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Best Off Road Go Karts 2022 Reviews – Top 9 Ranking

Best Off Road Go Karts in 2019 Reviews and Buyer's Guide

Go-kart is a four-wheeled vehicle that’s designed to be used off-road. Off-road karting is a popular activity that keeps evolving with multiple ranges of vehicles, adherents, and options. The first off road go kart was released by Honda in the 1977 but has since undergone through so many transformations in appearance and body style.

The off-road go-kart is also known as “buggy” in the USA and in many other countries, mainly used for off-road use on beaches and sand. Off-road go-karts are suitable for kids, young people and old folks, and not only is it ideal for professionals but for beginners too.

This article consists of the 9 best off road go karts in 2021. We have reviewed some go karts for adults and some for kids.

Our Best Pick

Segway Ninebot Electric GoKart

Segway Ninebot Electric GoKart

Powerful Go Kart for a Smooth Riding Experience

The Segway Ninebot Electric GoKart is powered by an electric motor that delivers enough power for your outdoor driving needs. It comes with a superior steering wheel that offers excellent stability and maneuverability. The double braking system brings the kart under control effectively.

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Best Off Road Go Kart 2021

Here are the two best off road go karts that can be used by both kids and adults.

9. Go-Bowen Baja Electric Kids Go-Kart

Go-Bowen Baja Electric Kids Go-Kart

Price: Moderately priced.

Weight: 150 pounds.

Dimensions: 40 x 25 x 24 in.

Best for: Young kids weighing less than 132 pounds.

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The Go-Bowen Baja Electric Kids Go-Kart is one of the best off road go karts for kids. Designed with an electric engine, this amazing go kart is powerful enough to ensure your kid’s rides are smooth and enjoyable. The go kart has been designed with parental speed control, and this will ensure the little ones don’t accelerate to high speeds that can result in an accident.

It comes with a disc brake system that brings the go kart to a halt without any problems. The go kart frame is made using high tensile steel that offers sufficient protection to your kid all the time. The seat is adjustable to ensure one sits in a comfortable position when riding. There is also a seat belt that will keep your kid safe when riding. The tires of this go kart are rugged to provide sufficient grip.

Pros and Cons


  • Adjustable seat for added comfort
  • Parental speed control will ensure your kid doesn’t drive at dangerous speeds
  • Enhanced safety for the rider with the seat belt and strong frame.


  • Some users complain the go kart has a poor turning radius. This should be improved to improve the riding experience.

8. Aosom Metal Pedal Powered Go Kart Racer

Aosom Metal Pedal Powered Go Kart Racer

Price: Low price tag.

Weight: 110 pounds.

Dimensions: 47.75 x 25.5 x 30 in.

Best for: Perfect for kids between 3 and 8 years.

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Give your child an authentic riding experience with this pedal go-kart that has been built for outdoor riding. This go kart has durable rubber tires and a lightweight build, making it a great asset for your child’s outdoor activities. The go kart allows your child to control the speed with the in-built brake and clutch, thus providing them with a good driving experience. The pedals fully power it, and this eliminates the need for electricity or batteries to operate the go-kart.

The seat on the go kart is adjustable to provide better support to your kid when driving. It has elevated sides as well to ensure your kid is accommodated properly to make their driving comfortable. The go kart has been built with durability in mind to ensure your kid will continue enjoying a smooth riding experience for long. It is easy to operate with the steering wheel positioned at the right height for simple control. Very little assembly is required when you buy this go kart and this will ensure your kid gets to enjoy riding it without having to wait for long.

Pros and Cons


  • Pedal-powered thus eliminates the need for batteries, gas, and electricity to operate the go kart.
  • Simple assembly required to set it up for riding
  • Rubber wheels provide a smooth ride on uneven ground.


  • The go kart can be difficult to pedal at first.

7. TrailMaster MINI XRX Go-Kart

TrailMaster Off Road Go-Kart

Price: Highly priced.

Weight: 176 pounds

Dimensions: 58x35x43 inches

Best for: Perfect for kids.

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If you’re searching for the perfect gift for your kid, get them the TrailMaster MINI XRX Go-Kart and they will thank you for a long time. First off, from the construction and the materials used, this go kart is not only strong but also very durable. It can withstand daily use and still remain in a perfect condition for a long time.

It is also very stable and has all safety features to ensure that your little one will be driving it safely. You have the option to start it automatically as it features an electric start, but if it develops problems, you have the pull start for a backup.

The dual seats are comfortable and the distance from their back to the steering wheel is perfect even for long drives. The wheels are strong and stable and it also has a utility rack where your kid can throw in some stuff if they wish. If you are worried that your little one might go too fast than you’d recommend, the TrailMaster MINI XRX Go-Kart is the right option because it features a speed governor that goes down to 4 mph.

Pros and Cons


  • Electric start and also has a pull start for backup
  • Dual seat
  • Torque converter
  • Dual wheel drive
  • Has a speed governor
  • Features a utility rack


  • It’s a great off road go kart but it’s quite expensive. However, given its performance and other features, it’s definitely worth your money.

6. FITRIGHT Baja-X Electric Go Kart

FITRIGHT Baja-X Electric Go Kart

Price: High price tag.

Weight: 142 pounds.

Dimensions: 55 x 33 x 35 in.

Best for: Perfect for kids approx. 175 lbs.

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The FITRIGHT Baja-X Electric Go Kart is an amazing go kart you can buy to give your kids a great riding experience when they are enjoying themselves outdoors. It is powered by an electric motor that can develop sufficient speed to keep your kid safe and entertained. The go kart can move forward and reverse, thus provide your little ones with the ultimate driving experience. The go kart has a detailed design that includes a foot pedal throttle and disc brake to offer your kids great control when driving.

Your kid’s safety is guaranteed with this go kart thanks to its parental speed control feature that allows you to set speed limits for your kid. It also comes with a safety belt that offers additional protection in case of an emergency. The FITRIGHT Baja-X Electric Go Kart has been built to last with the high tensile steel frame and pneumatic tires, providing greater durability. It is easy to assemble, and you will be able to use the provided assembly kit to set everything up.

Pros and Cons


  • Ergonomically designed seat for better comfort
  • Superior pedal power for seamless riding
  • Designed with fun graphics that the kids will enjoy


  • Manual riding can be tiring for the small kids.

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5. Hauck Hurricane Pedal Go Kart

Hauck Hurricane Pedal Go Kart

Price: Affordable.

Weight: 126 pounds.

Dimensions: 47.6 x 21.9 x 28.3 in.

Best for: Perfect for kids ages 4 – 8.

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The Hauck Hurricane Pedal Go Kart is a great toy to buy for your kid if they are between the ages of 4 and 8. It is powered by a pedal and not gas or electricity like other go karts. This saves you the trouble of looking for electricity and batteries for the go kart. The go kart comes with a sporty steering wheel that offers great responsiveness and quick maneuvering. The driving speed can be kept in check even in corners thanks to the easy to use hand brake.

Your child’s comfort is guaranteed when they are riding thanks to a bucket seat that’s built with raised sides. The seat can be adjusted for different heights to ensure your kid is in a comfortable position when riding. Your child will enjoy riding this go kart because of its impressive build and fun graphics printed on the go kart. The wheels are strong to ensure easy movement on rough surfaces. Your child deserves nothing but the best, and this go kart is exactly what you need to build their strength and coordination as they are having fun.

Pros and Cons


  • The go kart is pedal-powered to encourage physical activity
  • The easy to use hand-brake brings the speed under control effectively
  • The ergonomic seat is comfortable for the kids.


  • The turn radius should be improved to ensure one doesn’t have to keep backing when they need to negotiate a corner.

4. Costzon Go Kart

Costzon Go Karts Off Road

Price: Low price tag.

Weight: 16.8 pounds.

Dimensions: 40x20x63 inches

Best for: Perfect for kids between 3 to 7 years.

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Designed with high quality materials to ensure safety and durability, the Costzon Go Kart is among the best ride-o toys that every kid out there will love. The frame used in making it is stainless steel and non-toxic polypropylene is used on the other parts of the Go Kart. It is easy to learn and operate this Go Kart. The lean-on seats are easily adjustable to offer ample comfort to the child and avoid them from tiring easily.

Whether your kids want to play outdoors or have some space for them to drift and spin indoors, this is an excellent Go Kart that delivers on its promise.

Pros and Cons


  • The Go Kart is very comfortable.
  • It comes at a price that’s hard to beat.


  • Shorter kids tend to have problems reaching the pedals

3. Nerf Battle Racer Pedal Go Kart

Nerf Battle Racer Pedal Go Kart

Price: High price tag.

Weight: 61.3 pounds.

Dimensions: 50 x 23 x 27 in.

Best for: Perfect for kids ages 4 – 10.

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The Nerf Battle Racer Pedal Go Kart is another great go kart you can buy for your kid for their outdoor entertainment. It has a great build and stylish design that will get your kid excited for a ride all the time. It has low profile tires that are ridged to improve their ability to move on rough surfaces. Controlling the go kart is easy with the precision steering wheel that changes direction with ease. The go kart has a superior braking system that brings the kart under control effectively.

The best off road go karts have adjustable seats to ensure the rider is comfortable. The Nerf Battle Racer Pedal Go Kart has a bucket seat that can be adjusted to different height to fit your kid effectively. It also offers the driver an authentic riding experience with the pedal power control. This innovative go kart is safe for the environment since it doesn’t use gas as its power source.

Pros and Cons


  • Offers a smooth driving experience with its pedal power control
  • Ergonomic bucket seat provides enhanced comfort
  • It has a beautiful and sporty design your kid will love


  • Some users complain that some pieces fall off easily.

2. Coleman Power Sports Gas Powered 196cc/6.5HP KT196 Off-Road Go-Kart

Coleman Powersports 196cc Gas Powered Off-Road Go Kart

Price: highly priced.

Weight:  330 pounds

Dimensions: 36 x 43 x 58.5 inches.

Best for: Perfect for adults and kids.

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The Coleman Power-sport features a powerful 196cc engine with a four-stroke cylinder that helps you to explore the outdoors and leave other off-road go-karts in the dust due to its high speed of 20-25 mph. Additionally, this reliable nostalgic model comes with two seats that have 4-point safety harness allowing you to strap yourself and your company while enjoying an exciting ride. Better still the go-kart has padded roll cage that offers extra security and a kill switch that helps you to switch off power easily.

The off-road go-kart also features heavy-duty frame and durable big tires to ensure that you are safe and secured even when riding on rough terrains, in the woods, over the dunes or around the track.  Furthermore, this go-kart features an adjustable front suspension which helps to prevent shock while driving and also hydraulic rear brakes which allow instant stopping.

In addition, power sports go-kart has torque-converter CTV drive system that is fully automatic and a pull-start for easy operation.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy pull-start operation
  • Load capacity up to 400 lb
  • Powerful four-stroke 196cc engine
  • Features a hydraulic disc brake
  • Pinion steering and rack


  • Missing nut for the front tire axle
  • Has a powerful GY6 engine

1. Segway Ninebot Electric GoKart

Segway Ninebot Electric GoKart

Price: High price tag.

Weight: 61.3 pounds.

Dimensions: 40 x 32 x 18 in.

Best for: Perfect for young adults.

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If you are looking for a nice electric go kart for your outdoor adventures, then look no further than the Segway Ninebot Electric GoKart. This go kart has an incredible design that will keep you in the mood for a ride. It has been designed in the latest technology to offer users a seamless riding experience. It has non-inflatable tires that cushion the ride when you are moving on a rough surface. The Segway Ninebot Electric GoKart has a steering ratio of 2:1 to provide riders with precision steering and a drift racing experience.

The go kart has a seat belt attached to the seat to provide you with an extra layer of protection in case of an emergency. It has 3 driving modes suitable for different ages and an adjustable frame to ensure the rider is accommodated properly. The go kart has a portable design to fit your car’s trunk when you are traveling. It comes with a mobile app to monitor your speeds and a dual braking system for more safety.

Pros and Cons


  • It’s easy to assemble the go kart and get it ready for a ride
  • The double braking system offers more protection and safety
  • Precision steering gives riders a smooth driving experience


  • The assembly instructions should be made more clear to make it easy to set up.

Off Road Go Kart Buying Guide: Factors To Consider

Off road go cart speed-min

Power Option

A go-kart is meant to be used for off-road and can either be an electric go-kart or a gas powered device. Electric go karts use either batteries or gasoline as the power source and they are more environmental-friendly since they are quite and non-pollutant but runs for a short time and requires you to frequently recharge the battery. On the other hand, gas powered go karts are more convenient if you require a device that operates for long hours but they are good for the environment since they are noisier and many emit fumes.

Weight Capacity

Generally, most off road go karts come with two seats but it’s important to know the amount of weight the go-kart can accommodate to ensure that it’s convenient to hold both your weights. Again, some are made for kids only, therefore; ensure that you get them a go-kart that supports their weight.


Off road go cart speed

Speed is vital in a go-kart thus ensure when shopping for an off-road go-kart for kids that you get one with speed limiter and parental control system. This will help you to monitor and control the speed of the go-kart for your child-safety.


Go-karts are made for off-roading but not all are made to ride on the same surfaces.  If your kid will be riding on dirt or grass, get a go-kart with pneumatic tires, and for those who will ride on smooth surfaces, a go-kart with hard plastic tires is ideal.

Protective Harnesses

Safety of your child comes first. Therefore, before purchasing a go-kart for your kid ensure that it has safety features like secure seat belts to hold your kid in place, handbrakes to slow the go-kart, and anti-roll bar to reduce go kart roll and to offer protection to your kid in case of a crash.

Ergonomic and Balance

Off road go carts Ergonomic and Balance

Ergonomically designed devices provide comfort and maximum support to the users.  Also, ensure that the go-kart you choose is well balanced to avoid toppling over more so when taking corners.

Final Verdict

Off road go-karting is fun and enjoyable, especially with family and friends. Choose the best off-road go kart that suits you from the listed above. If you want the best experience make sure to purchase a go-kart with powerful and reliable features for you and your kids. Also, some of the options are quite expensive so, set a budget first.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Go-Kart?

A: A Go-kart, also known as Go-cart is a 4 wheeled machine designed to resemble an open car only that it is small and looks like a model car. It is functional and designed to be driven around the compound, either in the backyard or indoors. It is primary designed or entertainment and spending on the model and the type you are getting, there are those that are suitable for kids as well as those that can be used for adults as well.

Q: How Do Go-Karts Work?

A: Go Karts are designed with a chassis, body, steering wheel system and are often designed to be powered by a motor which is in most cases run by a rechargeable battery. the engine is usually a motor or a small 2-stroke engine for larger Go-karts which operates just the way any vehicle or motor powered vehicles work.

Q: Are Go Karts Safe?

A: Different manufacturers and makers of Go karts employ different means to ensure that the safety of the Go Kart user is good. Off road go carts need to have good stability which demands a certain weight and widened base to avoid it from flipping over. Most of the off road go karts in the market are generally safe, but when buying one, be sure that it meets all the safety precautions.

Q: How Fast Do Go Karts Go?

A: Different Go-Karts have different speeds and it will depend on the one that you pick. Some have adjustable speed levels which makes them suitable for kids depending on their different ages. A lion’s share of the go karts in the market range anywhere from as low as 4 mph to as high as 20 mph.

Q: How much Do Go Karts Cost?

A: There is a wide range in price variation when it comes to buying Go-karts. Among some of the contributing factors that make them different include the frame used in the body and chassis, the motor type which determines the power and speed it can go and several other factors. They can range from as low as $70 to as high as $3,000 or more.

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