A candle holder is a decorative piece that not only holds a candle but also provides some good looks to the house. Manufacturers produce these things in such a way that they can serve their basic purpose and also, they can help you to decorate your house. Be it glass or platinum! Everything is used to make some gorgeous candle holders. Now, when it comes to choosing the decorative candle holders, then the task is not easy. There are several manufacturers who produce some exotic quality of good candle holders. Thus, below is the list of top 7 decorative candle holders to give you a comprehensive idea on candle holders.

7. Pillar Decorative Candle Holders, Set of 5 pillars

7. Pillar Candle Holder, Set of 5 pillarBuy from amazon - trustore

If you want to have and candle light dinner at your home, then this pillar candle holder can serve your purpose. Attractive flare design along with flares it is so potent to add some warmth and charm to make your evening brilliant. Five candle pillars are placed on separate pedals made out of iron and painted in black color, which is quite astonishing in look. Measuring about 15.2 inches in height and 6.5 inches in length, this decorative piece is only 1.8 pound in weight.

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6. Crackled Mosaic Schonwerk Pillar Candle Holders, set of 2

Crackled Mosaic Schonwerk Pillar Candle Holder, set of 2Buy from amazon - trustore

Would you like to decorate your room with some antique piece of candle holder? If yes, then try this holder. Measuring only 12inch in height and 10 inches in width, this candle holder is only 2 pound in weight. The manufacturer has made it in such a way that it can last for a long time with its vivid color and be a part of center table easily.

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5. Diamond Lattice Pillar Candle Holders

Diamond Lattice Pillar decorative Candle HolderBuy from amazon - trustore

Explicit design, pattern and vivid color! Whatever you demand from your holder is, this can serve all of them. With these much of features, it can easily be the crown of any occasion. Measuring 10.5 inches in height and 3.5 inches in width this can pretty easily be installed anywhere.

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4. H Potter Decorative Candle Lantern

 H Potter Decorative Candle Lantern - trustorereviewBuy from amazon - trustore

The lantern is some explicit thing that we love to see but doesn’t want to use because of their tantrums. But this decorative candle holder has enabled everyone to make use a lantern without even worrying a bit. How! Producer of this lantern has made it in such a way that now you can enlighten your house with a candle in the absence of electricity. Measuring about 14.5 inches in height and 11.5 inches in width, this candle holder weighs only 7 pounds. Heavy! This is made out of the stainless steel, thus it may seem bit heavy, but this is durable.

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3. Mercury Glass Votive Candle Holder, set of 12

Mercury Glass Votive Candle Holder, set of 12Buy from amazon - trustore

If your motive is to decorate your house with some gorgeous looking decorative candle holder, then try this one. Vivid color options like speckled gold, red and silver are available with this product that can add charm to your house easily. This holder comes in a 12 set pack that you can place anywhere easily because it is only 2.75 inches in height and pretty much light in weight.

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2. H Potter Decorative Hurricane Lantern

H Potter Decorative Hurricane LanternBuy from amazon - trustore

This is another great piece of decorative candle holder that comes from the H Potter. Unlike the previously mentioned lantern candle holder, this thing is made out of glass. However, you can see that metal is used here and there to make it durable. This vintage style lantern is 19 inch in height and 8 inches in width. Though it looks bit tall, it can be a good decorative piece.

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1. Desert Angel Tea Light Candle Holder

Desert Angel Tea Light Decorative Candle HolderBuy from amazon - trustore

Among the entire decorative candle holder available in the market this one is one of the best in its kind. Manufactured in an angle like structure this candle holder is made out of polyresin. A glass cup is there as the main candle stand. Measuring only 5 inches in height and 3.75 inches in width this is pretty light weight.

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Few Recommendations

  • While buying a candle holder, first decide the place of its installation and go for any of the above mentioned decorative candle holders that meshes well with your persona.
  • Candle holders made out of iron is good but the best is polyresin and so does the desert angel for better safety and good look.

These are some of the best decorative candle holders that you can try out easily to make your house dazzle while during power cuts.

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