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Best Prenatal Fitness For Pregnant Moms

Best Prenatal Fitness | Pregnancy Health

Prenatal fitness is necessary to strengthen the muscles of the uterus, reduce stress, and uplift your spirits. It can also help you avoid backaches, fatigue and swollen legs. Women who maintain a fitness program during pregnancy report a complication-free childbirth. Prenatal fitness is also an early thorough-proof method of regaining your beautiful lean physique after delivery. Then what are the best fitness for pregnant mother? Read through below:

1. Pilates

This is a form of exercise that helps to build core strength and flexibility. For pregnant mothers, Pilates help to reduce back pain, improve balance and strengthen the pelvic floor. Many Pilate workout routines are safe during pregnancy, but you should get a go-ahead from your doctor first.

For a seamless prenatal Pilate workout, get a Pilate Ring like the one offered by Nayoya Wellness. This tool helps to strengthen the inner and outer thighs. It also builds strengths in the arms, lower body and core. The Nayoya toning ring is padded on the outside and inside for a comfortable workout session.

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2. Walking – Prenatal Fitness

A few low-impact cardio activities like walking can boost your energy levels. Start out slow, and if you were a gym enthusiast before, you only need to tune it down a little. Just ensure that you don’t exert yourself to breathless levels

Your cardio workout plan can include 30 minutes of walking every day with 5 minutes’ intervals of rest. You can conclude the walk with stretching sessions. Other workouts you can try include swimming, stationary bike riding or climbing stairs.

For an even more energetic and healthy pregnancy, you can try out folic acid supplements like Nutra Blast. Folic acid will keep your unborn baby healthy and protect them from birth defects of the spinal cord and brain.

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3. Squats Workout

Squats are important in strengthening your pelvic and lower back muscles. However, if squatting gets painful on the knees or lower back, you should stop and see a gynecologist about it. Start with your feet wide apart. Place your arms on your waist or hold them out in front.

Lower yourself into a squat position, bending at your knees. Keep your back straight and throw your weight on your heels. Make sure your knees don’t curve inwards during the movement. Rise back up slowly squeezing your glutes in the motion. Perform three sets of about 12 repetitions.

Take calcium supplementation to avoid leg cramps after squatting. Calcium will also strengthen your bones during the period and help you have a healthy childbirth. Healthy Baby Complete PM Prenatal Calcium is also packed with vitamin D and will help to keep your weight in check during pregnancy.

4. Yoga

Yoga Sport for pregnancy women

Yoga is the key to calmness and tranquility during those crucial nine months. Studies have revealed that prenatal yoga helps to reduce cases of headaches, nausea and shortness of breath during pregnancy. Start with a simple pose like standing mountain.

Stand straight, your feet more than hip-width apart. Bent slightly on your knees with your toes straightened out. Hold your arms out with your palms touching near your chest. Close all your eyes and also take a deep slow breath. Inhale and lift out your arms overhead, exhale and return the hands close to your chest. Other yoga moves include belly breathing and pelvic tilts.

Yoga ball for prematal workout

Sitting on a yoga ball also works wonders for pregnant mothers. Try a yoga ball like the one provided by Trideer. It will help improve your pelvic alignment and strengthen your core muscles. You can even use it as an office chair.

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5. Massage

Prenatal massage is not just a luxury; it is a necessity. It helps to alleviate mental and physical stress, reduce discomforts and pain and improve blood circulation. Pregnant mothers need daily massages. For a belly massage, get some lotion or oil and lie back on the bed or chair, with your back cushioned by a few pillows. Squirt the oil on your hands and start stroking your belly up to your chest.

Massage-Sport for pregnancy

For a back self-massage, you can get the Vornex massage balls. You just place them on your bed or against the wall and set to work swinging slightly on them. The massage balls help to relieve back pain and fatigue and improve blood circulation. The good thing about these massage balls is that they are portable and you can use them anywhere for a trigger point massage session. These massage balls are also efficient for neck, shoulder and feet self-massages.

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Prenatal fitness will help you and your baby stay healthy throughout the pregnancy period. It will also get you physically ready for the strenuous delivery waiting at the end of the nine months. Nonetheless, you should speak to your doctor first before embarking on pregnancy exercises.

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