Balance Women's WW496V3 Walking Shoe

Price: Fair price range.

Special features: CUSH+ midsole, Walking strike path, Synthetic sole.

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New Balance is a shoe brand that needs no introduction. Their footwear stand out among the rest, and with this athletic women’s walking shoe, there is a lot on the table. The shoe is made with high quality leather material and an upper mesh that ensures it is breathable and not heat build up, even on a sunny summer day.

Comfort being a priority of New balance, you are guaranteed that your feet will feel relaxed and get all the support you need to cover many miles. They are also fairly affordable as compared to the average women’s walking shoes.

Pros and Cons

  • The shoes are roomy and feel comfortable.
  • Very supportive and durable.
  • Might feel too loose for people with small feet.

5. LANCROP Women’s Sock Walking Shoes

LANCROP Women's Sock Walking Shoes

Price: Low price tag.

Special features: Rubber sole, Stretch knit mesh, elastic top-line.

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These high quality slip-on women’s walking shoes could be just what you need to get your walking exercise going. It is made of textile fabric and high quality rubber sole which makes the shoes feel light and easy to walk with. The inner side of the shoe has been well lined with an elastic top line and soft cushioning while the upper part has a breathable stretchy knit mesh.

If comfort and lightweight walking shoes is all you are after, then a pair of these will surely be impressive. It’s sole thickness and overall comfort makes it versatile and useful as a jogging, hiking or as a tennis shoe.

Pros and Cons

  • Wearing and getting these shoes is easy.
  • It is comfortable and runs true to size.
  • There is an initial off-gassing smell that some people find to be irritating.

4. Dreamcity Women’s Water Shoes Athletic Sport Lightweight Walking Shoes

Dreamcity Women's Lightweight Water Shoes

Price: Low price range.

Special features: Water grip outsole, ConforDry Sock-liner.

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Dreamcity is a pretty popular brand with walking and running shoes, and it is no surprise that their women’s walking shoes rank among the best on our list. The shoe is made with an athletic design and with all the attention to details kept in place, the shoe does more than just offering users a walking footwear. Wearers can get this shoe and wear it on casual and outdoor occasions.

The sole is made of a unique water-grip outsole technology which enhances traction and ensures that one doesn’t slip off easily. It is a good quality breathable walking shoes that any athletic lady will love.

Pros and Cons

  • It is made of good quality materials that guarantee durability.
  • The shoes runs true to size.
  • The arch support could use some improvements.

3. TIOSEBON Women’s Athletic Walking Shoes Casual Mesh-Comfortable Work Sneakers

TIOSEBON Women's Athletic Casual Mesh Work Sneakers

Price: Low price tag.

Special features: Elastic MD outsole, slip resistant sole.

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Designed to be used as both walking and casual work shoes, the Tiosebon women’s walking shoes aims to take athleticism to the next level. They are sleek, lightweight and very comfortable. And if style is a priority when choosing a walking shoe, then you will love the fact that this one comes in a variety of colors to match your casual wear.

The engineering of the shoe which strikes a good balance between comfort and support ensures that one enjoys all the experience of an athletic footwear. Besides that, it is one of the most affordable options that one can get.

Pros and Cons

  • The are comfortable and supportive.
  • Easy to wear and remove.
  • Might tend to be tight and small for people with wide feet.

2. Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe

Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk 3 Slip-On Mesh Walking Shoe

Price: Fair price range.

Special features: Slip on design, Rubber sole, 2-pieace mid-sole.

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These slip-on women’s walking shoes are among the best that one can get in the market. They have stood the test of time and have proven to be the real deal when it comes to mastering the art of walking. Whether it is a short distance walk, exercise or using ti for your casual day at work, these sketchers will not disappoint.

It is a simple pair of walking shoes that offer guaranteed comfort and value for the money. Overall, it is a shoe that you cannot go wrong with.

Pros and Cons

  • The shoes are comfortable and very supportive.
  • Can be used on different occasions.
  • Might not be very durable for rugged roads.

1. Women’s Walking Shoes Sock Sneakers

Slow Man Womens Walking Shoes Sock Sneakers

Price: Low price range.

Special features: Air-cushioned sole, slip on design, boxed toe design.

Check It Now on Amazon

Buoyed by a high customer rating than any other women’s walking shoes, these Slow Man’s slip-on shoes are the best one can find. As far as the art of walking is concerned, these women’s walking shoes have every art figured out and they make walking, hiking, light exercising possible. and you don’t have to break the bank because they are among the most affordable walking shoes in the market.

The shoes have air-cushioned soles which takes comfort to a whole new level. They are the ultimate women’s meshed slip on shoes and ideal for anyone that needs comfortable and affordable women’s walking shoes.

Pros and Cons

  • Comes with a high customer satisfaction rating.
  • They are very comfortable and supportive.
  • Not for a wet day.

Choosing The Mesh Walking Shoes for Women

Below are some of the crucial considerations that one must keep in mind when they are shopping for the best women mesh walking shoes that offer good comfort and support.

Fastening Mechanism

Although it is usually based on one’s style, it is worth noting that one can choose shoes with either Velcro or straps. Some people feel more comfortable with straps while others prefer to get those with straps which offers tight fitting. All in all, the shoes you get should feel comfortable when wearing and shouldn’t make your feet feel squeezed.

Inner Comfort

Comfort is a very crucial factor to consider. Whether the shoe is for walking, running or for any other purpose, comfort is something that nobody should compromise. That said, the inner lining, sock-liners and padding should be spot on. It should cushion one and ensure that one feels comfortable with a little legroom to avoid pressure on the feet. The insole is also something that you should make sure is comfortable as it adds an extra layer of comfort.


One of the factors that most people ignore when they are buying shoes is beathability. We must have all at one time experienced sweating in the feet. If you are walking a long distance with a closed shoe, then you are more likely to get your feet wet from sweat. However, by investing in a walking shoe with mesh, you are sure to enjoy a much more comforting walking experience.


It is common to feel the feet hurting after taking a walk. It becomes more likely when you are taking a long walk or don’t have comfortable shoes. But did you know that there are specialized shoes that have been designed to offer users comfort and pressure relief? Shared in this buying guide are some of the best mesh walking shoes for women which you can always count on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between walking shoes and regular shoes?

A: As much as people would like to think that they can just walk with regular shoes, it might not happen in some situations. Instances where one is walking long distances, either for leisure or as a workout routine can be tiresome and unsurprisingly injurious. With regular shoes that have less padding and cushioning, one could end up with blisters and feeling too tired faster. Walking shoes are specifically designed to help offer better cushioning and comfort.

Q: What is a good material for walking shoes?

A: The material used to make a walking shoe matters a lot. If you are planning to take walks in the summer when it is very hot, then it is unethical to get a shoe that is closed. Shoes with leather uppers are definitely not an option at such a time. Instead, it is prudent to invest in a lightweight shoe that is meshed to help dissipate heat and help keep your feet cool.

Q: Does a shoe brand mater when buying a walking shoe?

A: There a bazillion shoe brands in the market today. And that means there are also many knock-offs and upcoming brands that are out to make a quick buck. With that in mind, it is always good to invest in a shoe that is made from a known manufacturer since they have spent years perfecting the shoe.

Q: Can I wear walking shoes to work?

A: Shoes are made differently, and walking shoes too come in different materials. The styling of meshed walking shoes also varies. This means that there are walking shoes that are designed to be used as casual wear as well as those which one can wear to work. So, it simply has to do with the shoe style.

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