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Best Mens Pocket Squares 2021 Review – Top 9 Ranking

Best Mens Pocket Squares Review

What sets an average guy apart from a gentleman? What do people like Justin Timberlake, David Beckham, or Robert Downey Junior have in common? These all are the names everyone recalls whenever there is an ongoing conversation about a stylish man wearing a well-tailored suit. A gentleman is very particular about his accessories and craves for finer details. A vital part of male accessories is the pocket square. Yes, all those high-class men above do remember to style their three-piece suites with beautiful pocket squares. Long gone are the days where you can just walk with a normal handkerchief instead of a pocket square. There is a thin line difference between the two, but just enough to make your class amongst the crowd.

If you are thinking that pocket squares may be some new trend in the fashion you should ignore, then please read this paragraph carefully. With its roots back from the Othello of the Shakespeare-en’ era, this practice of pocket square holders was continued by Richard-II’s courtiers also. After that in today’s era, you can easily spot a glamorous yet subtle pocket square held proudly in breast pockets of all the Presidential members, movie stars, high-class businessman, etc. No need to be the next good looking man in black rather, with the appropriate collection of pocket squares you can step into the next hall party as an A-grade gentleman.

In the article below, I shall guide you to understand more about pocket squares and then continue towards giving you the best top 9 best mens pocket squares available out there. Take your time reading the full content in order to grasp this flamboyant asset and its details completely.

When To Wear and When Not To?

So, the first and foremost question is when should we wear a pocket square? Can it go with any of yours over wear or just a tailored suit? This wonderful accessory should be worn with utter care, so it does not look like an overdose. That’s why, I would suggest you wear it with your cool jackets, let it be a full suit or just a nice blazer or maybe sports coat. You can also carry pocket squares with unlined blazers too. But don’t try them with the casual top coat or if you call it an overcoat. With overcoats pocket squares don’t match well.

How To Get a Perfect Match Between The Outfit and Pocket Square

Do I need to match my pocket square with my suit design or shirt color or it should be a look-alike of my tie? An interesting bunch of questions here, we shall take them all slowly.

In best of my observations, it is preferable not to match your pocket square with the tie. The safest way is to make the pocket square complement your outfit. By this, I mean the pocket square should style up with your shirt. It is usually the most appropriate choice unless you are wearing some daunting colored shirt inside a classy suit. A good choice is to go for a solid pocket square (preferably white) with some colored tipping (try to get this of the same shade as your tie). When you pick a perfectly contrasting hue for your tie and pocket square, your complete outfit shouts loud for attention on its own.

By now you seem quite motivated to buy a pocket square for yourself. So, let’s have a look at the details of top 9 mens pocket square.

Best Mens Pocket Squares 2021

9. MENDENG Men’s Assorted Cotton Polka Dots Pocket Square Handkerchief

MENDENG Mens Assorted Cotton Polka Dots Pocket Square Handkerchief Set of 11

One more pack from MENDENG comes in this list. You can check below link to see these beautifully patterned mens pocket squares. All of the 11 squares are bound to amaze you suits with a cool tie and shirt combination. No design is repeated in the pack and most of them are uniquely printed. They are made out of cotton and polyester.

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8. Driew Men Suit Pocket Square Handkerchiefs with Assorted Pattern

Driew Men Suit Pocket Square Handkerchiefs with Assorted Pattern

Manufactured by a prevalent clothing brand, Driew these pocket squares are sure to amaze you at the very first look. Prepared with polyester yarn here’s a set of 11 awesome pocket squares. An attractive offer is that these pocket squares come with eleven assorted patterns and colors for you to choose following your occasions. This gentleman style square pack consists of variation of stripes, floral, dotted, and solid print. You can use them for both casual and formal events.

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7. MENDENG Men’s 10 Pack Assorted Cotton Polka Dots Pocket Square Handkerchief Hanky

MENDENG Mens 10 Pack Assorted Cotton Polka Dots Pocket Square Handkerchief Hanky

The package has 10 pieces of classic woven tie hankies. A product presented by the brand “Mendeng”, claims the quality of material used for designing the pocket squares as very promising and long lasting. The fabric used to create these mens pocket squares are cotton or polyester and silk blended in classic fashion design making it suitable for business meetings, parties, wedding, etc. These stylish men’s pocket squares have the dimension of 10″ x 10″ or 25 x 25 cm. The company “Mendeng” are also into other accessories for men grooming and guarantees the user of their pocket squares, a charming and energetic look.

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6. Jeatonge 12 Pack Mens Pocket Square Handkerchief Assorted Cotton Polka Dots

Jeatonge 12 Pack Mens Pocket Squares

Jeatonge is also a renowned brand in clothing accessories. In this pack of 25 x 25 cm pocket squares, Jeatonge delivers 12 polyesters made handkerchiefs for you. All of these pieces are designed to be event friendly, by which I mean there are multiple patterns from which you can easily get your pick for the next function in town. These pocket squares give a silky smooth feel and royal look when worn with a contrasting outfit. The company has carefully packaged 4-5 variants of polka dotted pocket squares with some regular lining and checker ones. The packet also carries a solid and an abstract print pocket square.

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5. HISDERN 6 Piece Assorted Printing patterns Mens Pocket Squares Handkerchief Wedding Gift

HISDERN 6 Piece Assorted Printing patterns Men's Pocket Square Handkerchief Wedding Gift

This package comprises handmade men’s pocket square designed with the finest quality of microfibers. With a diversified combination of patterns, this product will make you ready to go for any occasion. The nice touch and feel of these handkerchiefs manufactured by Hisdern are also fulfilled by Amazon. This pack is truly versatile and occasion ready. It has two shiny polka dots imprinted pocket square along with two designs having check variations. There are two more abstract designs that will eventually give your blazer a royal kind of touch. All these pocket squares come in 25 x 25 cm size and all are purely handmade.

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4. AVANTMEN 10 Pcs Men’s Pocket Squares Assorted Woven Handkerchief Hanky with Gift Box

AVANTMEN 10 Pcs Men’s Pocket Squares Assorted Woven Handkerchief

Here comes a wonderful set of 10 pocket squares made from a mixture of cotton and polyester. Avantmen provides these attractive pocket squares in a shiny black gift box right at your doorstep via Amazon. The brand prefers to follow the classical way and adds a little quirkiness to make the designs look flawless. This set has around four polka dots patterns, three designs with a variety of polka, and the rest have printed patterns onto them. The most attractive feature of this pack is the vibrant color of pocket squares in addition to their patterns. They have lax touch and are very durable when handled with care.

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3. Geoffrey Beene 13 Pack Fine Men’s Handkerchiefs

Geoffrey Beene 5 Pack Men's Handkerchiefs Gift Box

The famous brand, Geoffrey Beene presents you the best men’s pocket squares that will rule your formal attire. This pack of five consists of very subtle and soothing navy pocket squares, designed to perfection. Formal wear always tends to be of the standard material and following the same pattern this gift box is also composed of cotton pocket squares. They give you just the right feel of softness in your breast pocket. All the pieces feature solid classical designs having a white base. Their traditional look will make you remember old school days. The company feels it their responsibility to give a precise clean look to the person wearing their product.

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2. Fine White Silk Pocket Square – Full-Sized 16″ x 16″

Fine White Silk Mens Pocket Squares

By Royal Silk Direct Inc. an imported men’s pocket square is available for all classy males out there. This silky and white beautiful, subtle sheen pocket square is made up of 60 gram of silk twill. This pocket square is the perfect accessory for one’s wardrobe. Also, it will add grace to your jacket. Unlike most of the pocket squares, it is more wide viz. 16″ x 16″ allowing you to experiment with varieties of shapes. The material used to fabricate this unique piece of men’s pocket square is long lasting and easily allow to remove dirt.

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1. DanDiao Mens Pocket Squares Handkerchief for Wedding Party

30 PCS Mens Pocket Squares Handkerchief For Wedding Party

The most reliable and simple set of mens pocket squares is this one. Made of satin polyester, these 30 pieces are very comfy in wear and touch. They come in 22 x 22 cm dimensions and the best part is they will never fall off your blazer’s breast pocket, no matter how badly you place or crease them. The set can be matched up for any to all occasions, let it be a farewell party or a wedding invitation or a formal get-together. The pack will feel just like a folder of all the colors present in any hue image, that’s why there are 30 different colored pocket squares in it.

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Final Thoughts

We have spent times in getting the top 9 best mens pocket squares list. It isn’t easy to make a choice but we hope it helps a lot in narrowing down your search. Just get the one matching your outfit and rock the next party in town. Also, do remember not to carry a lavishing pocket square with the regular overcoat. A fine pocket square shall enhance the beauty of your tailored suit and improvise your empty breast pocket.

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