Hiking is a great outdoor recreational activity. It calls for physical strength, determination, and an outgoing spirit. However, as long as you have the physical and mental capabilities to handle hiking, you need to watch what you are wearing including your footwear.

You need high-quality and best hiking shoes that will take you through the miles in the woods and mountain areas. There are best brands for both men and women. In connection to that, here is a review of the seven best hiking shoes of all times.

7. Rax Men’s Wild Wolf Hiking Boots

Rax Men's Wild Wolf Mid Venture Waterproof Lightweight Hiking shoes

In your search for great hiking shoes, you will come across Rax. It is worthwhile considering among the best hiking shoes.


This product has a unique Rax-Relieve magnetic sheet that helps with fatigue. Your feet will be safe and in great shape. The padded tongue and collar offer comfort and ensure debris does not get inside the boots as you walk around.

The rubber outsole comes with amazing traction. It is antiskid and multidirectional, all in the efforts of keeping you safe when hiking. The EVA midsole is good cushioning. It is also light, so your feet do not feel like they are lifting a load.

Any right hiking shoe is waterproof, and so is Rax. The suede leather upper combined with the breathable lycra material ensure no moisture gets inside the boots. The lace up vamp is always adjustable. Thus you are comfortable without so much struggle.

Customer reviews

Reviews help determine whether a product is worth your attention and money or not. From them, you can identify best hiking shoes. About Rax, customers are happy that it does precisely what its features describe it to do. This has caused the great product rating despite few complaints here and there. Rax is a good brand, that is why it is on the list of best hiking shoes.

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6. Keen Women’s Elsa WP Winter Boot

KEEN Women's Elsa WP Winter Boot

It may be a winter shoe, but it is suitable for any season. Its design makes Keen stand out from the rest of the brands.


Keen is made of waterproof leather and a textile upper part. The two prevent water from entering the boot, which can be very uncomfortable. The seam-sealed feature reinforced the waterproof nature of the hiking boot. It keeps your feet dry to ensure you hike as many miles as possible without feeling the urge to take off your boots.

The lightweight KEEN insulation prevents your feet from freezing especially when hiking during winter or early in the morning when it is really cold. With the collar and mesh lining, there is warmth and breathability to enjoy if you wear this product.

The heat reflecting strobe provides a thermal barrier preventing the boots from heating up when won. Using the lace system, adjust the tightness of the boot whenever necessary and then focus on enjoying your time on the trails.

User reviews

Quality, style, warmth, sturdiness, and comfort are what most users love about this brand of shoes. However, there will always be few consumers complaining about one or two things. Unless you try Keen, you can never know how great of a hiking boot it is.

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5. Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Hiking Shoes

Merrell Men's Moab 2 Waterproof Hiking Shoes

This is a waterproof hiking shoe of high quality and great performance.


This leather shoe has many liking its efficiency. For one, it has a mesh upper. This allows air into the shoe ensuring proper aeration, which contributes to more comfort when wearing a pair.

The Vibram TC5 outsole is great. Its traction on the ground is perfect preventing slips, which can injure your feet. Slippery and rocky grounds are well handled by the shoe. With the nylon arch shank, stay assured of comfort.

Merrell air cushion feature adds to the many reasons why consumers love this product. It absorbs any kind of sock preventing it from reaching your feet. For instance, in case you hit a rock, the cushioning will help prevent pain because it will not reach you.

The 5mm deep lug works well on surfaces ensuring you enjoy hiking without worrying about your shoes not being so good at protecting you. The EVA ensures stability at all times.

Consumer reviews

Considering the features of Merrell’s hiking shoe, many consumers have many positive things to say about it. Its features work in reality. The comfort, stability and fit the brand offers is what puts it among the best hiking shoes, even among consumers.

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4. Timberland Women’s White Ledge Hiking Boot

Timberland Women's White Ledge Hiking Boot

Timberland makes sure there are separate hiking boots for men and women. Issues such as sizing vary between the two genders no wonder two types of boots.


This sturdy brand stands harsh hiking trails. It is made of strong, waterproof leather that increases durability. The padded collar and gusseted tongue ensure your feet’s comfort. The laced area is adjustable so you can loosen or tighten the laces if need be.

The dual density footbed is removable for hygiene purposes. Being seam sealed be sure that Timberland boots for women will last longer. The rubber lug outsole offers the needed traction to handle rough surfaces as you hike.

The product is ankle high. This protects your feet and offers extra support. Moisture transfer lining helps maintain healthy feet at all times. The logo on the side of the boot helps you know whether you are buying a genuine product or not.

Consumer reviews

Consumers are happy with timberland. They mention specific factors that warrant the brand an excellent rating, which include high quality, great fit, comfort, and lack of foot injuries. If you find a customer complaining it is simply because the shoe is not suitable for her, but it has nothing to do with the boots’ features.

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3. Addidas Men’s Terrex Swift R Best Hiking Shoes

Adidas Men's Terrex Swift R Hiking Sneaker Solar shoes

There are several reasons as to why Addidas is on the list of best hiking shoes.


The shows are low to the ground, which means there is no fatigue whatsoever as is the case with some raised or say heeled shoes. Lacing up is fast and an easy to do thing.

The Traxion outsole is a guarantee for great traction preventing slips and the like. With the adiPRENE insert, your feet are protected from shock. The midsole is light, and it works to offer cushioning. The sockliner makes this shoe even better at giving you the best service.

Customer reviews

Users like the fact that Addidas hiking shoes are comfortable and fit well. However, there are concerns about size approximation. Make sure you wear the shoes at the store and walk around to determine if they fit well. Otherwise, Addidas is a great shoe brand.

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2. Sorel Women’s 1964 Premium Wedge Boots

Sorel Women’s 1964 Premium Wedge Boots

If you love style, these are among the best hiking shoes to go for. The wedge design is amazing not forgetting it is high heeled. The full-grain rubber used in making the product makes it high quality.


Sorel boots are waterproof ensuring your feet do not get into contact with any moisture. The molded rubber outsole ensures the boot snugly fits. There will be nothing to worry about regarding the terrain you go hiking on.

The footbed is removable making cleaning a lot easier. It also has a synthetic cover thus lasts longer. The heel cap and arch support ensure extra safety and comfort when walking. The molded wedge support contributes to the high performance of the boot.

Customer reviews

This brand has a great rating among users. They like the comfort, style, and great performance it has to offer.

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1. Timberland White Ledge Men’s Boot

Timberland White Ledge Men's Waterproof Boot

Timberland is a trusted name when it comes to the shoe game. The manufacturer specially designed it to impress consumers.


Timberland is waterproof. You do not have to worry about dew in the morning or rains. Your feet will be dry at all times as long as you are wearing Timberland boots. The padded color guarantees extra comfort to your foot. The dual density EVA midsole provides great cushioning to protect your feet from any kind of shock. Besides, it is light, which contributes to the light weight of the boot.

The breathable footbed ensures great air circulation. This prevents sweating and foul smells. The multi-directional rubber lugs never disappoint. They ensure you have an easy time hiking as they offer the traction you need to move past obstacles along the way. The B.S.F.P system makes the boot even better. It stands for brake, support, flex and propel.

Customer reviews

Out of the over 5000 reviews, over 4000 of them give Timberland boot a five-star rating. This is a good sign. It means many are satisfied with the nature and features of the boot. Users love the comfort, high quality, and style the brand has to offer.

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Now that you know the best hiking shoes, you are in a position to make better purchasing decisions. Yes, you are looking for shoes but the thing is that some boots in the review have the same design as shoes and they are the best in the market. Therefore, identify what pleases you and buy it for your hiking endeavors.

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