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The Phone You Cannot Ignore OnePlus 6

One Plus 6 Reviews

Phones are a hot commodity in the gadget market and the phone companies keep doling out new models. Each of these tries to outsmart the other adding some new features that the old models don’t possess.

The latest in line is OnePlus 6 from a Chinese manufacturer. The electronic review pages are abuzz with the latest on this model. You have a number of such review pages on the net and going through them you can sum up the features of this latest model of OnePlus.

OnePlus 6

The features

Display – Super Amoled display of 6.28”

Screen resolution – 3200 X 1800 pixels

OS – Android version 8.1 Oreo

Processor – Octa Core

Ram – 6 GB and 8 GB RAM

Battery – 3500 mAh

Camera – 20 MP + 16 MP Dual Rear Camera use the Exmore- RS CMOS Sensor and 16 MP Secondary Camera With Autofocus and Led Flash Light

Storage – 128 GB for 6 GB RAM and 256 for 8 GB RAM

Expected Launch Date – 17 May 2018

These are some of the main features that this phone is shown to possess.

To be launched

This is not yet put on sale and is going to be launched somewhere in May –June 2018. Those who really wish to go in for a new phone should refer to the best product review website for the latest updates.

It is actually a good practice to compare all the models of the gadgets before buying one. You would want the best value for the money you pay. Of course, not all the models will have all the features that the phone or any gadget can have.

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Reviewing is vital

Refer to the product review sites for the comments of the users and their experiences you will get a better picture of what to buy. You will find that the latest model from this Chinese phone maker the OnePlus 6 has most of the features that satisfy most of the buyers.

So will this be a good buy in the given tentative price range? Yes, according to most of the reviews it is one of the best buys anyone can have.

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