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Top 8 Safety Items to Carry While Travelling Post COVID-19

Safety Items to Carry While Travelling Post COVID-19

Are you going on a trip but concerned about your health? There are fewer restrictions on traveling now. But it is still a task to protect yourself against the Coronavirus during your tour. One of the easiest ways to remain secure throughout your journey is to pack the hygiene and safety-related stuff.

Carry the following 8 essential items in your travel safety kit to enjoy your trip without any stress.

1. Copper Face Mask

Copper Face Mask for anti Covid-19

Do you know copper face masks are your best bet against the Coronavirus? Reason being that copper is a natural disinfectant. These copper-infused face masks destroys bacteria within few minutes of contact. They are readily available on many online shopping platforms.

2. Face Shield

It can protect your face from people coughing or sneezing close to you. In addition, it significantly protects your eyes from any infection. However, it can’t be a substitute for a face mask. It can be additional security for your face. You can also use a face shield as a reminder not to touch your face or face mask.

3. Antibacterial Gloves

Anti-Microbial Copper Glove

You touch many personal belongings, amongst other things thinking it is safe with your gloves on. But, remember, the virus resides on ordinary gloves as well. But if you want to wear gloves, wear only copper-infused antibacterial gloves with anti-viral properties. They can destroy the virus themselves within minutes of touching it.

4. Soap, Sanitizer, and Hand Wipes

The importance of clean hands to prevent Covid-19 can’t be stressed enough. You should wash your hands periodically with soap for at least 20 seconds. But if you can’t get access to water or soap, use hand sanitizer or hand wipes. But make sure that the alcohol percentage in both wipes and sanitizer should be a minimum of 60%.

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5. Disinfectant Wipes

Corona spreads by touching a surface previously touched by an infected person. It is better to carry disinfectant wipes with you to clean the seat and door handles of any place. You can use them to clean your mobile phone, glasses, and keys as well. Remember, these wipes are unsafe for your skin. So don’t use them as hand wipes.

6. Storage Bag

All the essentials mentioned above need to be kept in a bag. It should be a kind of bag where you can quickly get your hands on sanitizer, wipes, face mask, etc. Without touching other things. It would be best to choose a nice storage bag with multiple small pockets for your journey.

7. Brass Key

A brass key is a helpful piece of equipment while venturing out in Corona times. You can use it to press lift buttons. And its hook-shaped end helps you to manage a door handle without touching it. Moreover, it is made up of brass, so it has antimicrobial properties.

8. Cutlery

Carry your cutlery wherever you go. Clean them after use and keep them in a separate bag. It might seem wired, but remember, it’s the “new normal.” It would help to go to the extent you never thought about before to protect your health and wellbeing.

Parting Words!

We are sure that you are going to follow the precautions mentioned above. But you should once check with your destination hotel or hosts as well. Make sure they are also following all the Covid-19 safety norms.

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