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Best Air Plants Glass Containers In 2022 – Top 9 Ranking

Top Best Air Plants Glass Containers

Air plants glass containers are good options for those who want to have air plants at home, but due to their characteristics, require a closed and controlled space. We have so many models and proposals that it is easy to find the most suitable air plant glass containers for what we need.

Air plants glass containers are useful when we do not have enough time to dedicate attention and care, thus becoming a wise choice, because, in addition to letting nature elements into our environment, they are very easy to care for and maintain. On the other hand, they can add aesthetic elements to the decoration of the house. But, since there are so many models and brands available, we have selected five products that are among the most outstanding of the moment, so you can choose the most convenient one. Pay attention to the characteristics of each one, without losing sight of your needs.

Best Air Plants Glass Containers 2022

9. SWISSELITE Biloba Air Plants Glass Container

SWISSELITE Biloba air plants glass container

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Within the air plants glass containers we have at our disposal, transparent and quality glass models are the best option. Among other things because this material does not deteriorate like plastic and is easier to clean. This is the material that is part of the SWISSELITE Biloba air plants glass container, which measures 52.5 centimeters wide by 41 high and 39.5 deep, which allows accommodating small and medium-size plants.

This air plants glass container has other quality details, such as its curved finish on the top with which it is easier to see the interior. Something that the included LED lighting helps with, which has a good level of brightness with a lower power consumption.

If you want to know a model that is considered by many users as the best air plants glass container brand of the moment, we give you some details about this product.

8. Orchid Gene Air Plants Glass Container

Orchid Gene Air Plants Glass Container

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Orchid Gene air plants glass container is perfect as a decorative piece for your patio. It is recommended to keep ferns, green moss, fleshy, aerial plants, as well as reptiles and insects. It has a tilting lid that allows the humid environment to be maintained mainly for the proper conditions required by ferns and moss.

It has a modern classic style with materials and finishes that give it an elegant look, it is perfect to add a striking touch and can also be used to place candles, which makes it a very striking piece of art. It is manufactured mainly with glass, which allows visualizing its contents from the sides and from above while allowing the entry of the sun’s rays.

For those who appreciate compact designs, this could be the best option, since it is also among the cheapest air plants glass containers. These are its most notable features and possible drawbacks.

7. Deco Glass Air Plants Glass Container

Deco Glass air plants glass container

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Deco Glass air plants glass container is widely used as the first home for small land tortoises, but once they grow, we must change them to a glass or wooden container. It has ventilation grilles on the lid, which allows the breathing of the animal. But that’s not all, it’s also one of the cheapest and most practical air plants glass containers on the market. If you have found it interesting, in the following list we provide you with its advantages and disadvantages so that you know it better.

6. WGVI Glass Globe Air Plants Glass Container

WGVI Glass Globe Air Plants Glass Container

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WGVI Glass Globe Air plants glass container has been designed by specialists in herpetology. Its equilateral shape offers similarity between its vertical and horizontal panels, which is recommended for reptiles and climbing amphibians. It is built with high-quality materials, providing a comfortable and durable space for your plant.

On the front has two doors that allow easy access for maintenance. It has a ventilation grille in the upper part that allows the penetration of UVB rays, which is very important for some reptiles. It is likely that we are facing the best air plants glass container of the moment, however, we recommend you to carefully review the pros and cons we have identified in the model, so you are sure that it is the one you need.

5. H Potter Six Sided Glass Terrarium

H Potter Six Sided Glass Terrarium Wardian

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The terrarium glass is topped with a curved design on the front, which makes it easier to see your plant better without distortions. It is made of a glass material that allows the concretion of a panoramic view of the interior of the tank. Its small size makes this product suitable for a small group of small fish. The decoration of the aquarium is not included, but users recommend placing stones and artificial plants.

This elegant and sophisticated looking air plants glass container includes a curved front glass to improve the visualization of the ecosystem. Its design incorporates an upper access panel that has a led lamp to simulate daytime and nighttime conditions. Features a three-dimensional live-looking background that you can flip to get 2 different landscapes
For fast maintenance or decoration, the back of the tank has an uncomplicated opening and a secure closure for the animals.

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4. T4U 4 Inch Glass Hanging Plant Terrariums

T4U 4 Inch Glass Hanging Plant Terrariums

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If you’re wondering what is the best air plants glass container of the moment, you should know that this model is among the best sellers. It is made of floating glass with four smooth edges of 4 mm. The base has a height of 10 cm, which indicates that it offers great resistance.

Wood is a magnificent material to create a warm atmosphere that resembles the ecosystem of your plant. The panels of this air plants glass container are made of wood with a thickness of 12 mm, which offers excellent protection for thermal insulation. In addition, it has two panels of 4 mm thick floating glass, like sliding doors.

3. Fashiostorm Plant Containers Air Plant Pots

Fashiostorm Plant Containers Air Plant Pots

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This round shaped item is made of high strength glass that can withstand high temperatures. Endowed with an opening of 8 cm wide, it can be the ideal place for succulents, ferns, bonsai, and other small species. With just a weight of 132 gr, are elements that you can combine to create a decorative environment with various ornamental species.

It does not need the use of silicone for its assembly and has a ventilation mesh on the sides. If you consider that Fashiostorm is the best air plant glass container brand, then you might want to review in greater detail the advantages and disadvantages that your air plants glass container model offers you.

2. Mkono Air Plants Glass Containers

Mkono air plants glass containers

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This piece with greenhouse design has a tilting top door for maintenance, food or decoration. It has a hermetic design ideal to recreate humid environments that favor the development of various plants. Its construction is strong and solid, it can house species such as scorpions, beetles, caterpillars, snails and more. It stands out for having a striking appearance, being a small, practical and functional piece that can complement your decoration very well.

The structure of this air-glass container consists of a lower tank where a removable central rest area is placed. To facilitate cleaning and maintenance, all parts are removable, so you can wash it when necessary. This modern design features a top metal entry door, which offers safety to the turtles and does not allow them to accidentally come out.

1. Umbra Trigg Hanging Planter

Umbra Trigg Hanging Planter

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If you want to have an air plant glass container in your home that allows you to have not only animals but also plants with specific characteristics, it is important that you acquire the Umbra Trigg Hanging Planter. In addition to this, choose one that can give a decorative touch to your home.

For the air plants’ glass container to have a stronger visual impact you can decorate it, this decoration can be made according to your tastes or needs of the living being that lives in the air plants glass container. You can choose certain accessories such as branches, pieces of logs, stones, bark, which will allow you to customize it, as well as serving as a complement to the species that the air plants glass container will have as a home.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Air Plants Glass Containers

A guide to buying the best air plants glass container is a valuable tool to select the model that best suits our requirements since it gives us clarity about the characteristics we seek. The design, the dimensions, as well as the materials used in its preparation allow us to determine the desired product, all this to reach the optimal conditions for our plant.


It is important to establish a comparison of air plants glass containers to know the functionality of the same, according to the typology of the plant. In this way, there is a variety of types of products that cater to a particular need. For that reason, they are made in different materials, designs and dimensions adapted to the comfort and ornament of the home.

There are different types depending mainly on the materials used for their design. If you think of an air plants glass container, you may have in mind those crystals, which are the most commonly used and common. However, there are air plants glass containers of other materials, although almost all types of air plants glass containers have at least one glass door that allows the visualization of the plant.

You will be wondering how much air plants glass container costs because the materials will determine its price. The plastic ones can be a good option for beginners in the world of reptiles. In addition, plastic can be cheaper than conventional glass. As for the wood, this is an ideal material for the conservation of the internal heat of the air plants glass container, much better than those made of glass, providing a comfortable habitat for the reptiles that inhabit it.

However, glass and wood air plants glass containers can give a special touch to the place where they are installed, so if aesthetics and decoration are priorities in your home, you should pay attention to those made with these materials.


Safety is paramount for this product, due to the risks of an accidental fall. Therefore it is necessary to know the materials used for its design that could be prone to risks of damage. On the other hand, the necessary adjustment of their panels provides support and stability to the air plants glass container, thus preventing the pet from leaving inside.

This attribute applies to all types of air plants glass container, however in those that have more room is in glass containers and wooden containers, due to the characteristics of these materials, therefore, it is an indispensable requirement that these are fixed in appropriate places so that they do not have risks of falling or accidental impacts.


Some models have the possibility of transporting themselves more easily than others, which is an aspect that could be imposed on demanding standards in our life dynamics. The first thing is to check if we have space to install an air plants glass container and have it fixed in one place or if, on the contrary, we want to take it from one space to another constantly.
This is the main difference with respect to other products made with glass or wood materials, which, even when they can be transported, it is not advisable to do it periodically, so it is always recommended to keep them in a fixed space.


The size of the product will be determined mainly by the requirements of the profile of the plant we want, be it a turtle, a chameleon or a snake. There are specifications and recommendations appropriate to the profile of each type of plant that is required for your health and comfort.

In this sense, we must remember that reptiles are very territorial, preferring to be alone and on the other hand, they can manifest high levels of stress if the parameters are not adequate since every animal needs a refuge to feel safe and relaxed. Therefore, the size of the air plants glass container should be adapted to your needs. For example, the plastic ones are suitable for small reptiles or amphibians and for small terrestrial turtles, however, when they grow they must be changed to the larger ones, with glass or wood designs.

The size of the product may be linked to the question of how much it costs, however, the most important thing is not that it is economical, but that it meets the requirements of the type of plant. With doubt, you should be able to make a choice of the right Hanging Clear Glass Prism Air Plant to add to your home as a new stylish decoration. These Hanging Clear Glass Plant holders are relatively cheap and you can purchase as many as you wish for different spots in your home.

Final Thoughts

It is important that when you want to have an air plants glass container for your pet you ask for the recommendation of a specialist, to give you the appropriate reference of the air plants glass container that your plants need according to its needs and characteristics.

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