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Best Hot Tub Covers Reviews and Buyers’ Guide 2021 – Top 9 Ranking

Best Hot Tub Covers Review

Anyone with a hot tub understands the importance of having one or even more hot tub covers. They help reduce energy consumption and evaporation by keeping heat in. You want a clean, hygienic tub and a cover gives you exactly that.

Factors to Consider when Buying Hot Tube Covers

Before deciding which tub cover to buy, there are crucial factors to keep in mind:


Safety always comes first, especially when it comes to things like Hot tub where accidents can be detrimental. The kind of hot tub cover you go for should be able to offer good protection against anyone falling into the hot tub or hurting themselves in some way. Children are among the most vulnerable in such a situation and the use of straps and safety locks come in handy.

Size & Shape

Since there are all kinds of hot tubs and Jacuzzi, there should also be different sizes of hot tub covers. Before you buy a certain hot tub cover you come across, you must first ask yourself if it fits well onto your hot tub. This means that you should have the precise measurements beforehand. In some instances, some people also prefer to get a hot tub cover that is a bit oversize so that it can overlap and offer a better cover. The shape is also another consideration to keep in mind.

Material Quality

Hot tub covers are designed using different materials which makes them suitable in different aspects. A good tub cover must be constructed to be waterproof, durable and strong to stand any pressure from debris that falls on it. High grade polyester fabric tends to be the most common and reliable material that is used along with foam and vinyl which makes a solid and sustainable hot tub cover.

Best Hot Tube Covers 2021 You Can Buy Today

Now you are ready to select the best hot tub covers available. Below is a review of the nine best products.

9. 84 By 84 Replacement Spa and Hot Tub Cover By Prestige Spa Cover

Prestige Spa Cover Replacement Spa and Hot Tub Cover

Price: Highly priced.

Special features: 2 inch taper, straps, resin zipper.

Size: 14 x 84 x 84 inches.

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This hot tub cover one comes in a charcoal shade which matches most decor. You will like the one-pound foam density as it assists in ensuring minimum heat loss for manageable energy use. The vinyl housing assists with insulation. Users have two keys to help lock the four tie downs thus stabilizing the tub. The double stitching exists to offer extra strength.

A double, reinforced folding hinge adds to the high standard nature of this cover. Its C-channels boast of spectacular aluminum quality ensuring support. Remember, this product is incompatible with cover lifts that use arms to mount into the cover. Otherwise, it is an amazing tool.


  • It is breathable yet waterproof.
  • It is steady and durable.
  • Safe around children.


  • Installing it is a hustle.

8. Budge English Garden Square Hot Tub Cover

Budge English Garden Square Hot Tub Cover

Price: Low price tag.

Special features: Stylish design, Elastic hem, Dark grey piping.

Size: 14 x 86 x 86 inches.

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Budge English Garden Square Hot Tub Cover is a stylishly designed patio cover that comes in both medium and large sizes. The rustic woven cover has strong, durable denier polyester and a grey piping that blends perfectly with any patio. It has also been designed to be elastic which keeps in in position whenever it is windy.

The sewn-in air vents that it has is very efficient in reducing condensation as well as preventing rust and mold build-up. Anyone looking for a good cover that offers style and value will find this square hot tub cover to be a good buy.


  • It offers good value for the money.
  • The cover is of good quality and is durable.


  • Few users have had issues with their tub getting dirty from the cover sagging low.

7. ULTCOVER Waterproof 600D Polyester Square Hot Tub Cover

ULTCOVER 100% Waterproof 600D Polyester Square Hot Tub Cover

Price: Low price tag.

Special features: Polyester fabric, Side air vents, Elastic hem cord.

Size: 85 x 85 x 20 inches.

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Designed with a heady duty and water resistant polyester fabric material, the ULTCOVER cover ranks among the most reliable covers one can get for their outdoor hot tubs and Jacuzzi. It has been designed to protect against dirt, dust hailstorms and other outdoor weather problems that could leave your hot tub in a mess.

There are side vents designed to take care of wind lofting and condensation. Its elastic hem cord makes it easy to adjust and get a good fitting as well as avoid any chances of being blown off by the wind. Overall, this is a good quality hot tub cover that lives up to its promise.


  • It is of good quality and lasts long.
  • Easy to put on and off.
  • It is very effective in coping with condensation.


  • Its medium sized cover doesn’t have enough overlap, hence it is better to buy the larger size instead.

6. CoverMates Round Hot Tub Cover

CoverMates Round Hot Tub Cover

Price: Low price tag.

Special features: 12–gauge commercial vinyl, Elastic hem, Polyester lining.

Size: 81 x 80 x 14 inches.

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When you have a circular tub, it is essential that you buy round hot tub covers. These assure you of a snug fit. One of the brands to consider is CoverMates. Any hot tub of 80-inch diameter and 14-inch height is good to go with CoverMates’ hot tub covers. They are sturdy considering the thick commercial vinyl construction. The elastic hem ensures the cover fits well in your tub not forgetting the polyester lining that offers more stability.

This product does not only fit in round tubs but also on a six-sided tub. Let us just say that it fits a tub with a shape close to circular. Do experiment. Perhaps one cover will fit your two tubs of different shapes, meaning you save money. It will help in preserving hat reducing your energy bills at the end of it all.


  • It’s made from high-quality material that make it sturdy and durable.
  • It has good grip on the hot tub.
  • It is easy to use.


  • Unsuitable for double-barrel soft tub.

5. The Cover Guy Deluxe Hot Tub Cover

The Cover Guy Deluxe Hot Tub Cover

Price: Low price tag.

Special features: high-density foam, 4 lockable tie downs.

Size: 96 X 96 x 15 inches.

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Like the other tub covers in the review, The Cover Guy is usable in spas as well as at home. Are you looking for marine-grade vinyl tub cover? Well, Cover Guy is the answer. It gives your hot tub the insulation you need. This brand boasts of a unique design that is incomparable to no other product in the market. This is an adjustable product because you can customize it to fit your needs. The five-inch taper makes the flexibility possible. Users have an easy time fixing deluxe hot tub covers.

The other thing that makes this item amazing is its high-density foam. It is able to handle heavy weights. Imagine your mischievous children playing around and sitting on the cover. They will be fine, and your tub will be intact, so is the cover.

Four lockable tie downs are helpful for safety reasons. They hold down the tub strongly ensuring its stability even when windy. Choose a cover from the ten available colors depending on your preferences.


  • It is effective against water logging.
  • Safe and versatile.
  • Its reinforced design make it stand winter and heavy loads
  • Reduces energy consumption.
  • Fits perfectly/customizable.


  • Return and replace may take some time

4. Cover Valet Spa Cover (NP509)

Cover Valet Spa Cover

Price: Low price tag.

Special features: Undermount-cabinet design, Adjustable, High grade aluminum.

Size: 84 x 84 x 14 inches.

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Cover Valet counts as one of the best hot tub covers for several reasons. Many love the under mount cabinet design this brand offers. It fits octagonal, square, round and rectangular spa shapes. Valet has a gas spring that aids in cover removal. Once you are done with the cover, it can securely rest on the side of your tub. It is possible to lower or raise the cover for convenience during storage.

About construction, the manufacturer uses high-grade coated aluminum offering strength and stability for a long while. The XL spacers are helpful when your tub has six or four-inch tapers.


  • It is versatile and has adjustable height.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Fast and easy to install.


  • The smaller one tends to be too small for some people.

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3. ABC Spa Cover Roller

ABC Spa Cover Roller

Price: Low price tag.

Special features: 4 rollers, Easy to install design.

Size: 84 x 84 x 14 inches.

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When it comes to spa cover rollers, it is always important that the product is easy to use. With ABC, expect it to be a user-friendly tool. This is because it comes in a completely assembled package. This saves you a lot of trouble. You only need a screwdriver to install it.

The brand fits both square and rectangular spas. Each arm on ABC has four rollers. They slide smoothly for fast operation. This roller folds compactly when not in use increasing elegance in the space around you.

Use the folded cover as a tabletop after placing it on the lifter arms. Quality is a guarantee when you buy this item. You will get value for your money.


  • Snug fit and quick to set up.
  • It is sturdy and durable.


  • Plastic construction is not as good as aluminum

2. Classic Accessories Veranda Square Tub Cover – Medium

Classic Accessories Veranda Square Tub Cover

Price: Low price tag.

Special features: high density stitching, padded handles, matching webbing.

Size: 86 x 86 x 14 inches.

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When you have a smaller hot tub, you need a cover that will fit it perfectly. Classic Accessories’ medium brand is one of the products to keep in mind when shopping. The polyester fabric the manufacturers uses to make this hot tub cover makes it worth every penny. It is water resistant meaning any water touching it, be it rain or dew, does not reach the inside of your tub. Its tan finish is spectacular.

This cover is convenient and easy to set across your tub. You will love the design. It suits any tub as long as it is size appropriate. If you think the medium size is small for your tub, you have other options: the large, rectangular size and the round cover. Therefore, do not stress.


  • Durable fabric.
  • Easy to use.
  • High-quality and strong construction.


  • The tightening cord could be tighter

1. BeyondNice Hot Tub Cover

BeyondNice Hot Tub Cover

Price: Highly priced.

Special features: Thick construction, Standard foam cores, Nylon lifting handles.

Size: 96 x 96 x 14 inches.

Check It Now on Amazon

BeyondNice features several desirable elements that put it on the list of best hot tub covers. This is a credible brand among many users. With the six-inch thickness, this brand promises fantastic insulation for your hot tub. You have a different variety of the colors to select from, thus no restrictions. Users are able to select a shade that best suits their tub. This brand works for both square and round hot tubs.

User safety is a guarantee any time you buy a BeyondNice cover. This is because it adheres to set standards keeping you and your family secure. It also means this is a name to trust with your money. It will cause you no harm whatsoever. Do not worry about waterlogging. The five-year warranty takes care of that.

Its C-channels are non-corrosive and made of galvanum metal for sturdiness. The polyethylene barrier keeps any moisture out of your tub. Every part of this item is easy to use.

There is a four-inch brand suitable for you if you are on a budget. It is cheaper than the six inch but still as functional as possible.


  • Great thickness that makes it strong.
  • It is energy efficient.
  • Fits a variety of tubs sizes (up to 96 by 96 inch or 96 inch diameter).
  • Made of strong and durable material.


  • Though not a deal breaker, the quality of the straps could be improved.

Final Verdict

Hot tub covers are useful equipment. They keep tubs clean and regulate heat loss. With the above guide, you are able to select the best products that suit your needs and preferences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I Ned A Hot Tub Cover?

A: Hot tub covers are covers specifically designed to cover and protect the hot tub when it is not in use. When the season isn’t that friendly to get into a hot tub or maybe you are out on vacation, it is best to get a hot tub cover to avoid dirt, dust and all other sorts of debris from falling inside. If you find yourself in such a situation, then you need a hot tub cover.

Q: What Hot Tub Cover Should I Buy?

A: There are a number of things that one must consider when they are buying a good hot tub cover. First off, the size is important and one needs to make sure that it fits well. Next, you have to make sure that it does the job of protecting the hot tub efficiently. Otherwise, it is all useless.

Q: What Is A Hot Tub Cover Made Of?

A: Hot tub covers are made from different materials. Among the most common materials are polyester fabrics that are waterproof and strong enough to last. Some are also a combination of multiple materials and foam turns out to be one of the most common used in tapers.

Q: What Is The Taper On A Hot Tub Cover?

A: A taper is also commonly referred to as “slope” and it is the elevation that a hot tub cover has been designed with. Since hot tubs covers are designed like the roof of buildings, it is always important to have a slope so that any debris such as snow falling on it easily falls off instead of heaping up on it.

Q: How Long Should Hot Tub Cover Last?

A: While these covers help to protect and give long life to our Jacuzzi and hot tubs, it also has a lifetime. The longevity of a hot tub cover depends on the materials that have been used in designing it. Typically a well constructed hot tub cover will last 5 years on average.

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