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How, What and Why to Do an Asbestos Testing?

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An asbestos test, as the name suggests, is a testing for the presence of asbestos in an enclosed area. This test is usually taken up for places such as buildings and construction sites.

How is it done?

The procedure of the test involves taking a sample of the material that is suspected to be having traces of asbestos in it. This sample is then observed under a microscope to check for the presence of asbestos fibers in the material. Though the procedure seems fairly simple and cheap to perform, but the most expensive part of the procedure is the process of collection of samples from the suspected material. Thus, the ones to do the process of collection by themselves and send the sample kit for testing to the lab can save a lot of money.

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What Is Necessary to Perform A Good Test?

There are many things to look after to have a good and accurate asbestos test. Asbestos testing is very important. Some of the things are like, taking the samples from a place that are the common places and have a higher probability of the presence of asbestos in them. Some of such common places can be for example, the textured ceiling, where the texture “popcorns” were used to give the ceiling the texture. These ‘popcorns” can have a high chance of having asbestos in them. Asbestos is used in many floor tiles and even the insulations and should be checked for before being used. These are some of the important places where the samples must be taken effectively. While collecting the samples for asbestos test, the one collecting must take the precaution of using a mask, so as to prevent the fibers from being inhaled into the lungs. Inhaling asbestos can be a potential cause of lung cancer.

How Much Time Does the Lab Test Take?

Once the sample is sent to the lab, the result of the asbestos test does not take much time. The labs contact the one who sent the sample for testing, and either e-mail the result, vocally tell it over a phone call, or just an SMS might also do, once the test is done. Many lab s also sends the results over by just normal mail but might make the service quick if there is not much time for the consumer of the service. This test is one of the most important ones to be considered.

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Asbestos testing

Why to Take The Test?

There are various reasons for someone to get an asbestos test done. It is generally done when a property is being transferred from the custody of one person to the other. It is very important for a person to know the presence of amount of asbestos in the building before buying a property so that they do not get a property that is not fit for usage. The buyer generally gets it done before buying the property or as a part of the agreement between the seller and the buyer. Buying a property with asbestos traces might put a huge procedure and expenditure of removal and eradication of asbestos from the building. This factor can be used by the buyer for price negotiations for the seller. Along with that, health and environmental issues will be a constant work with the building.

Having asbestos in the building raises many environmental and health concerns. A proper asbestos test needs a proper sample collection from all the possible suspected areas that generally contain asbestos in a building. The sample collected might take not a long time to get the results. It is a very crucial test to get done, to prevent one from the costs of eradication while buying a property.

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