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Best Snow Boots For Men in 2022 – Top 9 Ranking

Best Snow Boots For Men Review

When the winter cold kicks in, most of us find themselves in a tight spot trying to figure out what to wear to brave the cold. To stay healthy and keep warm, you need specialty gear designed just for that. Among the most crucial gear needed for the season is winter boots. There are a million reasons why one would want to have a winter boot on. Be it hiking, walking down the road or working outdoors, winter boots are good in improving traction and getting you going. In this guide, we have focused our attention on men’s snow boots which stand out. So if you are looking for the best men’s snow boots to buy, read on.

Our Best Pick

Columbia Men's Waterproof Snow Boots

Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus

Super Lightweight, Breathable & Durable

There are many things that one would want to have in an outdoor snow boot, and Columbia has cracked that code. Their men’s Newton Ridge snow boots come with an outstanding design that is well thought. With that respect, the lightweight snow boot comes with a high quality top design that is durable and a high-traction sole that can handle almost any terrain that one can imagine. Besides that, it is warm, comfortable and very translatable. You simply can go wrong with this men;’s snow boot.

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Best Snow Boots For Men 2022

Here is a countdown of the best men’s snow boots worth checking out.

9. Polar Men’s Snow Hiking Mucker Duck Grafters

Polar Men's Snow Hiking Mucker Duck Grafters

Price: Low price tag.

Special features: Full fur lined, anti-skid rubber sole.

Weight: Lightweight.

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Polar is a shoe brand that has been around for many years, and few people if any can debate on the quality of footwear they make. This particular men’s snow boot is made with high quality materials with the focus of making them comfortable and durable. The thermal insulation the boots come with is amazing and ensures that the feet never get cold even in the most extreme conditions.

The premium grande lining of the shoe enhances the wearer’s comfort and ensures optimum heat is trapped inside. It is a good durable pair of snow boot that doesn’t disappoint.

Pros and Cons


  • These snow boots come at a very affordable price.
  • It is durable, thanks to the high quality design.


  • It promotes and traps sweat inside.

8. UGG Men’s Butte Snow Boot

UGG Men's Butte Snow Boot

Price: Highly priced.

Special features: Faux fur, synthetic sole, UGGpure wool lining.

Weight: Very lightweight.

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Constructed with high quality but lightweight materials, the UGG men’s snow boot is the ultimate shoe to handle almost any condition. It comes with an inner fur lining that makes it comfortable and warm. The sole is of synthetic material while the upper part is made of a genuine cowhide leather material that is very durable.

The vibrant outsole and waterproof construction makes it an all-weather snow boot. Besides the comfort and warmth you get, this shoe also prides itself in providing an excellent grip.

Pros and Cons


  • It is good for all weathers.
  • Cleaning the shoe is very easy.


  • Some people have complained of the shoe not running true to size.

7. WHITIN Men’s Insulated All-Weather Boots

WHITIN Men's Insulated All-Weather Boots

Price: Low price tag.

Special features: Velvet faux fur, Lace-up closure support, Rubber sole.

Weight: Very light.

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Weighing less than 2 pounds, this is considered a very lightweight snow boot. And surprisingly, it outsmarts many when it comes to insulation and keeping the wearer warm. It is made from high quality leather material and a rubber sole that is designed with high traction in mind. These snow boots improves maneuverability on snow a breeze and makes a good investment.

The insole can be easily removed for easy washing. These snow boots aren’t like most clunky winter boots, and this is something that many people appreciate.

Pros and Cons


  • They are warm and comfortable, thanks to the velvety lining.
  • They are lightweight and durable.


  • The boots are not totally waterproof.

6. Sperry Top-Sider Men’s Avenue Duck Boot

Sperry Top-Sider Men's Avenue Duck Boot

Price: Fair price range.

Special features: Synthetic sole, non-marking outsole, Seam-sealed.

Weight: Light weight.

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Sperry is still fairly new in the market, but they have already made a good impact with their amazing line of shoes. It is seam-sealed and has been well water-proofed to ensure that the feet remain dry and warm at all times. To further enhance the enhance insulation a fully lined shaft and thermal lining is used on the boot’s foot bed.

Hundreds of users love this snow boot for its impeccable performance in both snowy and rainy conditions. For its fairly low price tag, you will love the value that comes with these men’s snow boots.

Pros and Cons


  • These boots are very light and feel comfortable to wear.
  • They are very waterproof and warm.


  • They can be slippery when it is very wet.

5. NORTIV 8 Men’s Waterproof Winter Hiking Snow Boots

NORTIV 8 Men's Waterproof Winter Hiking Snow Boots

Price: Low price tag.

Special features: Durable Rubber outsole, Multi-directional lugs, Cushioned EVA footbed.

Weight: Medium weight.

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Nortiv is yet another brand that is quickly becoming popular due to their high quality shoes. This Nortiv 8 hiking snow boot is stunning in design and the quality that it comes with speaks for itself. The upper part of the shoe is made to be water-proof while the sole is made of high quality rubber that is threaded to ensure it is both slip resistant from water and oil.

There are also multi-directional lugs that are designed for improved traction and in handling different terrains much easily. Lastly, the thermolite insulation is another great reason why you need to get this snow boot.

Pros and Cons


  • Good insulation ensures that the boots are warm and comfortable.
  • They are built to last.


  • Not very waterproof.

4. Merrell Men’s Moab Polar Waterproof Winter Boot

Merrell Men's Moab Polar Waterproof Winter Boot

Price: Modestly priced.

Special features: Molded EVA midsole, ICE GRIP outsole, Raised heel.

Weight: Lightweight.

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Merrell Men’s Moab is well designed with high attention to detail and high quality materials. It gives users the best of both synthetic and leather worlds, and you surely won’t go wrong with it. It has an elevated arch and a 6.5-inch shaft that is convenient to the wearer. Besides the design, this winter-ready hiker boot is waterproof and is well constructed to ensure that users enjoy a comfortable and dry interior regardless of the weather.

The molding of the sole which improves traction and the quality that the boot comes with is outstanding, and something that sets it apart from dozens of other snow boots out there.

Pros and Cons


  • It works perfect under any terrain.
  • It is well constructed for durability.


  • The toe box feels small for some people.

3. Muck Boot Arctic Sport Rubber High Performance Men’s Winter Boot

Muck Boot Arctic Sport Rubber High Performance Men's Winter Boot

Price: Modest price range.

Special features: Sealed rubber sole, rugged molded lugs, EVA contoured design.

Weight: Modest weight.

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Muck Boot Arctic rubber winter boot is designed for frigid and extreme weather. It is designed with a nice and flexible rubber sole that extends from above the ankle. There is a velvety soft lining that is durable and offers the much needed comfort to the wearer.

To handle slippery surfaces, rugged molded lugs and ingenious treading has been used on the sole. It is an excellent men’s snow boot which can give users a warm and fulfilling experience even in frigid environments.

Pros and Cons


  • It is warm and comfortable.
  • The boots are designed for any kind of weather.


  • Not the best boots for sub-zero temperatures.

2. Kamik Men’s Greenbay 4 Cold-Weather Boot

Kamik Men's Greenbay 4 Cold-Weather Boot

Price: fair price range.

Special features: Thermal-guard liner, Quality nylon design, hook-and-loop strap.

Weight: Lightweight.

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Kamik Men’s Greenbay cold weather boot comes equipped with an ingenious and well thought design that aimed at improving user experience. The material used in the making of this snow boots is denier Nylon which is mainly to ensure it is water-proof. Among the most notable design features of the boot is the removable thermal-guard liner and a hook-and-loop strap, which you won’t find in other common snow boots.

It is constructed with a shaft that is 13-inch from the arch which makes the boot high enough to avoid snow and water getting in from the top.

Pros and Cons


  • It is comfortable, warm and convenient.
  • Can be used on all weather environments.


  • Not as durable as leather made snow boots.

1. Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus

Columbia Men's Newton Ridge Plus

Price: Modest price range.

Special features: Breathable, High-Traction Grip, Omni-GRIP rubber traction.

Weight: Very lightweight.

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Ranking top among the rest is Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus hiking boot. It is constructed to be used on any kind of surface and coming from a well known brand, there is little doubt that you are going to love every bit of this men’s snow boot. Every little detail and feature you could want in an outdoor hiking or snow boot is offered in this one. It is very breathable, has high traction and is designed to be used on any environment.

Surprising enough, the price tag of this shoe is fairly cheap as compared to most that are in its class. Simply, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be getting this pair of men’s snow boot.

Pros and Cons


  • It comes with a high customer rating.
  • The boots are well constructed to last long.
  • It offers great traction and excellent outdoor performance.


  • The synthetic lining could use some quality improvements.

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Choosing The Best Snow Boots For Men

Here are crucial things to consider when you are buying the best men’s snow boots.


Snow boots come in different designs and among the least known factors that can improve your snow movement is the height of the boots. When you have a taller boot, you will get more protection especially when the snow level is high. So you won’t have to deal with snow shooting up and entering the shoe.


Secondly, you have to factor in the weight of the boot. This is something to consider because the boot design can sometimes make the boot so heavy that it becomes hard to maneuver with. Experts advise that a good quality snow boot should weight anywhere between 4-7 pounds.

Insulation & Weatherproof Design

One thing that you cannot debate about when it comes to choosing the right snow boots is the insulation it comes with. If it is not providing warmth inside, then you may as well be good without it. A good boot should protect you from the outside weather conditions and feel warm on the inside.

Sole Grip

The traction and how easy you maneuver the snow depends on the sole design. It should be well thought out and give you the much needed grip to avoid sliding and traverse the snow with ease. The grip of the sole should also be considered depending on the purpose of the snow boot.


Having factored everything else, you should also make sure that the snow boots you are getting are very comfortable. The comfort should start from the toe box to the heels and they should fit in your foot nicely. The cushioning in the shoe also adds some plush and elevates the comfort level.

Final Verdict

Snow boots are one of the most crucial gears that one needs to have if it is winter or when visiting snowy areas. We have spent a lot of time researching and trying to find the best snow boots for men, and shared them above. So, whether you live in Alaska or want something to easily traverse snow, you will love the ones we have shared above.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are snow boots?

A: Snow boots are specialty boots that are designed to help people easily maneuver the snow. They are designed with high quality materials that are thick. These boots differ to the regular shoes in that they are highly insulated and designed with a good snow grip.

Q: Why do snow boots soles lose grip with time?

A: Just like any other shoe or boot, the interior and exterior part of the shoe whittles with time. Experts have linked shoe inefficiency and soles breaking down to bacterial growth in the insole. As such, it is always advised that one replace the insoles when the grip reduces and ensure that you have cleaned it regularly.

Q: How high should a snow boot be?

A: Snow boots have varied heights and this can make a very big difference depending on the level of snow that you are dealing with. The higher the shoe, the better when it comes to dealing with a lot of snow. This is because snow can easily enter a show snow boot. If you are dealing with more than a foot of snow, then you definitely need a high snow boot that will cover your foot completely and not let in any snow.

Q: What is the difference between snow boots and hiking boots?

A: Contrary to what many people think, snow boots are very different from hiking and waterproof boots. The most notable difference lies with the sole design and threading. Hiking boots have soles that are geared more into handling a specific terrain and situation and that is why their rubber soles have threads that naturally repel the water. On the other hand, snow boots, which are usually made of rubber or leather and are meant to specifically handle snow as well as avoid them from seeping through the material. One may find it hard to use or maneuver with a hiking boot in a snowy environment.

Q: What socks should I wear with snow boots?

A: For the best experience and grip with snow boots, there are a few options that one should consider. One can either choose a compression socks for good blood flow or consider woolen socks which improves the warmth and overall comfort.

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