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Best Plus Size Maternity Dresses 2021 Review – Top 9 Ranking

Best Plus Size Maternity Clothes Review

Being pregnant is quite a wonderful time for any woman. Apart from the cravings, mood swings and an irritable spirit, a pregnant woman cannot put on just any piece of clothing. The protruding belly does not allow that. For this reason, it is important to identify the best clothes for this time of life. You should look great even when pregnant. Besides yoga pants, leggings and t-shirts, dresses are amazing maternity wear. They usually come in many different designs to suit your style. Let’s take a look at our review of the best plus size maternity dresses below.

Our Best Pick

Liu & Qu Wrap Dress

Best Pick – Liu & Qu Wrap Dress

Stretchy fabric that fits properly

The Liu & Qu Wrap Dress is made of stretchy material so as to ensure that the dress grows with you through the pregnancy. The material is breathable for added comfort.

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Best Plus Size Maternity Dresses 2021 To Buy

Once you have the above factors in mind, here is a review of best plus size maternity dresses worth considering.

9. BlackCherry Offshoulder Dress

BlackCherry Offshoulder Dress

Price: Low price tag.

Material: Modal.

Special features: Maxi length design, soft and stretchable fabric, comfortable dress, great design, durable quality, proper stitching.

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If you are looking for something casual, add Blackcherry to your list of plus size maternity dresses. It is simple, super stretchy and fits anyone. Just find the right size for you. Modal is a natural and soft fabric type. It is, therefore, safe for a pregnant woman. There will be no reactions to the material. Even when your tummy is not showing as much, this would be an appropriate purchase.

The short sleeves are perfect and go well with the off shoulder design. The dress is great for casual occasions where showing off some shoulder skin is not an issue. However, the full length of the dress ensures you are comfortable the whole time. You do not have to worry about your dress pulling itself up when you sit for instance. It can be embarrassing, but Cherry saves you the trouble. You will appreciate the ruching at the belly area. It stretches to fit the size of your belly.

Pros and Cons


  • Made of soft material that feels gentle on the body
  • Comes in different colors to suit your style and preference
  • Elegant design that makes you look good


  • The pink is see through and as such, users have to wear the right undergarment with it.

8. Olli Arnes Plus Size Maternity Dresses

Olli Arnes Plus Size Maternity Dresses

Price: Low price tag

Material: Polyester, Rayon, Spandex

Special features: sleeve swing design, elbow sleeve length, side pockets, light weight material, comfortable fabric, different colors.

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As one of the best plus size maternity dresses, this product features three-quarter sleeves. Its swing design makes it comfortable to wear. Enjoy the side pockets and use them to store your valuables such as keys in case you forgot to carry your pouch. You are already carrying extra weight, so you do not need more. Olie Arnes saves you the trouble because it is not a bulky dress.

About material, this brand is a sweater dress that promises you quality. You can wear it every day, but of course, make sure it is clean or buy several dresses. There are diverse colors to choose from, be it dark or bright colors. Use it for casual occasions such as parties, get together and the like. It is also appropriate for the office. Choose what fits you well from the different sizes available. However, this is more of a tunic than a dress, but if you are not as tall, it is a fantastic dress.

Pros and Cons


  • Stretches easily to allow proper fit
  • Comfortable and gentle on the skin
  • Comes in a variety of color shades


  • Some user complain the dress doesn’t fit properly

7. Modernmiss Embroidery Sundress

Modernmiss Embroidery Sundress

Price: Fairly priced.

Material: Cotton.

Special features: pull on closure, unique embroidery pattern, v-neck design, elbow sleeves, light weight material, pleated at the waist.

Summer and spring are amazing seasons to be pregnant. You can pamper yourself under the sun as much as you want by wearing flattering clothes. Rock a sundress and head to the beach, go for a walk or attend meetups. If you are looking for a spectacular maternity sundress, think about Modernmiss’. Its classic embroidery look is fantastic.

The V-neck looks great on anyone, and it has buttons if you do not want to expose skin around your neck. The dress reaches just above the knees. You can pair the dress with nice pants or wear it alone. You will still look good in it. Your height determines whether you will need pants. However, it has enough room to hold any pregnancy belly size.

The sleeves reach your elbows and have buttons as well. The pleats at the waist add beauty to this dress. Nonetheless, it requires you to wear bras of light colors. In addition to the extra-large size, there are medium and large size types.

Pros and Cons


  • Unique embroidery design gives the perfect look
  • Light weight material for added comfort
  • Loose to allow air to circulate freely
  • Some users complain the fabric is transparent

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6. Coolmee Maternity Dress

Coolmee Plus Size Maternity Dress

Price: Fairly priced.

Material: Rayon, polyester, spandex.

Special features: Pleats on both sides, beautiful design, lightweight, breathable fabric, comfortable material

If you are looking for an amazing maternity dress that will keep you comfortable and allow you to show off your beautiful belly, then look no further than this impressive Coolmee Maternity dress. This dress is made in high quality rayon, polyester, and spandex materials that guarantee your comfort when wearing the dress making it one of the best plus size maternity dress out in the market.

We understand that pregnancies can be delicate and as such, you shouldn’t wear any dress that retains a lot of heat and makes you uncomfortable. This dress is made of breathable fabric and this will ensure that your skin breathes comfortably to prevent you from getting sweaty and uncomfortable. This dress has an impressive design and this will ensure you are stylish and beautiful with a baby growing inside of you. The dress is available in different colors and this allows you to choose a shade that matches your taste and personal style.

Pros and Cons


  • Beautiful design allows you to step out in style
  • Comes in different shades of color
  • Made of breathable fabric that prevents you from sweating and getting uncomfortable


  • Some moms say the dress could be made with more material in the belly area.

5. Beachcoco Sweetheart Maternity Dress

Beachcoco Sweetheart Maternity dress

Price: High price tag

Special features: Impressive design, multiple colors, spaghetti strap, soft stretchable material, durable build, comfortable

Material: Rayon, spandex.

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The stretchable fabric of Beachcoco makes it a suitable maternity brand. It features a sweetheart neckline design that accentuates your bust. The soft material ensures maximum comfort when wearing. The maxi dress design is perfect. It is great for parties and other casual occasions.

Walk to the beach with this beautiful dress and make people envious. Actually, you can still wear this dress after delivery saving you some cash. The sweetheart neck would be helpful when breastfeeding. Straps are not adjustable though, thus be sure you are comfortable with that before buying.

Pros and Cons


  • Stretchy fabric that fits properly
  • Available in different colors to match your style
  • Impressive design that will make you look good in your belly


  • The dress has been cut too low for some people.

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4. Mommy Jennie Photo Shoot Dress

Mommy Jennie Photo Shoot Dress

Price: Affordable.

Material: Cotton, chiffon.

Special features: Tube design, good elasticity and stretch-ability, split hemline, see-through design, long romantic train, soft and breathable fabric.

As you keep memories of your pregnancy, make sure you look great in those photos. A Mommy Jennie maternity dress will make you look stunning. Even so, people at your baby shower will be jealous. Now, what does Jennie offer wearers?

The chiffon material gives you a trendy look. Regarding design, the top of the dress fits but the lower one is free. It is elastic thus fits anyone no matter the size. Its tube design brings out the best in you in terms of showing off your adorable neck and shoulder. That is not all. Wait until you see the bottom. It is split at the front beginning from the hem to your belly. No wonder this dress is amazing for photo shoots. It makes you look sexy. You cover the split or open it a little to expose your belly.

You will definitely love how you look in person and photographs. The pink color manifests the girl in you while the full length provides adequate cover wherever you go.

Pros and Cons


  • Comes in an impressive design for a pregnancy photo shoot
  • Soft material that is breathable and gentle on the skin
  • Split hemline shows your beautiful belly


  • The top could be small for those with large bust

3. Bhome Bodycon Maternity Dress

Bhome Bodycon Maternity Dress

Price: Fairly priced.

Material: Cotton, spandex.

Special features: Knee length, shirred dress, short sleeves, ruched sides, flattering design, comfy dress, breathable fabric, pull on closure.

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Who said you could not wear a body-hugging dress when pregnant? Bodycon designs show off your curves and belly the way you like it. Bhome is one of the plus size maternity dresses worth considering. Its breathable material ensures a good fit and aeration. Some pregnant women feel warmer than when not pregnant; therefore, the breathability would be of great help in such cases.

The design of the dress is stylish. If you do not like maxi dresses, then this knee-length piece would suit you. It also features a round neck and pencil look for an extra flattering appearance. It does not end there. The ruching on the side of the dress provides space for your growing tummy. It does not matter how far you are. Besides, you can wear it post pregnancy.

Select solid colors, floral or horizontal stripes styles. There is no wrong in buying the three types of Bhome dresses. The one concern about solid color is it is see-through when stretched. These dresses are spectacular for photos and baby showers. Wear them with a coat or jacket and look elegant. Choose from small, medium, large, extra-large and XXL.

Pros and Cons


  • Made of breathable material that prevents sweating
  • Comfortable dress that fits you perfectly
  • Solid colors that give off an impressive look


  • The sleeves are a little bit short for tall people

2. Mother Bee Maternity Dress

Mother Bee Maternity Dress

Price: High price tag.

Material: Polyester, spandex.

Special features: Over the shoulder design, different colors. Impressive design, stretchy fabric, comfortable material, perfect fit.

This dress is as versatile as it gets. For example, it features a cowl neck that allows you to wear it above or over the shoulders. If you love long sleeves, Mother Bee’s dress has them. Being one of the best plus size maternity dresses, it provides several sizes small, medium, large and extra-large. Even the sleeves vary in length.

Pros and Cons


  • Available in different colors for you to choose
  • Elegant design that makes you look good
  • Soft fabric that is gentle on the skin
  • The dress is short for tall people

1. Liu & Qu Wrap Dress

Liu & Qu Wrap Dress

Price: Low price tag.

Material: Rayon, spandex.

Special features: Short sleeves, body-con dress, ruched side seams, soft fabric, light material, breathable fabric, high elasticity, slim and elegant.

This is yet another bodycon dress only that it is a different brand. When choosing your Liu&Qu size, ensure you measure your bust. The last thing you need in plus size maternity dresses is bodycon that squeezes your bust. You are pregnant; your clothes cannot be very tight on your body.

Well, Liu dresses have ruched seams on the sides providing extra space for the tummy. It has a slimming effect on your waist enabling you to show off your amazing waistline. On occasion, this is a casual dress. Remember that when dressing up.

Pros and Cons


  • Stretchy fabric that hugs the body effectively
  • High quality dress that will serve you for long
  • Fits perfectly to guarantee your comfort all the time


  • Some users wish the fabric was thicker.

Choosing The Best Plus Size Maternity Dress

Well, before deciding on what dress to buy, look out for the following factors.

  • Material: it depends on your personal preference. However, you cannot go wrong with polyester, spandex and rayon fabrics
  • Design: this has to do with the outward look of the dress. Purchase what you like. There are a variety of maternity dress designs from bodycon, swing, V-necks, short and long sleeves to sleeveless. The choice is yours
  • Height: the height of the dress you go for depends on the occasion, and what you like in maternity dresses, there are knee-high dresses, maxi, over the knee and slightly below the knee. Choose what best appeals to you
  • Comfort: a proper maternity dress is soft and comfortable to wear. It gives you peace of mind when moving around and leaves you feeling relaxed
  • Size: despite the fact that we are talking about plus size, maternity dresses, there are different sizes to choose including small, large, and extra-large. Gauge your body size and select a dress that will fit you perfectly

Final Thought

From the review, it is easier purchasing plus size maternity dresses that suit you. Depending on your style, preference, and occasion, you can be sure to find a dress you like and flatter your gorgeous pregnancy figure. When you look good, you also feel good about yourself. You are now ready to make purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When should one start wearing maternity clothing?

A: Most people wear their regular clothes during the first three months but from this point onwards, one should wear maternity clothes that are loose and more comfortable.

Q: How many sizes does one gain when pregnant?

A: Most women go 2 – 4 band sizes up when pregnant. Their cup sizes also increase by 2 – 4 cup sizes. It is important to note this body changes as they influence the size of the clothes one gets.

Q: Can maternity dress be worn after the pregnancy?

A: Some maternity dresses are made of stretchy fabric and this means that they are able to regain their shape after the pregnancy. Such dresses and tops can, therefore, be worn after pregnancy.

Q: How do these maternity dresses fit?

A: The maternity dresses are made with stretchy fabric to ensure that they grow with you throughout your pregnancy.

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