Everyone needs peace in their life. The hustle and bustle of our lives have made it a boredom which is full of tension, panic, and lots of tantrums. Nowadays, everyone has almost forgotten to take a deep fresh breath. When it comes to family gathering, then our works make our hand tied with a lot of responsibilities. It makes a huge impact in our mind and creates depression in mind. Thus, everyone wants a place where they can come at the end of the day and relax with their near and dear one. Home sweet home! This can become true when a properly decorated home can provide much-needed energy with spatial arrangements. Feng Shui is such an instrument that can help in a great way in this regards. It is a system that focuses on energy flow while placed in homes. Over the internet as well as in the offline stores, there are lots of Feng Shui Home Decor items available. But which one is best for you! Here is the list of top 7 such home decors that can provide a lot to your home. Let’s look into these.

7. 3 Inch SouvnNear Lucky Sea Turtle

3 Inch SouvnNear Lucky Sea Turtle - Feng Shui Home DecorBuy from amazon - trustore

Turtles are acknowledged as a mythological figure that possesses secret of long life. Thus, this 3-inch SouvnNear lucky sea turtle symbolizes good fortune and positivity. These are made with finest metal and stones from Rajasthan that gives it a royal look. Explicit craftsmanship and exceptional engraving work can be seen on this animal. Paints are done in such a way that they can provide an appealing look to this statue. Measuring only 7.6 cm in height and 4 cm in width, this turtle is pretty easy to carry and can be placed anywhere in your room.

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6. Amlong Crystal 3 inch Feng Shui blue crystal lotus

Amlong crystal 3 inch Feng Shui blue crystal lotusBuy from amazon - trustore

This is another explicit Feng Shui home decor that can add charm to a house pretty easily. This lotus flower is symbol of purity, peace, and enlightenment. Thus, it is believed that it can bring peace and joy of mind if it is placed in their house. Measuring 3 inch in diameter and 2 inch in height, this show piece is pretty cheap and anyone can avail it from online store. Vivid blue color gives it a wow factor that can attract eyes of anyone easily. In addition to this, it is believed as the good conductor of energy that can infuse positive energy in mind. Thus keeping it in home can help you a lot to maintain peace and joy.

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5. Feng Shui Mandarin ducks – Feng Shui Home Decor

Feng Shui Mandarin ducksBuy from amazon - trustore

These ducks are a sign of marriage and love. According to Chinese philosophy, it is believed that whoever places this love birds in their house he or she can get enlightenment regarding love. Originated in China, this showpiece is only 3.2 inch in height and 2.2 inches in width and the weight is only 5.3 ounce. Thus you can place this anywhere in your house. However, it would be good to keep it in such a place where dust can’t infiltrate it. Otherwise, it may lose its glow soon.

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4. 7 inch Feng Shui quartz Gem stone money stone

7 inch Feng Shui quartz Gem stone money stoneBuy from amazon - trustore

As the name suggests, this Feng Shui Home Decor is meant to provide good flow of cash when installed in the house. Ideal place of installation of this statue is living room. Measuring 7 inch in height and 6.3 inch in diameter this is perfect for a centre table placement. Producer of this plant has made it with stone, crystal, and resin for a robust built. And vivid colors are applied to make it look gorgeous.

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3. 2017 Chinese Zodiac Rooster with 5 Lucky Charm Coin

2017 Chinese zodiac rooster with 5 lucky charm coinBuy from amazon - trustore

Roosters are Chinese zodiac animals that enhance working power, talent and courage of a person. According to Chinese mythology, people who born in rooster year are generally observant in nature. In addition to this fact, it is believed that people who are born in rooster cycle are resourceful, hardworking, and extremely talented. So if you want to enhance these powers in you then install it as soon as possible. Measuring 1.3 inch length and 1.2 inch in width these brass made show piece are vividly engraved. Ideal place to install this show piece is the room where you stay most of the time of a day.

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2. Namaste Buddha Indoor Table Fountain

Namaste Buddha indoor table fountainBuy from amazon - trustore

This is another outstanding Feng Shui Home Decor that one can try out to make their house look outstanding. Measuring almost 11.5 inch high and 8.25 inch width, this idol is bit big in size. However, installing is pretty easy because it comes with installation manual. This idol is made out of faux stone and light weight fiberglass that gives it a stunning look. A four watt bulb comes with this statue that makes it glow even in the dark. Except this, there will be a Zen fountain to be placed on the table top that can add some wow factor with this show piece.

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1. Feng Shui lucky charm ancient I Ching coins, set of 10

Feng Shui lucky charm ancient I Ching coins, set of 10Buy from amazon - trustore

This is the most favored Feng Shui Home Decor because of its simple yet gorgeous look and multitude of function. In each set of Feng Shui lucky charm ancient I Ching coins, there are three coins knotted together that represents humanity, earth, and heaven in a single thread. It is believed that it can infuse positive energy, luck, and good will to the person who installs it. Actually, there is no ideal place to hang this show pieces. You can hang this in your office or home or at your shop. Place of installation doesn’t matter at all. This show piece will always serve you the best.

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These are the top seven Feng Shui Home Decor items. You can try to decorate your house with these showpieces if you want peace, love, and positive energy in your life. These mythological figures are not only gives good ambiance and look to your house but also can enhance overall aesthetic of the house. These Feng Shui Lucky items are cheap and you can find them easily in online stores.

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