As technology advances, it is no surprise to anyone we are relying more and more on our mobile phones to take photos and shoot film. Even professional film-makers use phones to capture image. Now that news came in that Tangerine, one of the best movies at the Sundance Film Festival, was shot entirely with an iPhone 5S, no one can deny that professional camera level photography can be reached with a smartphone.

To improve the capabilities of the built-in camera of your smartphone and reach new levels of quality, you just need to invest in camera lenses that upgrade from the fixed focal length and digital zoom in your phone. That is the phone camera lenses.

As this add-on is the rage, but still a relatively new thing, we thought it would be extremely useful for you to know what are the 9 best phone camera lenses you can buy today.

9. Amir 3 in 1 Clip on Cell Phone Camera Lens

AMIR Phone Camera Lens

This inexpensive 3 lens kit is compatible with every mobile device there is. It comes with three lenses: macro lens, wide lens, and fisheye lens. After you clip a lens over the top of your phone, you can easily take better photographs of close-ups, large range photography or with the ever-funny effect of fisheye. It provides DSLR performance at a very reasonable price.

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8. OldShark S1 Phone Camera Lens Kits

OldShark S1 Clip-On 180 Degree Fisheye Lens Phone camera lense

If you are looking for a capable wide-angle lens to increase the capability of your phone to fit all those family members in a single photograph, this might be the right choice for you. You will have a 0.65X wide angle lens for increasing the field of view and also a 10X Macro lens to take pictures of small objects from a close distance and a 180 degree fisheye lens. Due to its rotate rubber pad, you can easily adjust it to your phone’s angle, making very stable.

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7. Arory 4 in 1 Cell Phone Camera Lens

Arory Phone Camera Lens 12X Telephoto Lens

With this kit you have four in one lenses to play around with a 12x telephoto lens, a 180 degrees mobile fish-eye lens, a 0.65x wide-angle lens, and a macro lens. The lenses have superb quality design and can be easily attached to phone with clip-on for iPhone 8, 7, 6 plus, Samsung Smart phone as well as the remote shutter.

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6. Hizek Optical Phone Camera Lens Kit

Phone Camera Lens Kit, Hizek 12X Universal Optical Zoom Lens Marco Lens Focus Telescope Camera Lens

If zoom is what upsets you when taking a photograph with your smartphone camera, search no more. This optical telescope lens helps you reach a 12x zoom and still get a clear image (but keep in mind it is a digital zoom and it won’t be as crisp clear as with a professional camera). If you have been dreaming to take beautiful pictures while on a stadium, at a concert, while bird-watching or in any long-distance circumstance this add-on is what you need. The thing you have to take under consideration when buying this lens is that in most cases you need a tripod to prevent shakiness and blurry images.

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5. Lensoul Profesional Phone Camera Lens

iPhone Lens LENSOUL Super Wide Angle Fisheye Lens, Professional HD Cell Phone Camera Lens for iPhone, Samsung Smartphone

The stunning 238 degrees wide angle perspective is what makes this lens special. The Super Wide Angle Fish Eye Lens allows you to capture up to even 40% more in your shot. Whether you want to capture a cityscape while in vacation or your biggest challenge was to fit in all your friends in a single photo, this one can do the trick. The technology it uses allows corner to corner sharpness without black corners and the 0.2X zoom magnification brings additional depth.

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4. Mpow Clip-On Phone Camera Lens

Mpow Upgraded 3 in 1 Clip-On Lens Kit Phone Camera Lense

The system Mpow uses for attachment is a tension-mounted clip that is adaptable to all-width phone cases, but it is compatible only with 37mm diameters thread cameras such are the ones on iPhone or iPad. Although heavier than other phone camera lenses, you understand quickly why it achieves a very high level of clarity with both the 0.6x wide-angle lens and the 10X macro lens. Once you get it aligned to your phone camera, you can start taking amazing photos to both objects within close distance and also to that tall building you couldn’t fit in your frame.

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3. AUKEY Phone Camera Lens Kit

AUKEY Optic iPhone Camera Lens Samsung Camera Lens

If you don’t have a favorite effect and want equally take close-ups, wide range and fisheye effect photos, this a great 3-in-one clip on kit. It has a 180 degrees fisheye lens, a 110 degrees wide angle lens and a 10X macro lens and all of them perform great. This accessory provides a good quality-price balance for the amateur photographer that wants to improve its phone camera potential. On the plus side, all lenses have a soft rubber rim that protects your phone and they are super easy to put on.

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1. TECHO Universal Professional HD Camera Lens Kit

TECHO Universal Professional HD Camera Lens Kit for iPhone 7

This option provides a two in one detachable HD lens and the quality of the pictures will not let you down. The macro lens will help you capture stunning details while taking a close-up picture and the wide-angle lens comes in handy if you want to take picture of landscapes or other large range settings. The high quality premium rimmed glass is very efficient in reducing glass flare and ghosting, making your photography seem impeccable. Also, its clip allows you to attach any 37mm thread digital SLR pro lens.

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2. VicTsing 3 in 1 Kit

VicTsing 3 in 1 Fisheye Camera Lens

This kit comes with three lenses: a fisheye that lets you take photographs with no dark circle and blurry images around the pictures; a 10X macro lens that can take clear photographs of objects in close range and a 0.65X super macro lens to go where no phone camera has gone before. If increased level of details in close-up photography is what gets you going, then definitely this is the right investment to make. But be sure your phone is compatible, as this product might not be compatible with all mobile devices, especially with the ones that have a middle placed camera.

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If you want to effortlessly transform the way you take pictures and to rock photography, forget about the bulky professional cameras. Be sure to buy the best camera lenses for you. The camera lenses are cheap, can be easily carried around and produce effects you only dreamed of.

The list we put together of the best camera lenses you can buy now on Amazon gives you an option for whatever your cup of tea is in photography. If you are a lover of the fish-eye effect and close-ups are your thing, give a go to the super macro lens from VicTsing; if you don’t care about the performance of a certain effect and you are excited more with the overall quality then you should definitely try Techo or Auckey kits. Whatever you chose, it will change the way you experience phone photography for good. Guaranteed.

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