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Top 9 Best Wall Art Paintings That Make Your Living Room Beautiful

by Edwin Thomas
Top 9 Best Wall Art Paintings for Your Living Room

By Carolina Correa de Souza Siliprandi

When talking about home decoration, the key is to remind yourself at all times that everyone has their particular taste, that being said, is also important to know what are the current trends regarding paintings, so that you can have the best art available at your walls. Here we will go through a few products out there, that will embrace all kinds of wall art paintings preferences. These paintings can definitely make your living room even more beautiful than already is, and reflect your personal preferences and personality when entering the room.

9. Wieco Art Giclee Canvas Prints Wall Art

Pure Art Purple Blossoms Flower Metal Wall Art Painting

When it comes to art, it is always interesting to have at your house paintings that makes you feel something, and that let your imagination fly. This is a great example of it, every time you look at this painting you can see something that you have never seen before, it is amusing and gorgeous at the same time, it is simple as well as delicate, a great kind of art to be able to look at every day.

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8. Ode-Rin Wall Art Tree 3 Pieces Artwork Blue Framed Giclee Canvas Prints

Ode-Rin Art - Modern Abstract Landscape Wall Art Tree 3 Pieces Artwork Blue Framed Giclee Canvas Prints

This painting in particular has a great match of colors that can enchant anyone who looks at it. If your living room is fun with a modern twist, having this art hanging on your walls is a must. It has the power to be the center of attention and a great add to your place. The painting has a nice flow that makes everything looks so connected. It would definitely be great above a beautiful white couch.

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7. 4 Pieces Modern World Map Canvas

 4 Pieces Modern World Map CanvasThis is a piece that every travel lover would be happy to have. It is modern and adds personality to the living room, it has a contemporary flavor to it and because of its black background can fit perfectly on your wall, whatever color it may be. It comes already framed, so you don’t have to worry about getting that done by yourself, which saves you a lot of work.

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6. YaSheng Art Contemporary Oil Painting

YaSheng Art Contemporary Oil PaintingTrees and flowers are always a good call when talking about wall paintings, their beauty can bring joy to the room and make your day happier just by looking at it. This painting, in particular, can add life to your living room and has a great variety of colors that can match any decoration you might already have. If you want to give it as a gift is also a great idea, as it looks modern and can fit anybody that loves beautiful and quality paintings.

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5. Eloise World Studio Abstract Painting

Eloise World Studio Abstract PaintingIf you want to add calmness and a light feeling to your living room, this painting is a must. Is absolutely gorgeous and stylish, and can be a great addition to your decoration. It reflects harmony, serenity, and is everything you need to enlighten the graciousness of your living room, making it a great place for relaxation and peace of mind. The painting is ready to hang and for sure can make your place look a lot more chic just by being there. It is a limited edition, so do not wait too long to make your purchase.

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4. Buddha and Lotus Flower Art Painting

Buddha Wall Art,Zen Painting Lotus Flower Pictures for Home Living Room Wall Decor

Looking to add a peaceful and harmonious feeling to your living room? What would be better than an art combining the Buddha and a Lotus Flower? This painting talks by itself, and is a great day to day reminder that whatever might have happened, with a new day you are renewed. This painting can give energy for those looking at it, and ads charm and personality to your walls. Is a must have for those in touch with their inner self. Let the world be a loud and noisy place, your living room does not need to be like that.

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3. African Indian Woman Art

African Indian Woman ArtThink your living room is in need of a different kind of art, which reflects your boldness and amusing personality? This one is the right pick for you. It can add color and movement to your walls, as well as a strong feeling of passion and determination. If your room is to plain, just by adding this art it will have a nice positive twist to it, and let the place become more welcoming and happy.

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2. Textured Abstract Painting

Textured Abstract Painting

Don’t these colors make you feel alive? With touches of purple, orange and yellow this painting can add warmth to any living room. This art piece is limited edition and comes with a certificate of authenticity, which makes it even more special. Being able to purchase a painting this amazing and also authentic, is just priceless.

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1. Fly Spray Landscape Tree Painting

Fly Spray Landscape Tree PaintingThis is a painting that can be attractive for most people. It reflects taste and grace by its simplicity and can add a great flow to your room. Having just a few touches of color it can be a great fit for any kind of decoration. Regardless if you prefer a clean decoration or something more daring, this painting can be part of it for sure. Think that after a hard day of work would be simply amazing to get home and be instantly transported to this beautiful landscape just by looking at your walls.

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Final Thoughts

This article can help you have a few ideas of what would look better hanging on your walls. It always seems overwhelming to choose between multiple kinds of wall art paintings available all over the world, but if you take one step at a time you can have your house looking exactly the way you imagined it, and add the kind of feeling that you want for your place. Always remember that taste is just a matter of preference, and what would work for others may not work for you, so at all times have in mind that the way you feel when looking at a painting should always matter the most, you are the one that will be looking at it every day.

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