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Top 10 Best iPhone 7 Plus / 8 Plus Cases 2021

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Smartphone populates more and more in people ‘s lives in the world recently. Using the phone alone could increase the risk of getting damaged especially the new one. Thus finding the right case will provide your phone with the style and protection as well. Below, we are going to review the top 10 best iPhone 7 Plus / 8 plus cases we’ve seen so far.

TORRAS Liquid Silicone Gel Rubber iPhone Slim Fit Soft Case

iPhone 7 Plus cases silicon

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This liquid silicone iPhone 7 / 8 Plus case will provide you an elegant look and stylish. The material is the same with Apple cases, it will give durable, two-layer construction for reinforced toughness and smooth touch ever. The inner microfiber cushion frees any abrasion that may occur by hugging every corner. You’re always on the go, and with this TORRAS Series, your phone is always right by your side and protected. It also will make your phone always dry and clean as it is very easy to wipe off dust and dirt on the case. Besides, this built-in metal plate enables you to put your phone on magnetic suction holder when driving. Choose from many different colors, pick your favorite one and you are going to love it. 

Spigen Liquid Air Armor iPhone 8 Plus Case/ iPhone 7 Plus Case

Spigen Liquid Air Armor iPhone 7 Plus Case

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The Spigen case is slim and form-fitted, designed to show the perfect shape of your device. Made from premium matte TPU material, this case will give a sleek look, excellent grip, superior protection as well as easy to install and gives you the feel of original click on the volume and lock button.

totallee The Scarf Ultra Thin iPhone 7 Plus Cases

totallee The Scarf Ultra Thin iPhone 7 Plus Cases

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If you are looking for elegant protection and cool look without adding bulk to your pocket or purse, then go for this totallee ultimate thin case. This iPhone case is slim, lightweight and one of the thinnest iPhone 7 Plus cases with just 0.02 inches. The case designs to wrap all around your phone and features a raised camera ring for extra protection when you put it down. It also has a shiny jet black finish that looks just like the original jet black iPhone. Moreover, the case is manufactured using flexible yet sturdy polypropylene that is more durable. Available in many different colors, you can choose your favorite one. 

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SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Style Premium Hybrid Protective Clear Case

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Style Premium Hybrid Protective Clear Case for Apple iPhone

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This is the best seller iPhone 7 Plus case in the market. It is slim, form-fitting, minimalist bumper case design with transparent back, defined edges and smooth finish. Available in many colors, this iPhone case is made of shock absorbing high grade TPU and PC materials. All Phone features, buttons, and sensitivity are accessible and easily operated with the case installed. It also has elevated bezel provides extra protection for your screen from shattering.

Key Features:

  • Anti-Scratch Resistant
  • Slim look
  • Raised Bezel
  • Shock Absorbing

MoKo Case – Ultra Protective Heavy Duty Case with Holster Belt Clip

MoKo Case - Shock Absorbing Hard Cover Ultra Protective Heavy Duty Case with Holster Belt ClipBuy from amazon - trustore

After spending so much for the precious and gorgeous iPhone 7 Plus, it’s pretty much mandatory to also get a case to safeguard and personalize your device.  If you want to provide your phone with extreme protection and utmost convenience, then go for this tough armor belt clip case. With constructed of triple-layer, this belt clip case scores maximum points both in terms of offering top-notch protection and desired comfort. You also have more options to choose your favorite color from this case. Key features include:

  • Soft silicone interior helps to absorb shock.
  • Back hard plastic can resist the drop impact.
  • Belt clip cover cushioned with microfiber lining helps to resist scratch and make it convenient for transportation.
  • 180° rotatable holster belt clip for carrying convenience while built-in kickstand for hands-free viewing.
  • Full access to all of the phone’s buttons, ports, speakers, camera, and other features and controls.

Snakehive Vintage Wallet Case Leather with Credit Card

Snakehive Vintage Wallet Case Leather with Credit Card

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Snakehive’s leather iPhone 7 Plus cases are designed and handcraft from the finest soft matt European Nubuck leather, which is pleasant to the touch, stronger protection, and longevity. The wallet has 3 credit card slots on the inside as well as a larger note compartment which makes the case a very functional and practical accompaniment to your phone. I love the navy color scheme here, but it’s available in other colors too. Inside the case, there is a rubberised holder to secure your phone safely and fit perfectly.

Natural Wooden iPhone 7 Plus Cases

Rose Wooden iPhone 7 Plus cases

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If you love natural wooden style with beautiful texture, then go for this case would be an ideal selection. This case is 100% synthetic natural wood combined from wood layer and TPU rubber, which provide you no chemical smells, flexible, and easy to put on and take off. The case has a smooth finish but it’s not slippery and provides a good grip. What the users like more about the case is the hidden magnetic pad inside the case that makes it easy to connect and remove the phone from the stand. You can also have options to choose for your favorite wooden style and color whether go for rose wood, carbon fiber, or sandal wood.

Carved Grand Teton Inlay Traveler iPhone 8 Wood Case

Carved iPhone 7 Plus cases

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With this case, you’ll find the plain finishes in different types of woods with lots of eyes catching designs. Your phone will never feel the same when it’s lovingly cradled in a Carved case. The protective rubbers bumper around the end of phone and have precision cut-outs for the camera and ports for protection. There are may beautiful art designs to choose from this case. Pick your favorite one.

Caseology Savoy for Apple iPhone 8 Case / 7 Case

Caseology Envoy SeriesBuy from amazon - trustore

These iPhone cases give the wonderful look with low price tag. The case made from TPU leather and durable polycarbonate bumper arounf the outside edge of your phone to reinforce safe and protective. There are different colors and styles to opt to from black, beige, cherry oak, green, or navy blue and each is paired with a gold bumper. The cases provide enlarged ports with raised edge and responsive button cover to safeguard your screen surface. Though this case offers some falls protection but they are not so rigid. If falls protection is your top priority, find other cases.

Case-Mate KARAT Mother of Pearl

Case-Mate KARATBuy from amazon - trustore

This case is designed to fit the ladies style and made from the mother of pearl & sterling silver elements. It is not only beautiful but also sturdy. The case has a rubber bumper which goes around the edge of the phone to protect your phone against impact and falls especially it is certified Military Strength Impact Protection on drop test as well. However, It makes your phone heavy. If you are a person who doesn’t change your phone often go for it. It gives you the protection it needs.

Final Thoughts

Using smart phone alone is really risky and could scratch easily. To be safe, your phone should be covered with the case. Select one of the above top 10 best iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus cases that fit to your preference whether you prioritize on the style, looks, or the protection rate. They are all here.

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