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How To Create A Gorgeous Feng Shui Living Room?

How To Create A Gorgeous Feng Shui Living Room

Feng Shui is all about the space, energy and chi. By purposefully placing objects, decorations, and furniture, you would create a great space for your house. However, it’s not always a simple task, especially in the living room. The biggest challenge of applying Feng Shui in living rooms is to make sure that it can create a space which isn’t only useful and practical, but also beautiful and energetic. Combining all of those elements into a single area often takes quite a lot of persistence and planning. To make it simpler for you, we’ll show some helpful tips to create a gorgeous Feng Shui in your living room.

1. Fill the Space with Light and Air

Feng shui living room photo smallerPoor lighting and stale air are the biggest enemies of solid Feng Shui so it is advisable to provide your living room as much good air and natural light as possible. These components are the essential foundation of Feng Shui energy. You can improve both in many ways. For instance, if your room only has small windows, consider opening them frequently to allow the air flowing and decorating them with mirrors to collect more natural light. Also, make sure to layer your interior lighting, meaning that you should have different lighting levels. Beside a ceiling fixture, install several units on the table or a floor lamp. This will prevent a depressing and sad quality of the energy in your living room.

2. Include Materials and Shapes

There are a couple of decorating shapes that might enhance the desired energy of Feng Shui in the living room. Each shape is typically the representation of a particular element in Feng Shui, so make sure to learn about their meanings and select the best one for specific areas. For instance, if your space faces north, then the wavy shapes that resemble the water flows can be a great option to create an energetic feel. The same is true for decorating materials. The best materials for enhancing Feng Shui include mirror, glass, or metal. It is advisable to avoid using earthenware or wood furniture in excess. As plants are also a wood element, make sure to choose wisely to avoid contrasting water elements.

3. Keep the Balance Between Function and Design

The key to a good Feng Shui in the living room is ensuring that it is both functional and beautiful. Generally, if you often spend a lot of time in an area, you might want it to have a good look so it could bring about positive energy and emotions. However, sacrificing practicality only for aesthetic aspects will result in a few issues. In other words, balance is essential. You should keep it to look gorgeous but also be a great space where family members can relax without disrupting the room’s beauty.

4. Have a Vibrant and Bright Front Door

Fengshui Living room apartmentAchieving Feng Shui in living rooms typically begins with the front door. While it is relatively new in Western countries to paint this part in a bright or bold hue, this concept has been a tradition in the East for centuries. This allows for a great start to your Feng Shui plan before your guests step foot into your house. The color options depend on the facing direction of the front door. Red is an ideal choice for a home facing south, while dark purple or black is a better option for north-facing doors. Consider painting earth tones for west-facing doors and greens or blues for east-facing ones.

5. Ensure Correct Furniture PlacementsLiving Room Fengshui for Living room

Where you put your furniture and decorating items is basically as important as their color options. The best most effective way to arrange the space in your living room is to make sure that every piece has enough room for breathing. Why? Because it will keep the room from feeling too cramped. You always want other members of the family feel at ease, calm, and relaxed when sitting in this room. For example, consider placing the sofa a few inches away from the solid wall. Also, it’s a good idea to position the main couch so that you can still see the main entrance.

6. Organization is Always Key

Feng Shui HomeJust like any other rooms in your house, it is essential to organize everything orderly so that you can find things and navigate easily. Disordered space can result in a lot of negative emotions like frustration, anger, or depression and ruin the whole energy of your living space. By keeping everything organized, you would feel calm and stimulate the positive flow of energy. Also, placing things like books or remotes in the same places every day might help you save time on searching.


7. Add Some Creativity

Though there are certainly many strict rules to achieve a good and solid Feng Shui in the living room, do not be afraid to create a little bit of personality and creativity in your space. Keep in mind that it is your family and you who will beFeng Shui in living room spending your time here. So if something which is common for great Feng Shui results in negative emotions for your family, make sure to change it immediately. Your living room should have décor, furniture, or artwork that you relish because the true principle in Feng Shui is all about living good and feeling good. Placement and form are relatively important concerning the energy in the living room, so it’s better to include a few personal touches if these are under control.

8. Position the television properly

Every house has a television somewhere in the living room. It is the area where all family members get together and enjoy a favorite movie. However, a tv can be actually a bad element for Feng Shui in the living room. That’s why it is recommended to create a separate area to watch television. But if that is impossible, there is another option to consider. It is all about hiding the unit as much as possible. You can have it behind a sliding door or a portable wall divider when it is not in use.

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