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Top 10 Best Women Shoes Type That Every Women Should Have in Wardrobe

Top 10 Best Women Shoes types that every women should have in wardrobe

Shoes are one of the most import inventions of human history. Though the actual date is unknown, it is speculated that we are using shoes for almost thousands of years. But today the primary challenge lies in the selection of shoes. Among the plethora of shoes, it is quite hard to make any decision. Thus, below is the list of women shoes type to let you find the best soothing wear for yourself.

10) Mary Jane women’s flat shoe

Mary Jane shoes

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When it comes to the best women shoes type, then Mary Jane is one of them. As the name depicts, this is a flat shoe which doesn’t have any heel. Apparently, it looks like wearer’s foot is a just inch above from the road. And this is almost right because the heel measures only 1.5″. These foot wears are ideal for doing yoga and physical activities. Vivid colors like black, leather brown, gray are available with this shoe.

9) Adidas women’s performance shoe

Adidas performance shoes

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If you are a sports person or prefers to do morning and evening walk, then this is the ideal shoe for you. Available in vivid colors and sizes, this shoe is made to mesh with taste and preference for every woman. Made out of synthetic material, it is designed to withstand against any natural externality. It’s sleek and attractive design will certainly provide you comfort along with the good look.

8) Women’s wedge sandal

Wedge sandals

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As the name suggest, this women shoes type is made in wedge style. The front is comparatively less high and as we move towards the heel portion the height increases. It is made for the shorter people to give an extra lift to match others. If you are wearing a palazzo or dress like that, then this is the ideal one to try out. If you visit stores like Amazon, then you will see a plethora of color and pattern of this shoe. Chose anyone to become the limelight of any event.

7) Women Shoes Type – Carleta Lyon Boot

Carleta Lyon boot

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Khaki suede, black or navy suede; whichever is your favorite color you can get them here easily. These are made out of pure leather that makes it one of the most comfortable Women shoe type. If you are wearing jeans and top, then this can mesh properly with your dress. Though you can wear it anywhere, the ideal place is cold landscape because the genuine leather is able enough to generate hotness around your legs.

6) Johnston and Murphy Pump Shoes

Johnston and Murphy pump shoe Women shoes type

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If you are an office going lady, then this one is the ideal one for you. With a sharp nose tip and a high pencil heel, this is potent enough to give you a stunning look. It is made out of real fat and thus one of the softest shoes that you can wear. The heel is approximately 3 inches high and if you don’t feel any problem wearing high heels, then goes for this. You can easily get colors according to your choice in stores like Amazon.

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5) Easy Spirit Avalyn Dress Pump

Easy Spirit Avalyn dress pump

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Made out of pure leather this is another form of high heel shoe that can mesh properly with jeans or some western outfits. Though the heel is only 2.25 inch high, it is a good option to try out if you want to wear real high heel shoes. Black, navy or whatever color you want you can have them easily with these shoes. Moreover, the size chart provided in the online stores like Amazon can help you in a great way to make your decision.

4) Lina Suede Flat Slip On

Lina suede flat slip on women shoes type

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Be it your date or an interview or daily evening walk; Lina suede flat slip-on is one of the best options for any women. It can mesh properly with any dress without making many tantrums. Moreover, it has a plethora of color options with it to make you look beautiful. In addition to this, a variety of sizes available with these shoes, make it easier for you to choose the best match. It time to walk! Just slip them on and go out for your walk; as simple as that. Synthetic material of this shoe is potent enough to withstand against any external blow quickly.

3) Women Wedge Sandal

Teva Women's Mush Mandalyn Ola 2 Flip Flop

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Clarks Women's Annadel Eirwyn Wedge Sandal

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Want to provide your feet some freedom with air and free movement ability! Then try this wedge sandal. These are mending to provide a lot of airy feeling added with comfort and plenty of pleasure. Built like a wedge, this shoe is one of the most beautiful women shoe types that can hold your feet without even giving any pain or strain to your fingers. So, be it your health walk or some hangout! You can wear them and make yourself the prima donna of any event.

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2) Ivanka Trump Ballet Flat Shoe

Ivanka Trump ballet flat shoe

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As the name depicts, it is a flat shoe which doesn’t have any high heel. Made out of pure leather this comes in vivid colors like black, silver or much more. If you want to wear a gown or a knee high skirt, then this one is the ideal one for you.

1) Betsey Johnson sandal

Betsey Johnson Women's Sb-Kelly Dress Sandal

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This is one much-needed addition to the list because of beautiful design and sturdy built quality, it comes in black or navy color, and a plethora of size options are available.

Recommendation To Choose The Best Women Shoes

While choosing the ideal match for yourself among different women shoes type you need to follow some recommendation for a good buy. These are mentioned below.

  • Try to buy from an authentic store like Amazon
  • Search variety of shoe type, then decide which one suits your taste and preference and then place your order
  • Go for cash on delivery option rather than paying the price of your shoe in advance
  • Check the previous buyers’ comments for selecting your best shooting shoe

If you can keep these recommendations in mind while making your selection, then you can have great deals on the online stores.

Final Verdict

Shoes are an integral part of our clothing. Without shoes, we can neither get out of home nor can think of making a step outside. A properly meshed shoe can not only help you to achieve great comfort but also can provide you ailment for some foot-related disease. So, choose the shoes wisely and make your walking enjoyable.

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