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Top 9 Best Bikini Suit for Women in 2018

Top 9 Best Bikini Suit for Women in 2017

You have been working out a lot in the gym as you were overweight or just wanted to keep fit. The next goal is to buy a proper best bikini suit to enjoy the blue sea or maybe the family vacations with a very nice swimming pool. But the question remains about where to search for your bikini.

Believe it or not, this is a big factor to take into consideration as there are thousands of best bikini suit models out there but women need to be careful because not all of them have legit materials. Accident happens all the time like the bikini being transparent after getting out of the water, the famous nip slip, material too cheap leading the bikini to break in some areas, etc.

Today we are going to talk about a list of top 9 best bikini suit for women to have, based on important factors and providing the link in order for you to check them out.

9. Prograce Women’s Sexy Criss Cross

Prograce Women's Sexy Criss Cross High Waist Bandage 2PCS Bikini Set Swimsuit

A very elegant 2 pieces bikini in different colors for your choice. It goes from small, medium, large, X-L and XX-L size. The materials consist of fabric 88%, made of polyester with 12% spandex. The elastic is amazing that will fits into your body and the material used here will allow the bikini to dry faster. You can use this bikini obviously for swimming, that beach party you were invited, even for workout, running, etc.

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8. RELLECIGA Women’s Push-up Swimwear

RELLECIGA Women's Push-up Swimwear Criss Cross Strappy Triangle best Bikini suit Set

An amazing 2 pieces bikini in few colors for your choice. It sizes from small, medium, and large. The materials combine from 80% of pure polyamide and a 20% for spandex, giving you a sexy look while wearing it. The bikini can be cleaned hand wash.

A lot of women choose this design for the flirt to fit with less coverage that is giving them that sexy feeling and of course the men looking at them. It is comfortable, elegant and no irritation while wearing it.

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7. Zeraca Women’s Hipster Bikini Suit

Zeraca Women's Hipster Bottom Scoop Neck Halter Bikini Swimsuits

A beautiful 2 pieces bikini in 2 colors for your choice with the size goes from small, medium, large and X-L. You would be wearing 86% for polyester, 14% for elastane, and lining 100% for polyester.

This is a basic bikini for those who want to swim and that’s it as this will come with adjustable shoulder strap for you, tie back and removable paddings.

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6. Viottis Women’s Push Up Halter One-piece

Viottis Women's Push Up Halter 2PCS Swimsuit Brazilian Triangle Bikini Set

A shocking one piece but heart-stopping bikini in 4 colors for your choice. The size comes from small, medium, large and X-L. The material incorporated for this bikini consists of 88% polyester and 12% for spandex.

This best bikini suit is not for shy women. Normally, people wear one piece bikini as they do not want to reveal too much of their own body or feel insecure. Well, this is a tough competitor even for those 2 pieces bikini as it is designed as a Brazilian model.

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5. HOTAPEI Women V Neck

HOTAPEI Women V Neck Lace up High Cut One Piece Swimsuit

A very cute one-piece bikini in 5 colors for your choice. You also have different size ranges from small, medium, large, X-L, and XX-L. Regarding the material, it is made of polyester and spandex for the optimum comfort while wearing this bikini that will fit on your body.

Designed for the women who love one piece bikini, this is an amazing choice if you like the style and design. This should be your way to go.

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4. Haogo Womens Retro

Haogo Womens Retro High Waist Tassel Fringe Bikini Swimwear Plus Size

Wear a one-piece bikini plus size with a retro style in 5 colors for your choice. It comes from large, X-L, XX-L and XXX-L size for you to choose. The materials for this retro bikini suit will be for 80% of polyester and 20% for spandex adjusting perfectly to your body without any irritation.

Excellent for plus size women and pregnant. If you want to have a happy time without feeling depressed about the way you look, go with style.

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3. Nulibenna Women’s Bandage Halter

Nulibenna Women's Bandage Halter One Piece Bikini Cut Out Bathing Suit

A marvelous one-piece bikini in 4 colors for your choice with the size goes from small, medium, large and X-L. The design is based in a monokini bathing suit, very elastic for your comfort and soft as well. If you want to wear something different for eye-catching; well, this is your time to do it as it is amazing and very elegant.

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2. Zeraca Women’s Foral Triangle

Zeraca Women's Foral Triangle Best Bikini Bathing Suits

A beautiful 2 pieces bikini in 6 colors for your choice with different size ranges from small, medium, large and X-L. It is made of 86% of polyester, 14% of elastane and lining 100% total polyester. It will provide you with an amazing feeling while wearing it, fit and comfort as well.

A beautiful design for those who love Mother Nature and the beach as well. This is a well-designed bikini suit with strong materials either.

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1. COQUETA Swimwear Brazilian Best Bikini Suit

Coqueta Swimwear Women Brazilian sexy BIKINI

A heart-stopping and amazing 2 pieces bikini in different colors for your choice. The bikini model ranges from small, medium, large and X-L. Regarding the features worth to mention, it was made in USA. You will get a thong bottom with minimal coverage (this is not for shy women, for those who are wild or maybe own a private swimming pool) and imported nylon with excellent spandex.

This model is having a huge demand online. You do not need to travel to Brazil to get a masterpiece like this. It is beautiful design and revealing as well.

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Final Words

As a man I love to go out with my wife in order for her to buy a new bathing suit for our vacations trips, enjoying the beautiful sun at the beach or maybe in a resort, drinking some margaritas while she is in the swimming pool. You know the old saying “happy wife, happy life”.

We presented to you around 9 best bikini suits, where you can pick one or more. If I need to recommend one as a husband, I would be interested in the product No. 5 and No. 8. I must admit they both caught my attention, as a matter of fact, I am ordering right now on Amazon. Well hoped you enjoy reading the article and have a happy shopping!!!

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