When you opt to measuring your blood pressure (BP) at the comfort of your home, never forget a blood pressure monitor while shopping. The best way to monitor your BP is by use of an automated monitor. The best automated monitors are the wrist BP monitors. They’re small and very easy to use, just like a normal wrist watch. The wrist blood pressure monitor enables you to always stay healthy. Therefore, it’s essential to monitor the correct functioning of your treatment. For those who can’t persevere the upper hand measurements due to the size of their arm or maybe it’s too painful, wrist BP monitor is the best for you. The wrist BP monitor is so accurate when used correctly. Any individual suffering from blood pressure and needs a friendly device, wrist blood pressure monitor is their recommended choice. Since we know selecting the best wrist BP monitor for yourself can be quite hard, we are honored to assist you in settling for the best wrist BP monitor around. Follow our list below and you won’t be disappointed:

7. Care Touch Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Care Touch Fully Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure MonitorBuy from amazon - trustore

For those looking for inexpensive wrist blood pressure monitor, this is your best choice. It’s so easy to use as it makes use of a memory function and a LCD screen. Like the rest, it has a comfy wrist wrap and a Velcro strap. Its internal memory is so large that can take up to 90 readings. This device has a bright screen that makes easy for those people with glasses to read. In addition, it doesn’t have cords, thus not complicated. It’s therefore, a very great small device.

6. VIVE Precision

Blood Pressure Monitor by Vive PrecisionBuy from amazon - trustore

For anyone in charge of blood pressure measurements for an individual, precision is a very crucial aspect. Accuracy is important but the model you decide to go for should deliver consistency and results that can be depended on. The results are essential in the decision making process. This is the reason VIVE is among the best wrist BP monitors in the market. It consists of an automatic upper design of the arm that operates so fast. The VIVE Precision is portable with a huge LCD display that’s beneficial to those want to keep the blood pressure tabs on road. It consists of a wide range cuff that can fit perfectly an upper arm from 22 to 42 centimeters. It also has the ability of storing up to 500 measurements. This device has a 2 years warranty in case of defects and good customer service.

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5. Ozeri BP2M Cardio Premium Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Ozeri BP2M CardioTech Premium Series Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with Hypertension Color Alert Technology Buy from amazon - trustore

The Ozeri BP2M is a digital Blood pressure monitor that is very accurate an inexpensive compared to other models on the list. BP2M consists of a standard LCD screen, which displays a very simple menu and all the standard statistics. It has an internal memory that stores a maximum of 1197 readings and 399 for the triple users. This feature is very amazing. It also has a good visual alert that displays various colors. Like any other models, Ozeri BP2M has its weaknesses: it’s has a modest quality that’s in built. This quality becomes visible after being used by very few users and its screen scratched so easily. The model gives accurate readings when placed correctly. Its accuracy is altered by when not placed well. All in all, it’s a good product as compared to its price.

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4. Greater Balance Professional

Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff Kit by BalanceBuy from amazon - trustore

The Greater Balance Professional is best for both clinical and personal use. It’s fun to use as it has an upper arm BP monitor. The upper arm blood pressure monitor comes with a comfy cuff, a huge backlit LCD screen and a long lasting plastic body that cannot easily be damaged. This device is registered by FDA and it’s therefore safe for individual usage. Greater Balance Professional gives accurate measurements in a short period of time. It has a large memory that keeps 2 users measurements. It helps in tracking the functioning of any given treatment by reviewing the past measurements and make a chart out of them. The device comes with 2 years warranty.

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3. Santamedical Wrist Digital BP monitor

Santamedical Wrist Digital Blood pressure Monitor with CaseBuy from amazon - trustore

It’s among the most common wrist blood pressure monitors in the market today. It comes at a fair price and functions so well. When compared to other models of the same price, Santamedical gives very accurate readings. This device is so easy to use and comes with the following features: built-in inner memory for just 60 measurements and an automatic inflation of strap. The Santamedical model has 2 major problems; it’s quite large compared to other wrist BP monitors. Its poor build quality leads to its cheap feel and look. But this built inner memory helps in comparing of readings.

2. SureLife 860211 BP Monitor

SureLife Classic Wrist Blood Pressure MonitorBuy from amazon - trustore

This is a compact device, which is made for home use. It’s inexpensive and easy to use. It has been named the cheapest model in the market today. SureLife has an inner memory and it’s very comfy to wear all day. The model has a Velcro strap and has very interesting features: A memory of 99 readings and LCD screen that’s easy to read. The large memory enables is to take multiple readings. Just like the rest, it has the following weaknesses; no consistency in readings. looks flimsy and cheap.

1. Omron 10 BP786N

Omron 10 Series Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Cuff that fits Standard and Large Arms Buy from amazon - trustore

The Omron 10 BP786N is an advanced pressure monitor that transmits measurement directly on smartphones by use of smart connectivity. This model is compact, stylish, and well designed. An amazing fact about it is that, its unit cab be removed from the wrist wrap. It’s easy to set up and use the Omron 10 BP786N. It has 100 reading storage that makes managing and tracking the readings so easy. With its many colored indicator lights, individuals are able to note their blood pressure levels at a glance.

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The problem comes from its connectivity to the smartphone. This is because mobile apps are not always reliable as they may crash and also have many bugs. Also, the readings are only accurate if placed and used properly, if not, it give inaccurate readings.

In short, before using any wrist blood pressure monitor, understand the manufacturer’s specifications. Any shortfall will affect the accuracy of the machine. Also, ask yourself the following questions; is the machine of greater quality? Can I use the machine on my own? Does it have all the features I need? Quality goes hand in hand with cost. Since it’s your health we are talking about, don’t even think of saving. Go for the best. Also ensure that the device has all the features you need and you can easily use it. As a wrist blood pressure monitor buyer, you have to consider the following: The accuracy of the model you’re going for. Look at the durability of that wrist BP monitor you’re buying. Go for the one with durable batteries. The non-lasting models may lead to inaccurate readings when they fail. In addition, consider the LCD display screen of that blood pressure monitor. The size of the screen determines how easy you can note the readings. Elderly people should go for large LCD display. Finally, look at the internal memory of the wrist BP monitor you intend to buy. Most blood pressure models vary in storage, 50-100. Go for the one that will completely carter for your needs and preferences.

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