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Top 10 Best Lip Gloss and Lipsticks | Girls’ Best Friend 2018

Top 10 Best Lip Gloss and Lipsticks | Girls' Best Friend

There is no denying the fact that when it comes to the overall beauty of a woman, the face certainly has a big role to play. Face is too general description and we need to go a bit deep into it. Lips without any doubt is an important part of the face which helps enhance the overall looks of the face. It is, therefore, not very surprising that lip gloss and lipstick is a multi-billion dollar business opportunity. There are thousands of brands available in the market. Choosing the right brand and model is not an easy to say the least. Best lip gloss lipsticks have their own unique features and benefits.

Hence we will have a look at the top 10 best lip gloss lipsticks based on various parameters. We are sure it will help you to choose the right one based on features and customer experience.

10. L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics Colour Riche La Palette Lip

Coming from the house of L’Oreal there is no denying the fact that this low cost lip stick is a class in its own. It can perfectly contour your lips and thereby create an ombre impact. It can also help you to customize the lips color because there are multicolor options available. It also helps a lot in multi finish lip palette. It is well and truly a multi finish and multi color lip palette. It is made from skin and lip friendly ingredients and is known for its safety. It comes in three colors nude, plum and pink.

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9. L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics Pro-Last Color Lipstick, Rose Tattoo

L'Oréal Paris Infallible Pro Last 2 Step Lipstick lipglo

It is well and truly high intensity and transfer resistant lipstick. It comes with a unique long wearing formula. This helps a lot in ensuring that this best lip gloss stays in place for almost 24 hours. It also comes with a dual sided tube. This helps a lot in locking in color and also helping in retaining moisture for a longer period. It helps in re-moisturizing the lips and gives new life and vibrancy to the lips.

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8. L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics Infallible Pro-Last Color Lipstick, Lasting Ginger

L'Oreal Paris Cosmetics Infallible Pro-Last Color Lip Gloss, Lasting Ginger

This certainly is a new look long wear lip gloss which delivers on its promise fully. It helps to take your lips to the next higher level. It has some innovative and revolutionary formula which helps in giving that luscious and bold color which lasts almost for 24 hours. It is according to many customers the ultimate as far as beauty indulgence is concerned. It is known for offering hi-definition color and helps the lips to stay moisturized.

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7. Tarte Double Duty Beauty 101 Discovery 4 Piece Set

Tarte Double Duty Beauty 101 Discovery 4 Peice Set

This is a full size lip sculptor which comes with both lip gloss and lipstick. It has many features including a superbly colored clay bronzer. It also has lipsticks in pink bronze as well as Park Avenue Princess variant. It also comes with a shadow agent in copper color and a fabulous eye architect liner. It is waterproof and though there are not many customers reviews, a few of them have spoken strongly about the superb finish which it offers. Further it lasts long and does not lead to leakage and other such messy problems. On the whole there are reasons to believe that it offers quite a good value for money.

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6. Tarte Double Duty Beauty Lip Gloss

Tarte Double Duty Beauty The Lip Sculptor Double Ended Lipstick & Best Lip Gloss

Coming from the house of Tarte, there are reasons to believe that this best lip gloss offers a pout which is perfectly contoured. This is a highly class long lasting lip gloss. It offers full coverage and also offers a perfect satin matte finish. It is made from high quality nutrient packed coconut oil and plays a big role in giving a new push to lip volume. Customers who have used it are simply overwhelmed because it helps to smooth the fine lines and also offers hydration which is decadent. It is also known for offering a non-sticky and lightweight texture. On the whole, it is certainly a must-have collection for those sophisticated women.

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5. TARTE Kissing Squad Limited-Edition Lip Sculptor Quad

Tarte Kissing Squad Limited-Edition Lip Sculptor Quad

Those who are looking for the perfect gift set for the beloved ones would certainly find this one from Tarte quite impressive. It comes in an awesome looking gift box. More importantly, it can go a long way in giving a new shape and ensure that your lips look full and provocative. It is vegan friendly and it comes with a buttery and creamy product. This ensures that the entire lips are uniformly covered. It is moisture rich and the best of lip friendly formulas have been infused into it. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Hence, going by customer feedback, there are reasons to believe that this coconut rich sculptor lipstick is a fantastic collection for every women.

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4. Tarte The Sculptor Lipsticks & Best Lip Gloss (Dark Berry)

The Sculptor Lipsticks

If you are one of those who wish to have a perfect combination of both lipstick and lip gloss, it makes perfect sense for you to try out this particular offering from Tarte. It is the perfect solution for all those who wish to complete a lipstick with a coat of lip gloss atop. They are made from the best of coconut oil essence and are known for retaining moisture. They give a perfect matte finish and they stay in place for a long period of time even if the weather is not exactly supportive or complementary. Customers, therefore, do not have any hesitation in offering it a good star rating.

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3. Tarte The Lip Sculptor Lipsticks & Lipgloss-Sass (Mauve)

TARTE - Double Duty Beauty - The Lip Sculptor Double Ended Lipstick & Gloss

Another stunner of a product from the house of Tarte. There are reasons to believe that this best lip gloss and lipstick combination will offer complete and full coverage with the best of lip contours. Both the lip gloss and the lipstick come in one single portable too making it easy to carry. It is perfectly suited for those who would like to look great on the move. It is very travel friendly and can easily fit into the handbag of ladies. It is known for its high definition shine and wonderful dose of color. It comes in different shades and the sweet smelling vanilla finish lingers on and on for a long time.

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2. Tarte The Lip Sculptor Lipsticks & Lipglossduo Renegade

Tarte the lip sculptor lipstick & lipglossduo Renegade

If you wish to be different and be counted as a Renegade then you certainly must have a closer look at the Tarte Lip Sculptor Lipstick. It is for those who are keen on getting the best of sculpting and shaping of their lips. It certainly helps a lot in adding youth to your look. This is because of its double ended lip sculpting essentials. It comes in two different formulas which are lip friendly. It certainly helps a lot in giving that complexion enhancing and coordinating looks which will certainly make many heads swoon and turn around.

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1. Tarte the Lip Sculptor Lipsticks & Lip gloss-harlequin (Red)

This stunning red colors sculptor lipstick and lip gloss has certainly a number of fantastic stories to tell. The shade is not exactly red but is more or harlequin. It is made from a combination of skin friendly ingredients including the best quality coconut oil extract. It certainly helps in not only making the lips full but also helps in removing fine lines and cracks. It is gluten free and also is very pleasantly perfumed.

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We hope the above ten reviews of lip gloss and lipsticks would help you to have a reasonably good perspective of what to look for when choosing the best lip gloss and lipstick. It will help you to make an informed decision based on facts and figures.

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