Exercise is a crucial aspect of lifestyle and running is part of it. Now, when exercising you may want to listen to your favorite show or music. This will distract you that you will not even notice time passing by. With wireless earbuds, you can listen to whatever you like as you run and have fun. In connection to that, you need best wireless earbuds that will give you high-quality sound and other admirable features. Here is a review of nine best buds that you should consider purchasing.

9. Jlab Audio Epic Earbuds

JLab Audio Epic Earbuds with Massive 13mm C3 Drivers best wireless earbuds

There is a lot to like about this product.


Jlab comes with a custom zippered case for safety purposes. The universal mic is an added advantage for users. The easy to track control makes this product even more desirable while the C3 crystal clear drivers ensure clear sound.

The pack includes four sizes of revolutionary Cush fins and six gel tips. It just cannot be any better. Besides, the buds are light for extra comfort.

Great battery life, quality sound, lightweight nature, and comfort are among the many features that make users love Jlab. It has an excellent rating too.

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8. Treblab XR500 Best Wireless Earbuds

TREBLAB XR500 Bluetooth Headphones, Best Wireless Earbuds for Sports

Treblab is a popular name in the earbuds industry. Read on to find out why.


Treblab offers listeners high definition sound with an amazing bass. Noise cancellation is another thing you will like about this product. The expandable foam ear tips are responsible for that. Comfort is a guarantee thanks to the soft rubber finish and secure hooks.

All devices with Bluetooth work well with Treblab. The HD microphone makes calling your contacts possible.

Treblab has a great rating. Most users are happy with the product. Its rock solid sound makes it stand out from other buds. Users can attest to that.

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7. Brass Tacks Runners Earbuds

Brass Tacks RUNNERZ Bluetooth Earbuds

When you search for best wireless earbuds for running online, you should come across Brass Tacks brand.


The earbuds fit well and are sweat proof. They are compatible with Galaxy S7, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. Besides, they work with any Bluetooth enabled devices be it phones, tablets or computers.

The audio on this product is great. The bass is great not forgetting the mids and highs. The built-in mic enables you to make calls.

Users appreciate that the earbuds come in different sizes thus easier finding what fits well.

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6. iJam Wireless Earbuds

iJam Running Bluetooth Headphones & Case - wireless earbuds


iJam earbuds offer a snug fit due to the ear hooks. The hooks are available in small, medium and large sizes so you can pick what best fits your ears. The buds are creatively designed to give you the best experience.

The digital noise reduction aspect ensures you get to listen to clear, quality, sound at any time. iJam has Bluetooth connectivity, and it pairs with any device with Bluetooth. The fact that it is sweat proof and light ensures you are more comfortable and able to concentrate fully on running without any earbuds discomfort.

Quality sound, Bluetooth connectivity, and great design are the top reasons why users love this product. However, there is a concern about some of its parts being a little rough.

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5. SoundWhiz Noise Cancelling Workout Earbuds

SoundWhiz Wireless Bluetooth Running Headphones

This best wireless earbuds boasts of several things.


The earbuds are waterproof and sweat proof as well. This ensures they are durable saving you replacement costs. They also have Bluetooth, which means they can connect with other devices such as phones. You will have access to music through the Bluetooth pairing of devices.

The microphone allows you to make and take phone calls whenever need be. With 8 hours of playtime, you can be sure that your entertainment will not be cut short as long as you have the buds fully charged before going for a run.

SoundWhiz has a great five-star rating. This means many users are contented with its performance. Great sound, comfortable fit, and great design are some of the reasons why people love this product.

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4. Acadia Premium Earbuds

Acadia Premium Products Bluetooth Headphones Wireless In-Ear Sweatproof Earbuds

A product manages to be on the list of best wireless earbuds for a reason. About Acadia earbuds, here is why it is considered the best among others.


Acadia has a noise-reducing feature. This means it blocks any exterior noise. This way, you can enjoy your music without distractions and cover the miles you need to run. Of course, it has a powerful bass for that amazing sound in your ears.

It is easy taking phone calls. It is a matter of pausing the music and getting a channel to communicate with whoever is calling. The battery only takes an hour to charge using a USB cable. There is no need to worry about the earbuds falling out. They are light, made of soft silicone and come in three sizes. This way, you get what stays put in your ears.

The controls are easily accessible so you can pause, play and replay music or even take calls easily. Since this brand has Bluetooth capability, it is compatible with a wide range of smartphones.

Users appreciate the fact that this product produces quality sound, is comfortable, and is wireless. However, there is a concern about its durability.

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3. Infinilla H3 Wireless Sport Earbuds

Infinilla Bluetooth Headphones, Infinilla H3 Wireless Sport Earbuds

This brand comes with many admirable features that make it worth being among the best wireless earbuds.


The earbuds fit well in your ears and are sweat proof to last longer. Their noise-canceling nature and them having a mic ensure quality sound. The product is Bluetooth enabled, which ensures you listen to whatever you want. You can also pair with other devices such as Android smartphones and IOS devices for more fun.

Being wireless, Infinilla connects with devices up to 333feet away yet maintains clear sound. It comes with a case to ensure it is secure whenever it is not in use. You have 5hours before recharging the earbuds.

Customers like the fact that Infinilla earbuds produce high definition sound, fit perfectly in the ears and have great bass.

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2. SoundWhiz Wireless Sports Earbuds

SoundWhiz Bluetooth Running Headphones Sweat proof

You will love everything about this product starting from it being sweat proof to being noise canceling.


SoundWhiz fits perfectly in your ears at any time. You have a whole 8 hours to enjoy before needing to recharge. Be treated to the quality sound and great bass resonance.

This brand is creatively designed in that you can replace the soft grip tip stabilizers. This ensures the buds fit in the ear well-preventing discomfort and frustration. No one wants earbuds that keep falling out of the ear. Considering you will be running with them, it can be a huge nuisance.

The advanced Bluetooth 4.1 feature is super flexible. It is also up to date thus compatible with many Bluetooth enabled devices. The NFC top rank chip is an added advantage. With the CVC6.0 digital noise reduction tech, you do not have to worry about external noise whether you are on the treadmill or running outdoors.

Play, pause, next, previous and volume are the music commands you will find on this device. The integrated voice commands on it are Siri or S voice. They enable you to make phone calls. There is also a memorized auto-pairing feature on the SoundWhiz earbuds. It allows you pair two phones or Bluetooth devices at a go. Its Bluetooth reach is 33feet, which is 10metres.

Taking into account the features of this product, you can be sure that generally, customers love it. Users like how the earbuds fit in the ears, the sound they produce and their great quality.

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1. Treblab XR100


TREBLAB XR100 Bluetooth Sport Headphones, Best Wireless Earbuds for Running Workout

This product is on the list of best wireless earbuds because of its functional elements.


Treblab offers high quality, clear sound; call it high definition sound. It has an amazing bass response and is noise canceling. This ensures you get the best of the best sound and enjoy listening to your playlist. The expandable foam ear tips help with the noise cancellation process.

If you are looking for comfort, this brand got you covered. It has a soft rubber finish and secure hooks to keep the buds in place. Enjoy using the earbuds for a maximum of 9 hours of playtime. Among the control features, there is volume, skip, pause and play. This way, you get to listen to whatever you want.

The fact that the buds are sweat proof makes them even more comfortable and hygienic. This also protects your buds from damage due to soaking in sweat as you run. Remember, they are compatible with all devices with Bluetooth. You will need two hours to have the buds fully charged. The availability of a microphone makes Treblab more user conscious. You can use it to make calls when need be.

Most users are happy with Treblab praising it for being comfortable, great, Bluetooth compatible, and of having great sound.

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With a list of nine best wireless earbuds, you stand a better chance of buying earbuds that will be suitable for your running sessions. Some of the factors that stand out among the nine products there are comfort, quality sound, lightweight and compatibility. Therefore, as you shop make sure you have these factors in mind.

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