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Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Family Members

Top Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Family Members

Halloween is one of the occasions that people look forward to. This glamorous event may be associated with witches and wizards but this has not stopped people from making merry and having a good time with their loved ones. Kids get to enjoy lots of candy and chocolate as they go door to door trick-or-treating. The adults get an excuse to enjoy Halloween cocktails and this pretty much sums up why everyone is always looking forward to Halloween.

The other thing that is synonymous with Halloween is dressing up. The old and the young dress up in fancy costumes with pop culture, movies, and nature some of the inspirations behind the costumes. The desire to be the best dressed individual in the neighborhood has added an element of anxiety to the whole exercise. If you are feeling a little bit overwhelmed with what to wear this coming Halloween, worry less as we have got your back in this regard. In this article, we will share the best Halloween costume ideas that you can borrow to make the event memorable. Dress up in style and take viral-worthy photos that you will share on social media.

Let’s now get started on the different Halloween costume ideas for different members of the family.

Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Men

There are a lot of Halloween costume options for women and kids that fit their budget and needs. Men are somehow neglected in this regard but with some thought and creativity, you can whip up an amazing costume that will get everyone talking. The old hockey jersey that you wore last Halloween will not cut it this time if you want to have a good time and to fit in with the rest. Your dad jokes will fall on deaf ears if you are not in costume and character and this is why you need to put in the effort and find and a costume for the occasion. In this regard, let’s now take a look at some of the best Halloween costume ideas for men that you can consider if you desire to look cool and classy this Halloween.

1. “50 Shades of Grey”

50 Shade of Grey Costume for Halloween

Since its release 7 years ago, the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey” still remains one of the most influential productions of our time. People cannot stop talking about it and this makes it a great Halloween costume idea for men. To pull this look off is very easy and all that you need is a plain shirt (a black shirt would be ideal in this case), grey paint in different shades and light cardboard paper. Cut 50 pieces of the paper and paint the different grey paint shades over them. Use tape to stick the painted patches on your shirt and there you have your “50 shades of grey” inspired Halloween shirt. Pulling this costume is very easy and this makes it a great option if you left it a little late to prepare your Halloween costume. The resources, in this case, are also readily available and cheap as well. You can get the kids to help you paint the patches and this will provide you with the opportunity to bond with your little ones.

2. Jack Pearson “This Is Us”

Jack Pearson “This Is Us”

There is no doubt that Jack Pearson from the TV series “This Is Us” is TV’s most loved dad. Jack brought up three beautiful babies with one of them a black kid that was abandoned at a fire station by her parents. Jack’s wife lost one of her kids (she was carrying triplets) during childbirth and could have gone home with 2 kids only to be told that there was an abandoned black kid had been brought to the hospital. Jack took the kid home and raised him as his own. Jack referred to the kids as the big three and Jack’s character presents you with an opportunity to step out in style this Halloween. Jack had a mustache and if you don’t have one, you can purchase a faux mustache for the role. Find an over-sized shirt to highlight the 90s theme and three baby dolls to act as the Big Three.

3. “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air Halloween Costume

If we are stick with the 90s vibe, then “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” is another show that presents you with costume ideas for Halloween. The look is pretty easy to pull off since all you need is a colorfully printed shirt and half-done overalls. You will do this look a lot of justice with an afro wig and you can get one from your nearest store.

Best Halloween Costume for Kids

Your kids are probably looking forward to Halloween as it presents then with the chance to indulge their sweet teeth without getting reprimanded. When they are out there trick-or-treating, you want them to look their best so as to increase their chances of collecting the best treats that they will share when you get home. To achieve this, you will have to get creative with their outfits and fortunately for you, we have some amazing costume ideas for you to consider. The ideas that we will share below are inspired by nature, pop culture, and colors. You can have the kids help you in designing the costumes and this way, you teach them valuable craft skills.

1. Watercolor Paint Box

Watercolor paint box Costume for kid

Kids are constantly using water color for their school assignments and as such, they will be thrilled to dress as a watercolor paint box this Halloween. The resources that you will need for this exercise include a yellow dress fabric, beret templates, water paint trays, and an ironing board.  Cut the fabric to suit the size of your daughter and stitch together the edges for proper fit. Cut the paint ovals from the beret templates. Paint the ovals with different colors and stick them to the dress with office glue. Iron the paint ovals to get them to stick to the dress properly and to straighten them out.

You will need a paintbrush to go with the whole look and you can create one with a stick and pipe cleaners. The pipe cleaners will act as the brush bristles and you are advised to use many of them so as to make the brush appear full. Use tape to attach the bristles and spray the stick red to give it a nice look.

2. Hip-Hop Candy Rapper

Hip-hop Candy rapper Costume for Kids

If your kid is a fan of rap music, then you can help them dress as a rapper for Halloween. It is pretty easy to pull of the hip-hop candy rapper look since all that you need for this costume is candy, glue, and a plain white t-shirt. Attach the candy to the t-shirt using the glue and you are halfway to achieving the hip-hop candy rapper look. Since most rappers wear chains and other jewelry, you need to need to get a gold costume chain to complete the look. A snapback hat is another accessory that cannot miss out on this look since it’s difficult to come across a rapper who is not wearing one. Another useful addition is a microphone that the kids will use to demonstrate their rap skills.

3. A Flower Costume

A Flower Costume for Halloween

Flowers are something kids love and with some creativity, you will be able to create a flower costume that they will wear for Halloween. It is easy to do this since the resources that are required are readily available and they include a green shirt and green pants. You will also need petal flower fabric for the petals. The shirt and the pants will form the stem of the plant. You will need to create one large leaf that will stretch from one wrist to the next. Since leaves are green, cut a large piece of green fabric that matches the shirt and pants that you have selected. Use a pair of scissors to cut the edges to get the perfect shape of the leaf. Decorate the leaf with ribbons which will form the veins of the leaf. Add strips of fabric to the leaf that will act as armholes.

For the flower part, cut oval shapes on the flower fabric and sew them together on the edges. Join the sections with a piece of thread and make sure to leave enough space for your child’s head since the flower goes to the head.

Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

As a woman, you can spend a lot of time making sure that everyone in the family is looking sharp for Halloween to the extent that you forget about yourself. This needs not to happen this time around and below are the best Halloween costume ideas that you can consider for the holidays.

1. Asparagus Costume

Asparagus costume for Halloween

If your kid will be doing the flower costume, then you can create a costume inspired by asparagus for the nature-inspired family Halloween look. Get some green pool noodles and use them as the asparagus stalk. To make the flowers, you will need purple and green felt. Cut the felt into shape and stick them to the stalk using spray adhesive. For each stalk, you will need about 10 leaves so as to give the asparagus a full look. Bundle the stalks together using purple duct tape. Attach suspenders to the back of the bundle and drape them over your shoulders. With this look, you will definitely stand out from the crowd and the outfit can be used to pass the message of healthy eating among families.

2. Rey Costume

Rey Costume Halloween for Women

If you are a fan of Star Wars, then Rey must be one of the characters that have impressed you so far. With power and charisma, Rey stands out as one of the protectors of the galaxy and you too can take up this role with a Rey-inspired costume this Halloween. Rey’s dressing is quite simple to pull off and this makes it one of the best Halloween costume ideas to consider if you are late to start your Halloween preparation exercise. To create this costume, you will need a lot of white fabric that you will use for the armbands and the dress top. You will also need a light saber to mimic the sword Rey usually carries and a brown tunic for the torso. The look is not complete without a brown belt to tie everything up together and slouching boots.

3. Raining Men DIY Costume

Raining Men DIY Costume

If you want to be the top attraction at the Halloween party, then the raining men DIY costume is one of the best Halloween costume ideas to consider. When this costume is set up to completion, it will look like it is raining men with you trying to protect yourself from the falling faces with an umbrella. To capture everyone’s attention, use photos of celebrities that are known all over such as sports athletes and showbiz personalities. Making this costume is actually very simple and the resources required are readily available. You will need an umbrella, face printouts, a pair of scissors, and glue stick. Stick facial printouts of the same facial printout side by side and stick them together using the glue stick. The essence of sticking the faces side by side is to ensure that you don’t have any blanks pages on your costume. Stick the cuttings to the umbrella using a piece of thread. The string should be short so as to prevent them from getting tangled together when they are blown by wind. Wear a nice dress and boots to give the impression that you are trying to protect yourself from the rain. When you get to the Halloween party, everyone will be looking at you to see the male celebrities that you are trying to protect yourself from.


Halloween is a nice occasion where everyone tries to let loose and have some fun. Kids can eat as much sweets as they like and the adults can engage in Halloween cocktails without feeling guilty. The key to a memorable Halloween celebration, however, is in the costumes and above we have shared the best Halloween costume ideas for men, women, and kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is Halloween celebrated?

A: Halloween is celebrated on October 31.

Q: What are the theme colors of Halloween?

A: The theme colors for Halloween are black and orange.

Q: What are the symbols for Halloween?

A: The symbols of Halloween include pumpkins, witches, bats, and ghosts.

Q: What do kids do when they visit houses during Halloween?

A: They shout trick-or-treat and wait for the owners to drop candy in their bags.

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