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Top 5 Best Books of all Time to Read

Top 5 Best Books of all Time to Read

Are you an enthusiastic reader? Well, if you are, there is no doubt that you must have read so many books. There are books by specific authors which have hit the market for ages because of their good, engaging, humorous, thrilling, romantic and exciting content. These are the books that you must read if you haven’t, or go through them again if you have. These books have been ranked as the best books of all time because of the frequency at which they are purchased up to date. You might be wondering what books we are talking about, but stay put as the following is a detailed outline and review of the best books of all time.

5. Brighton Rock

Brighton Rock​ by Graham Greene

Are you a war and action enthusiast? Well, if you are, then Brighton Rock is the best novel for you. This is a book written by Graham Greene, a well-known writer across the globe. The book brings forth the reality of the raging war that goes on in the underworld of Brighton. The story builds up systematically and interestingly when a seventeen-year-old boy named Pinkie kills a man. The boy thinks that he can escape retribution, but against his wishes, he is hunted down by the courageous Ida Arnold.

This thriller story is captivating as it exposes the real world of loneliness and fear. A life lived by absolute risk and on the dangerous edge of things.

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4. War of the worlds

The War of the Worlds and the War in the Air (Wordsworth Classics)

The book war of the worlds was written by H G Wells. This is a book that once read will always be read for as many times as you come across it. It is a science fiction novel that talks about a Martian invasion of England. The non-human creatures land on earth with a bang in huge cylinders. Immediately the cylinders cool down, the un-earthly creatures escape and attack the humans. The humans seem to be weak and cannot defend themselves, and at some point, it seemed to be the end of the world. But there is something that the Martians were not aware of, and this thing led to their destruction.

This book is a real thriller, reading it makes you feel like you are part of the events taking place in the story.

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3. Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice Paperback

This novel fall at position 4 among the top best five books of all time. The book was written by the famous Jane Austen and edited by Dr Keith Carabine. Basically, pride and prejudice is an ironic novel of manners. The book mainly features an empty-headed and garrulous woman called Mrs Bennet. This woman’s mission is to get the best match for her five daughters. Well, ironically, her indolent husband mocks her as she goes through the hustle of finding the best guy for each of her daughter.

The story builds up in a more interesting manner, and the turn of events will keep you engaged for hours of reading!!

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2. Red Queen

Red Queen best books of all time

Red Queen is a book written by the famous Victoria Aveyard. The book brings to light different aspects of life, by its sweeping tale of power, betrayal and intrigue. In Red Queen, there are different people with different superhuman abilities. Basically, Mare Barrow lives in a world differentiated by blood. We have those with red blood and also the ones with kind of silvery blood. The ones with red blood serve those with silver blood. Barrow is a red-blooded individual who is a typical thief in a rural village. She is caught in the middle of a difficult situation and finds herself thrown in the court of the silver blooded. Well, what will be her fate!! Because of this, she is forced to act as a lost silver blooded prince.

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1. To kill a Mocking Bird – Best Books of all time

To Kill A Mockingbird

This wonderful novel by Harper Lee stands out among the rest as the best book of all time. To kill a Mocking Bird is one the best-loved stories of all time and at the same time the most purchased novel in the market. The book has been translated into more than forty languages, just to share the interesting ideas to many people across the globe.

In his book-To kill a Mocking Bird Harper Lee brings forth a holding, tragic, and completely exceptional story of transitioning in a South harmed by destructive bias, it sees a universe of awesome magnificence and savage disparities through the eyes of a young lady, as her dad—a crusading neighbourhood legal counsellor—dangers everything to guard a dark man unjustifiably blamed for an appalling crime. This is the best for leisure.

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The above books are some of the best books of all time. They bring into light different aspects and lessons in life. If you have not read the book, it is high time that you should make an effort of getting one of them today.

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