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Top 5 Engagement Ring Trends of 2021 – A Guide to Securing the Most Important ‘Yes!’ of Your Life

Top Engagement Ring Trends

Many love-struck couples take the New Year as an opportunity to cement their love forever by becoming engaged. But the eternal question arises — which style of engagement ring should one choose? Engagement ring trends do come and go, and as always, there are a number of stunning, fresh new options for 2021.

If you’re choosing an engagement ring in romantic Kansas City for your beloved, we’re here to give you great ideas for the style of ring to choose from all the splendid engagement rings Kansas City has to offer.

OUR TOP PICKS: Top Engagement Ring Trends of 2021

1.) Platinum and Rose Gold — The Perfect Combination

Platinum and Rose Gold - The Perfect Combination Engagement Ring Trends

Rose gold is big this year, and so is platinum, so why not have the best of both worlds with a platinum and gold ring? The marrying of these two rare metals in one design can symbolize how you have both come together for eternity.

Tivol is offering an exquisite Platinum and 18K Rose Gold Ring from designer Precision Set. This wonderfully precious ring has a double row halo split shank pave set with diamonds in a cushion shape top design.

With the most meticulous design details and made from only the absolute finest precious metals and diamonds, this ring is part of the exclusive Extraordinary Collection from U.S. artisans Precision Set. With the Extraordinary Collection, classic elegance has been redefined and perfected.

2.) Let’s Get Fancy with Fancy Cut Diamonds

Fancy Cut Diamonds Engagement Ring

Engagement rings are usually cut in a traditional round solitaire shape, as this usually results in the smallest loss of weight of the rock when cutting. However, don’t you want your engagement ring to be unique and interesting?

2021 sees the continuation of the trend for non-round (‘fancy’) diamond shapes. Cushion cut diamonds are expected to take over the jewelers’ galleries, joining oval and pear-shaped rings as popular choices for those looking for a diamond with a difference.

3.) The Return of Three-Stone Engagement Rings

Three-Stone Engagement Rings

There’s no doubt that celebrities have a powerful influence on engagement ring trends, and the recent wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry has brought about a huge resurgence in interest in three-stone engagement rings.

Three-stone engagement rings typically have a large center gem accented by two smaller diamonds or gemstones. The stones are said to represent the couple’s past, present, and future.

For a really contemporary look, consider three-stone engagement rings with fancy-cut gems and unique accent stones like pears, trillions or baguettes. The trend is also towards thin bands for an elegant look.

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4.) Colored Stones to Reflect Your Personality

Colored Stones to Reflect Your Personality Engagement Ring

For some, brilliant bright white diamonds are passé! 2021 sees an increase in requests for alternative stones that better reflect the bride’s personality. Top of the list are:

  • Rubies
  • Pink sapphires
  • Yellow diamonds
  • Blue sapphires
  • Parti sapphires (multi-toned stones)

Another option is to go for the traditional white diamond as the centerpiece, but accent it with a colored halo of rubies, sapphires, or tsavorite garnets. This results in a unique ring with a vintage touch.

When choosing a colored stone, consider that the cut of the stone will make or break the look of your ring. Sapphires tend to work best with long ovals or emerald cuts, as the long shapes heighten the vibrancy of the color. Ruby stones, on the other hand, work best as a shorter oval, pear, or cushion cut for a more traditional look.

5.) Stand out from The Crowd with a Yellow Gold Band

Yellow Gold Band Engagement Rings Trends

Choosing a trending ring style is not just for getting what’s in fashion in the present — you’ll be wearing this ring all your life, after all — it’s the opportunity to choose something which is different and may not have been available at all a few years ago. White gold and platinum bands rule the roost, but why not try something new, something warmer?

Yellow gold is a very distinctive choice for the engagement ring band. It adds warmth to the ensemble and is really on-trend for 2021.

It’s a Symbol of Your Unique Love

Consider the trending styles in engagement rings, and consider the traditional too. Study what celebrities are splurging on, but be sure to reflect on your own style, personality, and relationship when plumping for a ring choice. Take your time — it’s an immensely fun thing to choose an engagement ring, so knock yourself out examining as many styles as possible and trying them on! When you’re finally completely happy with your choice, you’re ready to start the next chapter of your life together.

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