Camping is always an exciting outdoor activity. It is an opportunity to relax, bond with your family or simply have fun. Not all campsites are similar. Some have amenities and restaurants around while others lack such. When there is no place to get food when camping, you only have two options either to carry ready to eat food or carry a camp stove so you can cook.

The first option is more suitable when camping for a night or two, but when it is longer than that such as a week, you may run out of food. That is why carrying a camp stove and foodstuffs to cook is a good idea. Besides cooking, a camp stove would warm water for you so you can take a hot shower.

There are many camp stove brands in the market. However, here is a look into seven best camp stoves. With this review, you will be able to decide what product best suits your needs.

7. Coleman Triton Series Stove

Coleman Triton Series 2-Burner Stove Camp stoveBuy from amazon - trustore

Coleman comes with amazing aspects to marvel at. It has a unique design that makes it stand out from the rest of the seven best camp stoves.


The two-burner propane stove has excellent flow of fuel. This increases its efficiency at any time. The flow regulator ensures you cook at a pace you are comfortable with and using the amount of heat you want. The cooking space is large enough to take care of a 12-inch and a 10-inch pan.

There is a handle to help you with carrying the stove. The windshield keeps the flame in its appropriate position to ensure easier and faster cooking.

User reviews

Users are satisfied with Coleman. They say this is great stove with high output (22000 BTUs) and ease of use. The rating of the product is great. If you are interested, click here to check more detail about the product.

6. Ohuhu Stainles Steel Camp Stove

Ohuhu Portable Stainless Steel Wood Burning Camping StoveBuy from amazon - trustore

Camping is fun when you can cook using wood. This stove allows you to do that. However, you can still use solid alcohol if you like. Its stainless steel construction is elegant. It makes the stove look modern and stylish at the same time. Ohuhu is not only great for camping but also for other outdoor activities such as picnics and hunting.


Several things make Ohuhu worth your money. For instance, it is light making it easy to move around with. The carry case makes things even better. It provides safe storage for your stove and eases packing.

This brand is sturdy keeping you safe when cooking. You do not want a stove that is shaky when cooking as it can cause accidents. With a three arms base support, be sure that whatever container you place on the stove will not fall. The word here is stability.

Heating food, beverages or even water is fast. This is because the stove distributes heat evenly. If you are an environment protector, this is the camp stove for you. It is friendly to the surrounding since it does not emit chemicals and there is no fuel canister.

User reviews

Users are happy with this camp stove with many giving it a 5-star rating while others a 4.5. Some of the things they like about the stove are its heating capabilities, lightweight nature, stability, and ease of use. There are one or two users complaining about having to add sticks as you warm water, but this is something manageable. Simply use larger wood.

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5. Gas One GS-3400P Propane and Butane Stove

GAS ONE GS-3400P Dual Fuel Portable Propane & Butane CampingBuy from amazon - trustore

What more do you need than a camp stove that can use two types of fuel? Butane or propane is appropriate for this stove. It comes with a carry case to ensure it is safe especially during transportation, as you drive to and from camping.


Gas One is a high-quality product that guarantees you great performance and efficiency. It is safe to use as well.

About fuel, you will need to buy it separately from the stove. If you choose to use butane, you will need one 80oz cartridge. With propane, purchase a 16.4oz cylinder. You do not need a match to ignite the stove. Piezo-electric ignition has that covered. This saves you a lot of trouble in case you forgot to pack some matches.

The heat dial is adjustable so you can cook at your desired heat level. Within the stove, there is a pressure sensor cartridge ejection system, and a gas flow cut off mechanism. Such features ensure the stove is user-friendly and works as intended.

With flame supervision, there is no way propane will flow unless a flame is ignited.

User reviews

Many users like the gas one camp stove. Its design, functionality, portability, and efficiency are some of the things users like about this product. With a complaint about low fuel pressure, the strengths of this stove brand outweigh one or two complaints. Visit this link to check more at Amazon.

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4. Everest High Output Stove from Camp Chef

Camp Chef Everest High Output 2 Burner StoveBuy from amazon - trustore

This two-burner stove will ensure you quickly prepare meals and embark on enjoying your camping. It is ideal for family camping. Everest’s packaging is fantastic. You will not even believe it is holding such a big cooking equipment on the inside.


Everest High is small and lightweight. This eliminates any fatigue associated with carrying the stove. It is also strong to ensure you enjoy using it. The cooking area is large increasing user comfort when cooking.

It is easy cleaning this stove considering its stainless steel drip tray. Hygiene is key when it comes to preparing meals. Controlling the burners is an easy to do thing.

The matchless ignition feature comes in handy at all times. All you need is the stove, no matches. The carry handle is helpful and has excellent grip.

User Reviews

It is no surprise that users love this stove. They are happy with its performance, fast heating, and works well in high elevations. No wonder the name Everest. There is a concern though, about its construction. The manufacturer should make it stronger and sturdier. Click here if you are interested to compare price at Amazon

3. Gas One GS-3000 Gas Stove

GAS ONE GS-3000 Portable Gas Stove with Carrying Case, 9,000 BTU, CSA Approved, BlackBuy from amazon - trustore

When a brand appears a second time in a review of the best camp stove, there is a good reason for that. Gas One is an accepted product in the US and Canada. The stove is great for camping as it is portable and easy to use.


The Piezo electric starter eliminates the need to carry matches as you go camping. Even lighters are unnecessary. With a heat output of 9000BTU/Hr, be assured of great cooking sessions; fast and efficient.

The carry case helps you easily carry around the stove and keep it intact in your car. This is unlike when there is no bag. Your stove may get damaged by the tossing around or by other things. The cooktop is something to like about this item.

User reviews

There is no way a product can be among the seven best camp stoves and have users disliking it. Most users are happy with the product as it functions just as described. Concerns will never lack among users since products are not perfect. Human beings make them. You need to be careful as the stove as it uses gas.

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2. Camp Chef’s EX60W Explorer Camp Stove

Camp Chef Explorer 2 Burner RangeBuy from amazon - trustore

This is another two burner camp stove that has a lot to offer its users. Like the other stoves, it is designed for the outdoor environment, which can rough and tough. However, there is nothing to worry about when you have Explorer stove.


The rugged construction of the stove makes it strong enough to stand harsh environments. It is appropriate when you know you will cook much food when camping. It is therefore ideal for family and group camping.

It is heavy ensuring stability at all time. It does not matter the surface on which you place it. Its legs are detachable making it easy to pack and saving on space.

The burner is made of aluminum thus durable. You will need a propane cylinder. With 20lb fuel, you are right to go for 15hours.

User reviews

Users appreciate the job this stove does. They applaud its heating, efficiency and strong construction. Many have given it a five-star rating. Click to check more detail at Amazon

1. Etekcity Camping Stove

Etekcity Ultralight Portable Outdoor Backpacking Camp StovesBuy from amazon - trustore

Portability is always a must-have feature of any outdoor equipment. That is why Etekcity’s manufacturer had this factor in mind.


This brand is made of an alloy of aluminum and stainless steel. Both are long lasting and light materials that is why the stove is light as well. Portability is not an issue. The base is the one made of steel while the other parts aluminum.

Piezo ignition system is amazing as it ensures there is no need of matches. It is quick to ignite. You can always adjust the flame to fit your needs, from high to low settings.

A 18cm pot can fit on the stove. It is collapsible and compact. The carry case will always be an added advantage for any stove brand.

Etekcity does not leave behind any traces such as soot and debris as it burns clean. This is helpful especially if you camp in parks and forests.

User reviews

This brand has a huge number of reviews, meaning it is popular and many people have used it. It is one of the camp stoves that almost every user is happy about and gives a five-star rating. People like its powerful nature, affordability and great performance.

Follow this link if you are interested to this product.

Final words

With a list of seven best camp stoves, you have great brands to choose from. Each one of them has strengths and one weakness, two at most. Any is worth purchasing. Among the seven, two or even three may excite you. You are in a better position to buy the right stove.

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