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Best Dog Seat Covers for Car in 2021 – Top 9 Ranking

Best Dog Seat Covers for Car

Dog seat covers serve a crucial purpose for car owners. They help maintain hygiene and make it easy to clean the car. It would be a terrible idea to allow your dog in your car without a seat cover. All it will do is leave you with a mess of hairs, waste, mud, water, dander, odor, or claw marks. Covers also ensure safety and comfort for your pet. You will love it especially the hammock seat cover.

Best Dog Seat Covers 2021 Review

9. MPOW Dog Seat Cover

MPOW Dog Seat Cover

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Are you looking for universal dog seat covers? Mpow would be a worthwhile consideration. It fits diverse vehicle types including SUVs and trucks. The seat cover is designed for rear seats and would be appropriate as a bench cover or dog hammock if you wish.

The construction of this product is admirable. For example, it features four layers (Oxford fabric, cotton, heavy middle and anti-slip bottom) that offer your car seats the protection they so much need. It is comfortable, waterproof, durable, strong and anti-scratch. If you have leather car seats, MPOW would be great for them.

You do not need any unique skills to install the cover on the seats. The seat anchor and adjustable clips make your work a lot easier. This pet product is thick thus stands paws. Its heavy-duty polyester lasts long, is easy to maintain and you can either vacuum or wipe the cover. The storage bag saves space in your garage or car when moving.

8. The Original Gorilla Grip Pet Seat Cover

The Original Gorilla Grip Pet Seat Covers

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The non-slip mechanism on this seat cover uses textured surface. You have four headrest straps, two elastic straps, and two seat anchors to assist installation. This all-waterproof brand has two layers that ensure durability. Use the Velcro closures in addition to the side flaps for rear protection.

Make good use of the pocket that has a zipper. Let it hold your accessories and keep your car space organized. One thing to remember about this product is that it does not function with adjustable headrests. Nonetheless, it is fast to install and quick to clean.

7. Winner Outfitters Seat Cover

Winner Outfitters Car Seat Cover

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This is a backseat cover. It is usable as a hammock for your dog when in the car. Made from advanced waterproof TPU and poly pongee material, you can be sure that none of your dog’s waste will reach your car seat. The backing is nonslip thanks to the rubber used in designing it. Use the seat anchors to bar the cover from sliding on the seat.

Your pet will like this product. It is light and soft thus promotes comfort at all times. Like many other high-quality dog seat covers, Winner Outfitters provides buckle straps and seat anchors for easy installation. The side flips offer extra protection for your pet. You can machine-wash the cover to keep it clean.

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6. NAC&ZAC Version 3.0 Seat Cover

NAC&ZAC Version 3.0 Car Seat Cover

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NAC&ZAC is one of the best dog seat covers to consider buying. For instance, it consists of three layers with the middle one being waterproof. The seat cover does not have any smell when you buy it thus comfortable to use in your car. Its non-skid clear silicon backing plus the elastic straps keep it intact once installed. This would be a good fit for leather seats too.

You will love this brand just like the others in the review. Its design entails side flaps that ensure the whole seat is covered. If your dog jumps around, it will not touch any part of your car seats. Seat belts provide secure fixing while Velcro closures prevent dirt from reaching the seats.

If your vehicle’s seats lack headrests, this product is not suitable for them. However, the cover is easy to put up, durable, and easy to maintain. It does not matter the color of your seats, whether dark or light. This is the cover to purchase.
There is a NAC&ZAC door cover. It offers protection to your car doors. Therefore, it would be wise to buy the seat and door cover alike for extra car protection.

5. URPOWER Cover-for Front Seat

URPOWER Cover-for Front Seat

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Sometimes you want to seat with your loyal friend at the front of your car. If you were looking for dog seat covers suitable for the front seat, Urpower would be a good choice. It is high standard and boasts of a long-lasting, heavy, polyester construction. It is waterproof and comfortable for your pet.

Sliding or slipping is not a problem if you have this item. It presents two buckles for the headrest, anchors for the seat and built-in rubber to prevent sliding. They are easy to set up and remove. To clean the seat cover, use a damp cloth to wipe or merely vacuum.

Urpower’s universal size makes it perfect for a variety of vehicles including cars, SUVs, and trucks. It can accommodate both small and big dogs.

4. URPOWER Waterproof Car Dog Seat Cover

URPOWER 600D Seat Cover

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Like many excellent dog seat covers, this brand provides you side flaps. They ensure the entire seat is covered protecting it from dog hair and damage such as scratches. The split zipper design is impressive. You can use a full zip to create a comfortable hammock for your dog or use a zip down to allow you see your pet when driving.

This product presents a heavy-duty waterproof fabric and cotton mat. The nonslip element prevents uncalled for accidents. Nonskid backing and anchors assure you of that. Velcro openings enable easier access to seat belts.

Quickly clean the cover, let it dry, pack your supplies and leave with your dog for an enjoyable hike, camping or road trip.

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3. 4Knines Dog Seat Covers

4Knines Dog Seat Covers

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4Knines employs premium components that guarantee high-quality seat covers. It is heavy metals, and AZO dyes free making it safe for your health. The last thing you need is a cover with harmful metals such as mercury and lead. This brand saves you the trouble. The material is also colorfast meaning no color bleeding and no car damage.

Each part of the seat cover (seat anchors and backing) stands high temperatures ensuring the cover does not bulge at all. Slipping is taken care of by the non-slip backing. The headrest is UV protected to increase durability. Use the clips to install the cover. The openings allow you reach car seat latches and seat belts making set up an easy task.

The other adorable features of this dog seat cover include being heavy-duty, waterproof, padded, easy to maintain and with reinforced stitching.

2. BarksBar Luxury Pet Car Seat Cover

BarksBar Seat Covers

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This is another amazing backseat dog sat cover. BarksBar is usable as a hammock or for covering the bench part of your car seats. It suits most cars, SUVs, and tracks thus very versatile. The side flaps on the bench part provide more protection to your seat cushions saving them from dirt and damage.

About construction, this product is manufactured from high end, heavy, waterproof polyester. It promises comfort and durability ensuring you get value for your money. There are Velcro openings to help install the seat belts not forgetting the anchors.

The cover has two pockets for keeping things while driving such as bottles, toys, and dog leashes. They ensure you have a neat car space. This brand’s material does not cause color bleed, and it does not contain AZO dyes or heavy metals. It is therefore safe for your health and your pet’s.

Sometimes the weather is too cold or too hot. Well, Barkbar can withstand extreme degrees meaning no damage caused to your car seats whether it is snowy or hot. Install it with the straps and seat anchors for a stress-free ride with your dog. Machine-wash the cover to keep it clean and fresh all the time, but use delicate or gentle cycle only.

1. BarksBar Original Dog Seat Cover

BarksBar Original Dog Seat Covers

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BarksBar has proven to be a worthwhile purchase due to its characteristics. It comes in a universal size for many cars, SUVs, and truck. It functions as a hammock or bench cover. The side flaps will always be an added advantage. Appreciate the top notch, dense, waterproof polyester material that ensures durability. It is also comfy thus an excellent treat for your dog.

Installation is a walk in the park. Use the anchors and Velcro openings. This back seat cover is safe for human and animal health just like the other BarksBar brand in the review. It does not contain any harmful metals nor does it have problems with harsh temperatures. Machine-wash it on gentle cycle if you think wiping is not getting the job done.

Choosing The Best Dog Seat Cover For Cars

Well, before buying any cover products, keep in mind the following factors.

  • Durability: always buy a long-lasting cover. Look at the construction of the item you are choosing to determine how durable it will be.
  • Style: your car deserves a nice-looking dog seat covers. The market has such.
  • Quality: high-quality products are a must-have because low-quality ones are a waste of money and will not last
  • Material: go for sturdy fabrics and anti-slip covers. they are safer and more secure for your pet
  • Comfort: your dog deserves a soft, comfortable cover to stand or sit on.
  • Waterproof: a great seat cover ensures no water, dog waste or spills reach your car seats
  • Size: buy a brand that can accommodate big and small dogs, and which can cover big and small vehicle seats. One with side flaps would be helpful.
  • Environment-friendly: this has to do with the material used in making dog seat covers. It should be eco-friendly to keep your dog and your safe health wise.
  • Adjustable: an excellent seat cover comes with flexible parts that ensure it fits well on the seats. Make sure the straps and anchors area adjustable as you make purchases

Final Decision

With a guide about the best dog seat covers, it becomes easier to select a great product. Why spend money on low-quality seat covers when you now know what to buy? Remember the factors mentioned above when placing orders. It is the easiest way to spot a dog seat cover worth your money.

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