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Various Landscaping Ideas for Gardens and Courtyards

by Edwin Thomas
Various Landscaping Ideas for Gardens and Courtyards

Landscaping means making changes to a land for improving aesthetics and practical purposes. This is achieved by addition of plants to the land, altering the terrain and construction of structures on the land such as fences, patios, walls, pools, etc. Today, landscaping is widely used to turn drab lawns, courtyards and other outdoor areas of houses and other properties into usable and aesthetically appealing places. Professional experts are available for landscaping services.

Main Features of Landscaping

  • Lines- Lines refer to the edges of flower beds, pools, walkways, decks and other structures present in the landscape. The types of line play a major role in the overall appearance of the landscape. For example, vertical lines make the space appear larger while horizontal lines make the landscape appear bigger. Similarly, curved lines impart an informal look to the landscape while straight lines impart a formal look.
  • Colour- Colour of a landscape comes from the types of flora used in it and the structures constructed in it. Similar colour combination can be used to impart uniformity and a formal appearance to the landscape or a multitude of colours can be used for contrast. Many homeowners match the colour of the landscape with the colour of their homes. Bright colours can also be used for central attractions of the landscape such as a fountain, tree, sculpture, etc.
  • Shape and Structure- Trees and bushes present in landscape can either be clipped to give distinct shapes and sizes or allowed to grow in their natural forms to give a more informal and natural look to the landscape. Shape and size of the structures constructed in the garden can also be decided accordingly. Thus, shape and structure of the landscape depends upon both the flora as well as man-made elements.
  • Texture- Texture of the landscape is determined by the types of plants used in it. Plants differ with one another with respect to coarseness, smoothness and weight. Various plants of different textures featuring in a landscape make for a good overall texture of the landscape.
Landscaping idea


Landscape designs

There are many designs which can be implemented for landscaping gardens and outdoor areas. Some of them have been mentioned here.

  • Garden can be divided into plots which are lined by paths made of gravel of various colours and stone slabs. In order to add flora to the landscape, flowering shrubs and ornamental sea grasses can be used. This makes a good mix of hardscape and lush greenery in the landscape.
  • Formal landscape has straight lines, well pruned shrubs and plants and perfect geometric shapes of the different structures present in the landscape. This type of landscaping is usually done for resorts and other commercial establishments even though home owners can also opt for a formal landscape for their gardens. Informal landscape, on the other hand, has randomly arranged trees like in a natural habitat along with curved edges.
  • Adding water element to the landscape is a popular choice of landscaping. Ponds in the landscape not only add to the aesthetics but are also perfect spots for sitting and relaxing. Waterfalls can also be included in the landscape to create a more natural environment. Succulent plants can be used in a landscape with pools or waterfalls because such plants do not shed debris into the water bodies. Even fishes which can tolerate the local climate can be put in the ponds.
  • Rocky landscape can be created by using small rocks at different places for sitting. A big boulder with small rocks scattered here and there is also a good rocky landscaping idea. Rocks can also be used for making the borders of garden beds and pools.

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