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9 Best Walk In Whirlpool Bathtubs In 2023

Best WalkIn Whirlpool Bathtubs

Are you looking for the best walk in whirlpool bathtub in the market? Whirlpool bathtubs have been around since the 1950s, and as the technology around them keeps evolving, they tend to become more popular in modern homes. A whirlpool bathtub is a bathtub that has self-contained water jets. Walk-in whirlpool bathtubs offer a variety of massages like jet massage, air, or dual massage features to reduce the strain on your tired muscles. Water or air powers the jets and is made to massage your body for a more intimate soak.

Whirlpool bathtubs make your dream bathroom look appealing and complete. They can give you a relaxing, spa-like sanctum in the comfort of your own home, which is something that many people would appreciate.

Whirlpool bathtubs provide not only relaxation but also add style to your bathroom and of course a touch to your way of life. They tend to have a large water capacity and require a bigger bathroom though. Some walk-in bathtubs are designed to assist the elderly and those with movement problems and disabilities. Made with a seat designed into the bathtub, the user can comfortably bathe while resting freely as the whirlpool jets help to ease and massage their joints and muscles slowly.

With a clear understanding of these amazing bathtubs, here is our distilled list featuring some of the best walk-in whirlpool bathtubs you can find in the market.

Our Best Pick

Empava Acrylic Freestanding Walk-in Bathtub

Empava Acrylic Freestanding Walk-in Bathtub

Convenient, Good Value & Highly Rated

Empava Pure-Scape is the best walk in bathtub that one can find in the market. It comes packed with advanced features that ensure tip-top performance and convenience for the bather. It has won the hearts of many users which is evident in its hundreds of raving reviews. If you had to pick just one walk in whirlpool bathtub, then this is the one you should be going for. It will definitely give the best value for the money.

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Best Walkin Whirlpool Bathtubs 2023

9. Spa World Venzi vz3060sirwh Whirlpool walk-in Bathtub

Spa World Venzi vz3060sirwh Whirlpool walk-in Bathtub

Special Features: 6 multi-directional jets, Friction heater.

Material: Acrylic.

Weight: 203 pounds.

Dimensions: 36 X 64 X 32 inches.

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Spa world Venzi whirlpool walk-in Bathtub is one of the best walk-in whirlpool bathtubs that you can find in the market. It is designed with water jets that allow it to provide a more intense massaging experience. This Spa World Venzi Rectangular whirlpool walk-in Bathtub has a friction heater that ensures a constant warm and comfortable bathing experience without sacrificing on additional power for operation.

It is made up of 6 multi-directional whirlpool jets that can be adjusted in any direction you desire. Powered by a 1HP water pump, users can get immersed in an alluring Spa-like experience. This whirlpool walk-in bathtub also has a pneumatic button control that is easy to operate and convenient.


  • Cleaning this bathtub is easy since the only thing you need to do is open the drainage system to allow dirty water to drain as you clean it.
  • Sitting on it is so comfortable because it is made of a smooth material, so when you are relaxing or enjoying your massage you are comfortable.


  • The spa world bathtub tends to be a bit costly therefore limiting the number of people that can afford it.

8. Safety Tubs SSA6030LA-BC Gelcoat Entry Series

Safety Tubs SSA6030LA-BC Gelcoat Entry Series

Special Features: Patented drain system, Door System Technology, Safety grab bar.

Material: Fiberglass.

Weight: 239 pounds.

Dimensions: 59.5 X 29.75 X 37.5 inches.

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The Safety Tubs Gelcoat entry series walk-in tub has an innovative design that features a high-performance patented drain system. The drain system has a complete pumping system in place which directly connects to your home’s drain system, which simply means that no additional plumbing is required.

It has a unique Door System Technology which ensures that the bathtub is watertight and no water leaks through the edges. This ensures that you get all the benefits that come with a modern walk in bathtub. It also has an elegant faucet and handheld showering wand that allows you to take your shower comfortably as you sit.

It has a built-in grab bar to enhance safety as you relax. Overall, it is a good quality walk in bathtub that lives up to its advertised promise.


  • A walk-in whirlpool bathtub provides you with comfort that is not available in a typical shower.
  • A grab bar is in place to ensure both the convenience and safety of the user.


  • If not installed properly it might be faulty. A professional is needed to help you install it.

7. Energy Tubs walk-in Bathtub Luxury Whirlpool Massage Tub

Energy Tubs walk-in Bathtub Luxury Whirlpool Massage Tub

Special features: 10 massage jets, 5 piece faucet, Patented hurry drain system.

Material: Gel-coat fiberglass.

Weight: 202 pounds.

Dimensions: 60 X 30 X 38 inches.

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This Energy Tubs whirlpool bathtub provides a luxurious whirlpool massage experience that is well comparable to that of a luxurious Spa. The bathtub comes with 10 convenient jets of massage systems that give users a bubbly experience. Its unique fast fill fast drain has a set of 5-piece faucets and a tub filler that will ensure the bathtub fills fast. The bathtub has a patented hurry drain system that can drain the entire tub in a flash.

To ensure the safety of the user, this bathtub comes with an ADA-compliant seat design, a built-in safety bar, and an anti-slip floor texture. It is easy to clean, thanks to its high gloss triple gel coat finish. There is a wall extension kit in place designed to fit 60 tub openings that make for easy installation and charging.


  • It is efficient in helping relieve stress and muscle tension.
  • Using this whirlpool bathtub gives you the ultimate spa experience in your own home.
  • This walk-in bathtub is easy to install.


  • If you also prefer a quiet bath to unwind this might not be your ideal pick.

6. American Standard 3052.109.CLW Gelcoat Whirlpool and Air Spa Walk-in bathtub

American Standard 3052.109.CLW Gelcoat Whirlpool and Air Spa Walk-in bathtub

Special Features: Low threshold design, Air Spa system, Fast-fill faucet.

Material: Fiberglass.

Weight: 227 pounds.

Dimensions: 51.5 X 2975 X 42 inches.

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The American standard whirlpool bathtub is yet another great addition that one can appreciate its service. It is one of the best walk-in whirlpool bathtubs that one can get in the market. It comes fully equipped with all the features one would expect from a top-of-the-line walk-in bathtub. This ensures that the user gets the ultimate spa experience and ample therapeutic treatment in the comfort of their own home.

It has an Air spa system with 26 air jets that deliver advanced water-stream therapy to provide an intriguing and smooth relaxing massage. With a variable speed blower, the bathtub is able to generate thousands of tiny bubbles in seconds which offers a smooth automatic purge cycle that many people appreciate.

This whirlpool bathtub is made up of a durable Hi-Gloss gel coat with simple control options that offer push-button convenience to the bather. It also includes a premium fast-fill faucet, a nice handheld showering wand, and a neck rest to guarantee users the ultimate Spa-experience at home.


  • Its full-sized and well-thought door design ensured ease of entry.
  • This bathtub offers good value for the money.
  • It is designed with durability in mind.


  • This walk-in bathtub is still new to the market.

5. Ella’s Bubbles Two Triple Massages And Microbubbles Outward Swing Door Walk-In Bathtub

Ella's Bubbles Two Triple Massages Walk-In Bathtub

Special Features: 2 center-facing seats, U-shaped door design, 22 air jet system.

Material: Acrylic.

Weight: 450 pounds.

Dimensions: 80 X 36 X 41 inches.

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This Ella’s Bubbles Whirlpool bathtub is designed with two center-facing seats meant to help in the assisted bathing experience. It comes with a contemporary U-shaped walk-in door made with plastic composite and nice screen glass. It is designed to open outward and with a well-designed shaft-driven latch lock system the bathtub remains watertight.

The ability of this walk in bathtub to give you the ultimate therapeutic experience depends on its 22 air jets and 18 upper jets. It also features a unique micro bubble therapy system that breaks down water molecules into very tiny bubbles that give the user an exciting therapeutic experience.

The hydro massage system includes an intensity control system, 2 hydro pumps, an ozone sterilization system, and unique hydro jets. Along with these high-tech features is a digital control keypad that makes it convenient to control the LED lighting, air jet, and hydro massaging.


  • Comes with more air jets than the average walk-in bathtub.
  • It is very efficient and convenient in offering a therapeutic experience.
  • The bathtub has a lot of high-tech features and convenient controls.


  • It is large and bulky, therefore, it takes up a lot of space in the bathroom.

4. Acrylic Right Hand Whirlpool Bathtub

Acrylic Right Hand Whirlpool Bathtub

Special Features: Cubic functional design, 2-direction drain systems.

Material: Acrylic.

Weight: 155 pounds.

Dimensions: 46 X 24 X 70 inches.

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Next on our list of the best walk in whirlpool bathtubs that one can find in the market is this Acrylic right-hand bathtub. This bathtub has Rubix which provides the user with unparalleled comfort, luxury as well as ease of installation. It is rectangular in shape and the bathtub offers an alcove installation. This whirlpool bathtub can be installed above the floor whether rough or not.

It has a right or left-hand drain so provides easy drainage of water. This bathtub is cubic in design to allow an individual when having a shower or when relaxing feel comfortable.

It is very convenient to use and with the tons of features and clever design it comes with, you are sure to love every bit of this walk-in bathtub.


  • Available in different colors, shapes, and sizes, which is good for people who can be picky.
  • It is comfortable for the users and has a versatile design.


  • There could be limited flexibility when it comes to placement.

3. Deluxe Massage Whirlpool Walk In Tub

Deluxe Massage Whirlpool Walk In Tub

Special Features: 2 gravity-driven drains, Low step threshold, Grab bars.

Material: Acrylic.

Dimensions: 37 X 29.5 X 55 inches.

Weight: 210 pounds.

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This deluxe massage whirlpool bathtub is an incredible pick worth considering. It is made from a brushed stainless steel door which is complemented by tampered glass and two independently operated gravity drain systems. It features a long design to give you extra legroom and is perfect for taller people. The sturdy steel construction ensures that this Deluxe bathtub lasts long without sacrificing functionality.

Lowering the threshold step is very easy, thanks to the adjustable leveler legs that also support its stainless steel frame. It amazing enough is that its door is easily removable to make cleaning a breeze.

The combination of a low step in the threshold, slip-resistant floor, and grab bars ensure that the user is always safe and the convenience of getting in and out of the tub is easy. There is a wall extension filler kit in place which allows the tub to flexibly fit into most standard bathroom spaces.


  • The bathtub is made with sturdy materials that make it durable.
  • Its well-thought design factors in safety and comfort, even for taller people.
  • It is easy to clean, thanks to the removable parts and the design of the bathtub.


  • This bathtub needs maintenance which can be expensive considering its cost.

2. American Standard Gelcoat Whirlpool and Air spa Walk-in Bathtub

American Standard Gelcoat Whirlpool and Air spa Walk-in Bathtub

Special Features: 13 water jets & 26 Air Spa jets, Contoured watertight door, Ozone self-cleaning system.

Material: Fiberglass.

Weight: 238 pounds.

Dimensions: 59.5 X 29.75 X 37.5 inches.

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The American Standard Gelcoat Whirlpool bathtub offers all the modern safety and comfort features to guarantee users the ultimate therapeutic experience. There is a full-sized, watertight door that has been intentionally contoured with a low threshold for ease of getting in and out of the bathtub.

Durability and sturdiness have been given consideration in the design of this bathtub. If you always love Hi-tech bathtubs, then push button convenience with this one is sure to impress you. When it comes to the safety of the bather, there is a nice built-in grab bar as well as a nonslip textured floor for increased friction.

Equipped with 13 water jets, a state-of-the-art in-line heater, and a legs-only massage system, you can say that this is the ultimate walk in bathtub for anyone that loves a touch of elegance.  And that is not all. There is an Air Spa system consisting of 26 jets that gush bubbles to give users a therapeutic soothing massage using a purge cycle circulation mechanism. Cleaning the bathtub is also a stress-free experience, thanks to its unique Ozone self-cleaning sanitation system.


  • Good water movement and control system ensures the ultimate bathing experience.
  • Cleaning the bathtub and maintaining hygiene is easy.
  • It is easy to get in and out of this bathtub.


  • To avoid confusion and installation difficulty, there is a need for a more informative manual.

1. Empava Acrylic Freestanding Walk-in Bathtub

Empava Acrylic Freestanding Walk-in Bathtub - Closeup

Special Features: Surrounding handrail, Low step-in threshold, Ergonomic controls.

Material: Fiberglass.

Dimensions: 52.5 X 26.5 X 40 inches.

Weight: 160 pounds.

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Ranking top in our list of the best walk in whirlpool bathtubs is the Empava walk-in freestanding bathtub. It is professionally engineered with pretty much every advanced feature that one may want to see in a luxurious Spa-class bathtub. Among some of the design features that set this bathtub apart from many in the market are the ultra-low step-in threshold, an integrated seat, and ergonomic control knobs among others.

The acrylic freestanding walk-in tub comes with surrounding handrail which makes it convenient to get in and out without taking chances on the user’s safety. Convenience has also been well-thought as there is a pre-installed faucets on different sides of the bathtub. Its larger-than-usual door ensures that one can get in and out with a lot of ease.

The Empava Pure-Scape luxurious walk in tub is well-designed with luxury, functionality, and comfort in mind. No other walk in bathtub comes close to it when it comes to value for the money. If you had to pick one walk in bathtub which comes with all-round quality features, then it should be this one.


  • The walk in bathtub comes packed with advanced features that elevate user experience and convenience.
  • For its price tag, you are guaranteed good value for the money.
  • Getting in and out of the bathtub is very easy.


  • It is a large bathtub, and as much as that is an advantage, children and people with disabilities need supervision to use it.

Choosing The Best Walk In Whirlpool Bathtub

Choosing the best walk-in whirlpool bathtub requires a lot of research. Considering that you are going to be burning a lot of money, it should be worth every penny. Here are some of the things that you should consider when looking to buy the best walk-in whirlpool bathtub for your home.


The perfect walk in whirlpool bathtub should be able to last a long time. That is the only way that you will find real value in something that has a high price tag. Before you decide to buy you must be able to determine its durability. This comes down to the materials and design of the bathtub.


Bathtubs can be quite costly, so before you decide on which to buy you must do your research on the cost of the one you are getting. However, you also ought to understand that pricier ones don’t always mean that they are better. And with respect to that, make sure that it gets you good value for the money.

Available Bathroom Space

There are different walk-in bathtubs and they all vary in size. Depending on your bathroom space you need to consider a bathtub that will fit your space without it getting tampered with. Take all the necessary measurements to make sure that you get a bathtub that will fit nicely and avoid unnecessary shortcomings.

Bathtub Users

Before you buy a bathtub you must consider those who are going to use it. You should also consider their needs starting from the children to the elderly. There are those that have better safety features for children and the elderly as well as those that are best suited for fun lovers. With this in mind, you should be able to make a more informed decision.


Nobody wants to buy a bathtub that compromises comfort. This is especially when you are paying a premium for it. Comfortability is the most important when you are choosing your bathtub whether you can sit comfortably, and get in and out with ease.

Final Word

Shared above are some of the best walk in whirlpool bathtubs wortch considering. Whirlpool bathtubs are arguably among the best options when you want to relax or wind down in the comfort of your home. They are affordable and exist in many varieties to help the buyer choose one of their preferences. These walk-in whirlpool bathtubs are designed to help you take a shower while you rest, and bring convenience to people with disabilities and the elderly without minimum supervision.

Owning one of the walk-in bathtubs can be the best decision you can make when you want to get that Spa-like experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is A Whirlpool Bathtub Worth It?

A: Walk in bathtubs are great because they help relieve stress as you take a bath. It is a way of getting a luxurious treat as you get some therapeutic Spa-like experience. Hydrotherapy is a well-known way of soothing muscles and joints.

Q: Are Whirlpool Tubs Outdated?

A: No. There may be different types of bathtubs hitting the market, but Whirlpool bathtubs are still very much in demand. Some of these whirlpool bathtubs utilize advanced technology with some smart features making them better than ever.

Q: Can You Take a Shower In The Whirlool Bathtub?

A: Yes. Most of the modern walk in whirlpool bathtub including most that we’ve listed above comes with a hand shower. Depending on your preference you can install a showerhead above the tub.

Q: How Long Does A Walk-In Tub Take To Drain?

A: Walk in bathtub systems works differently. This means that every feature including their drain system works differently. With some modern walk in bathtubs, draining has become very seamless and only takes a few seconds. Some are dependent on the plugged bathroom plumbing and can only drain as fast as the plumbing allows.

Q: Are There Any Alternatives To Walk-In Bathtubs?

A: If you find the current cost of walk-in bathtubs beyond your reach, then the other option is to get a regular bathtub, which may have lesser features.

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