TV sets are essential entertainment tools in any home. That is why many households own one. Now, for clear high definition images, you need a high TV antenna. This is where best HDTV antenna reviews come in. There are many reviews online but here is a look into the seven best HDTV antenna reviews.

7. Alldio HDTV Antenna 50

HDTV Antenna 50 Mile Range Indoor, Alldio Detachable Amplifier Signal BoosterBuy from amazon - trustore

If you are looking for an indoor, digital TV antenna this is one of the brands you should go for. It comes with several other features that make it a worthwhile investment, including it being of high performance.


With a 50-mile range, the antenna works well. The Alldio detachable amplifier provides an improved, high quality signal at all times. This means the reception of your TV will be amazing; no more pausing of images on the screen when watching your favorite program or show. The amplifier also ensures you have access to more channels

This product has a slim design. Actually, it is razor-thin making it look ultra-modern and sleek. The 10feet long cable makes maneuverability easier in any space you place the antenna. You will need a socket or TV USB to power the antennae. It is also multidirectional when it comes to signals. It senses signals from any direction ensuring smooth TV viewing.

About setup, it is an easy to install item. The manual and pictures will help with any doubts you have. The suction fastener makes work even easier. It is a matter of few minutes and you are done. Always ensure you place the antennae away from disturbances such as cooling machines and other big electrical devices, washing machine and lift. Let the antennae be in a horizontal position. You can change the location if you think it is not giving you the best signal.

There is a one-year warranty, and a 30-day money back guarantee. You do not have to worry in case of malfunctions or any other antenna-related problems that occur within the set time.

Users are happy with the brand. They like its signal strength, easy to set up nature, great design, many channels, and quality images. - Product reviews

6. Vansky Indoor Antenna

TV Antenna, Vansky Indoor Amplified Best HDTV Antenna 50 Mile Range with Detachable Amplifier Signal BoosterBuy from amazon - trustore

This is another indoor antenna designed to make sure your eyes are treated to high-quality images.


Vansky comes with a 50-mile range just like the previous HDTV antennae. Its coax cable is 16.5feet long, and it gives you an opportunity to watch a wide range of programs from news to entertainment. It also allows you to change positions of the antennae for a better signal. The product is also an upgrade version meaning it performs much better. The USB power supply feature makes it modern in the market. The thin look ensures it fits in small spaces and looks elegant wherever you place it.

A detachable amplifier is a signal booster and is something to like about this brand. The 1080 pixels resolution ensures clear images. You will enjoy watching your movies.

With a one-year warranty and a 45-day money back guarantee, what more do you need?

Unless you have used a product, you cannot know how good or bad it is. That is why user reviews exist. About Vansky, most users have had great experiences with it. Free channels, lightweight feature, and flexibility are among the many things users like about this antenna brand. Its rating is not all five stars, though it is a great item to buy. - Product reviews

5. High Gain Bowtie Indoor/Outdoor Antenna

High Gain Bowtie Indoor/Outdoor best HDTV Antenna - 60 Mile RangeBuy from amazon - trustore

This antenna comes with a greater mile coverage than the previous models. This is because it can sense signals from broadcast towers 60 miles away.


It being both an outdoor and indoor antennae makes it an irresistible option. It is also multidirectional, picking up as many signals as possible. About gain, it has a 15.8dB rating, which is high. The bow tire design is always better than the rod design, as it covers more bandwidth. The mesh reflector is efficient and has low wind resistance. This offers greater performance. The different parts can stand any weather conditions.

The antenna is durable and is suitable for people living far away for towers. However, remember that factors such as obstructions, buildings, and building material affect reception of signals.

Watch a variety of channels such as ABC, PBS, CBS and Fox with 1080 resolution picture quality.

Users have many good things to say about this brand. The one feature that stands out is the variety of channels with some users saying they have access to over 40 channels. Therefore, to be on the list of best of best HDTV antenna, a product has to prove its worth to users. However, you are required to buy the coax cable separately. - Product reviews

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4. ViewTV Outdoor antenna

ViewTV Outdoor Amplified Antenna - 150 Miles Range - 360° Rotation - Wireless RemoteBuy from amazon - trustore

This is an outdoor antenna that has several things to like. If you are looking for the best outdoor antennae, ViewTV should be on your list.


It has a 150 miles range and rotates in all directions. Its wireless remote makes it a more convenient, user-friendly device. The antenna offers free channels, enriching your content base. ViewTv has a built-in low noise, high gain amplifier ensuring better reception. It can tolerate any kind of weather. It is also fast and easy to set up the antennae. Use a pole not more than one inch to mount the antenna. The pole is not included when buying the antennae, but you can always buy one. For best performance, you should install it 30 feet above the ground.

Many users appreciate the fact that the antenna is weather resistant, performs quite well and it is affordable. However, there is a complaint about reception being poor in some cities and storms affecting its functionality, but this is one or two concerns in like a thousand positive user reviews. The brand is worth a try. - Product reviews

3. Best HDTV Antenna by Miescher

Best HDTV Antenna, MIESCHER Indoor Digital TV Antenna Buy from amazon - trustore

The primary thing that makes this antenna unique is its design. It stands out from the rest of the indoor antennae in the market. It is soft, lightweight, ultra slim, stickable and paintable


There are no additional charges when you buy this product. This makes it cost effective. You will have access to many free channels including CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox as long as you are within 50 miles from a broadcast tower.

The brand is affordable and stands harsh weather conditions, but extreme one such as storms may cause reception problems. Simply rescan for signals. The amplifier signal booster ensures you watch clear pictures to avoid discomfort and hurting your eyes.

Remember, only the free channels are available therefore there is no way you can access the paid ones.

User reviews

Its ease of installation, stickability on walls and satisfactory performance makes almost all users like this best HDTV antenna. - Product reviews

2. 1byone Best HDTV Antenna

1byone 50 Mile Range Amplified HDTV Antenna, with Detachable Amplifier Signal Booster for the Highest PerformanceBuy from amazon - trustore

When making a list of best HDTV antenna, 1byone deserves to be on it for some reasons.


It has a 50-mile range to ensure you can access as many channels as possible. You will have a wide range of TV content to choose from thanks to the many free channels.

The slim design of the antenna ensures it takes up less space wherever you place it. You can also stick it on a window as long as you get high reception for your TV. The 3M adhesive mounting stickers will help here. The detachable amplifier does a great job of ensuring you get a better signal for better TV watching.

With the 10 feet long cable, you can place the antenna wherever the cable can reach. This ensures you are not limited on where to install the antenna. A power outlet or TV USB cable is excellent for the antennae to work.

The fact that there are over 15,000 reviews on this product with a good rating means many are happy with it performance. Users like all the features about 1byone. - Product reviews

1. AmazonBasics Indoor TV Antenna

AmazonBasics Ultra Thin Indoor TV Antenna - 35 Mile RangeBuy from amazon - trustore

The white antenna looks fantastic with any décor. It works just fine to ensure you have great TV watching experiences.


AmazonBasics antenna offers a 35-mile range. It may be lower than previous brands but works well if you live nearer to broadcast towers. Why have a 50-mile or more antennae when you do not live that far. You will watch HD TV programs whenever you turn your set on and have a variety of channels to watch such as Fox, CBS, and MBC. With 1080pixels resolution be sure of clear images.

If you love décor-matching devices, this is the brand for you. Its black and white colored sides are reversible. White and black are universal colors and go well with just any décor. However, if you do not like it, you can paint the antennae because the manufacturer made that possible for you.

The coaxial cable ensures easy maneuverability around the room. The antenna is also multidirectional and reversible. The downside of this brand is that it is not compatible with a TV set that only has a micro-USB port. It works with a micro-HDMI port. This is something you should put in mind when shopping for an antenna. Remember your TV specifications.

Users like AmazonBasic’s antenna due to its great performance, affordability and design. Despite the port compatibility issue, this is a brand to consider at the store. - Product reviews

The importance of TV antennae is something that cannot be overemphasized. Whether you are looking for an outdoor, indoor or outdoor/indoor antenna, look at the features. Whatever meets your needs is what you should buy. With the review about best HDTV antenna, you are good to go.

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