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Best Tattoo Gun Kits 2021 Reviews – Top 5 Selections

Best Tattoo Gun Kits

While Tattooing may have started out as a primitive practice, today it has turned to one of the most prestigious niches where the artists are making lots of money. As it has been on the market for quite some time, tattoo lovers are making bolder decisions and are looking for more unique tattoo design to make a statement. For this reason, as a tattoo artist, you need to get out of your comfort zone and brush your skills for you to provide something more than just ordinary. This is where the best tattoo kits come in.

The aesthetics and artistic aspect of a tattoo now lies in having the best tattoo kits. These kits come with fine-tuned machines and accessories that allow you to draw masterpieces, giving you an edge over your competitors. These cases are also great choices for beginners they come with tutorials as well as all the features that you need to get started. Besides, since they come in lockable and compact cases, traveling with them is not a problem. If you are looking to give your tattooing career a boost, getting any of the following kits is a free ticket to such greatness. Make your purchase today for you to join the most successful artist’s ranks in this niche.

 Best Tattoo Kits 2021 You Can Buy

Best Overall: Pirate Face Tattoo Grinder Tattoo Kit

Pirate Face Tattoo GRINDER Tattoo Kit by Pirate Face Tattoo

Key Features

  • Includes high-performance steel tattoo machines which are lightweight making them easy to use
  • Each machine provided can be fine-tuned for lining and shading
  • Offers reliable and rugged power supply
  • Unlike other models on the market, this kit contains the USA made tattoo brand ink making it safer to use

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Pirate Face Tattoo GRINDER Tattoo kit is an excellent starting point for novice tattoo artist and great for professional on the go. This complete tattoo kit comes with all the features that the artist need to come up with a beautiful creation. This includes all needles, ink and tattoo machines then arranged in a well thought out storage case. While the kit comes with a wide array of accessories, it still manages to maintain a compact and portable design so moving it from one place to the other.

At a closer look, the pirate face tattoo kit comes makes an exceptional choice owing to the fact that it comes with an extensive kit of accessories. The kit is packed with over 27 disposable tips, fifty needles, as well as seven-color ink. For inspiration, this kit also includes a manual guide that has over 240 pages of step-by-step tattoo marking with high attention to details.


  • Top quality tattoo machine that delivers great results
  • The tattoo machine is lightweight thus easy to use
  • Tuning the machine is easy and this greatly simplifies the process


  • The quality of the ink should be improved to protect the users.

Best compact: Stigma Complete Tattoo Kit

Stigma Complete Tattoo Kit

Key Features

  • Has a powerful motor for effective operation
  • Comes with multiple needles for different uses
  • Uses high quality inks for great results
  • Certified by the relevant authorities thus safe to use

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The Stigma Complete Tattoo Kit is one of the best tattoo gun kits you can get if you want a reliable set for your tattoo operations. It runs on a powerful motor that delivers enough power for all the tattoos you have to create. It does not get hot even after a long period of use and this will allow you to work on large and complex tattoo pieces with minimal discomfort. The tattoo guns are made of premium materials that make them strong and durable. The surface of the gun frame is not easy to scratch and this will ensure that your precious tools don’t lose their attractive appearance.

The ink used on the tattoo guns is of the highest quality as well and safe to the skin. It delivers smooth and delicate pieces that are full of color and capture people’s attention. This tattoo kit comes with all the necessary accessories to ensure you are able to carry out your operations with easy. The kit is certified by the relevant authorities and this makes using it very safe. Get it today and create beautiful tattoos that everyone will love.


  • Powerful motor that packs enough power
  • High quality ink that is safe on the skin
  • The gun frame is made of premium material to ensure durability


  • The tattoo kit does not come with instructions for effective usage

Best Quality: Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Machine

Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Machine

Key Features

  • Precision DC motor for continuous operation
  • Low noise production for effective operation
  • Better user experience for seamless operation
  • High power and puncturing efficiency

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The Dragonhawk Cartridge Tattoo Machine is a quieter and effective tattoo gun kit that delivers amazing results. It has less vibration compared to other conventional devices and this makes operating it very easy. It is fitted with a high precision motor that ensures continuous operation all the time. It has long lasting stability and this will allow you to use the kit for a long time delivering amazing tats that everyone will admire.

When it comes to the user experience, nothing beats this tattoo gun kit. The machine’s pen is ergonomically designed to ease the pressure on you when handling it. It has stable operation with the power cord long enough to allow for easy movement. The frame of the gun is made of anodized aluminum that makes the unit very strong and durable. It is light in weight as well and this will ensure you don’t get tired when operating the machine. All these features make the Dragonhawk Cartridge Tattoo Machine one of the best tattoo gun kits we recommend to our readers.


  • Light in weight thus easy to use
  • Produces less vibrations for an enhanced user experience
  • High puncturing efficiency thanks to its powerful motor


  • The power supply could be improved for better performance

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Best for Beginners: Wormhole Tattoo Kit for Beginners

Wormhole Tattoo Kit for Beginners

Key Features

  • Professional guide for easy set up
  • Sterilized accessories for safe usage
  • High quality ink that is safe on the skin
  • Durable appliances for long lasting use

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The Wormhole Tattoo Kit is a great tattoo that we recommend for beginning tattoo artists. The kit has all the supplies one needs to deliver great tattoo pieces and this makes it a great buy for learners. It comes with a profession guide that will make it easy for you to set everything up and get started. Using the equipment is easy as well and this will ensure that your onboarding process is seamless and straight forward. The needles are sterilized to guarantee their safe usage. The ink provided with the kit is of the highest quality as well and this makes this kit one of the best tattoo gun kits at the moment.

The liner machine is greatly set up to ensure your designs come out properly. It also runs faster to ensure that you deliver precise line work. The machine parts are made of the best material and this makes the set very durable and long lasting. The company offers great customer service as well with customers getting replacements for damaged or defective items. If you are looking to improve your tattoo skills, then this kit is exactly what you need.


  • Sterilized needles ensure the safety of the users
  • Setting up the machine is very easy thanks to the professional guide
  • Great customer experience from the company


  • The ink does not penetrate deep enough to last long

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Best Budget: ITATTOO Complete Tattoo Kit

ITATTOO Complete Tattoo Kit

Key Features

  • Uses the latest tattoo technology for the best results
  • Delivers low vibrations for an awesome user experience
  • High quality ink that is safe on the skin
  • Comes with all the accessories for effective use

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Those shopping on a budget will appreciate the ITATTOO Complete Tattoo Kit that comes with all the accessories you need to create amazing tattoos. The needles are perfectly sterilized and this ensures the user’s safety every time you are using the tattoo kit. The material used to make the tattoo kit components are of the highest quality and this will ensure that you are able to use the kit for a long time delivering amazing tattoo creations that everyone will love. The machine uses the latest tattoo technology and this ensures that the final results are beautiful and amazing.

The machine is light in weight and this reduces the pressure on your arm when using the device. It also delivers low vibrations and this ensures that you will be able to use the kit without getting tired. The tattoo gun runs on a powerful motor that ensures effective operation. Adjusting the gun to meet your needs is very easy and this is another reason this tattoo gun kit is a hit with tattoo artists. Get one today for the best tattooing experience.


  • Delivers low vibrations for a superior user experience
  • Machine parts are made of the best material for enhanced durability
  • The machine is made in the latest technology for convenient use


  • The quality of the ink could be improved to make the final design more impressive

Why do people wear tattoos?

Today, it is not a surprise to find your best friend with a bright tattoo mark on their back or shoulder. This is a novelty rather a modern trend that dictates the fashion. With the number of people looking to get tattoos increasing, we would like to look at the driving force that is making this number soar day by day.

Tattoos are good for self-expression

The same way that people use clothes to make a statement about them, the tattoos are also used in making statements about things that you love, believe in, and admire. This is why you will find many individuals with tattoos about the names of people, certain causes, as well as art.

Tattoos are symbols of luck

If you are a superstitious person, you can also tattoo your body with certain symbols that you believe can help in warding off evil and enhance good fortune. This is why you see many people with the goddess Fortuna symbol tattooed on the believer to attract good fortune.

Marks crucial milestones

In life, there are various happy occasions such as childbirth, school graduation, getting their dream jobs as well as weddings. Achieving any of these milestones is a good reason enough to have a tattoo. Others get tattoos to remind them of various moments such as life-altering events such as making out from a deadly illness or accidents.

To express a commitment

In life, it is always to have something you embrace and things that one believes to be lasting. This may include things such as friendship, love, or even faith. For this reason, you will find many people with tattoos about their religious principles or the name of the person they love.

Tattoos are also used to pay homage

When we refer to homage-paying, we mean having a tribute to something that we admire, believe in, or love. In most cases, these things no longer exist as in the case of living beings such as pets or people.

Final Verdict

It is imperative to go through our guide before settling on the best tattoo kit. Some of these models are best for beginners while others will do a great job for professionals. Paying attention to what you need, the construction materials and numbers of features included will help you get exactly what you need. Best of luck!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s a tattoo gun kit?

A: A tattoo gun kit is a set that contains all the necessary elements needed when creating tattoos. It keeps the things organized and this makes it easy for you to find different components when creating tattoo.

Q: Do permanent tattoo machines damage the skin?

A: No, they don’t. When done properly, tattoo application will not result in any damage to the skin. To ensure the best results when creating tattoos, users are advised to use the best tattoo gun kits such as those we have highlighted above.

Q: How deep does the needle go when tattooing?

A: The tattoo needle only goes about 1 – 2 millimeters deep when one is getting tattooed. This depth is perfectly safe and it will not result in any damage to the skin.

Q: What is used to make the tattoo ink?

A: The tattoo ink is made using organic components like ochre that produce the pigmentation when one is getting a tattoo. The ingredients are naturally-safe and have a long lasting effect to ensure they do not fade. Avoid synthetic inks made of artificial substances.

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