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What Things to Look For When Buying a Trundle Bed for Your Home

Things to Look For When Buying a Trundle Bed for Your Home

What is a Trundle Bed?

Chances are that you have already come across trundle beds, but were not aware of what this type of bed was called. You can describe a trundle bed as being a more compact and versatile version of the bunk bed. This is an extremely low-lying bed that comes with built-in wheels that makes it relatively easy to move around the house. The trundle bed is designed so that it can fit underneath most bed frames. This, in turn, helps maximize your floor space while also having a backup bed for guests at the ready.

There are trundle beds, such as pop up trundles, that can also elevate to the same height as the main bed. Trundle beds are highly recommended for homes that expect regular overnight visits from friends and relatives as it is as easy to prepare as it is to store.

Types of Trundle Beds

There’s a handful of trundle bed types that you can choose. We will be going through each variation to give you an idea about each type’s specialty.

Bunk Beds

Bunk Bed Trundle

The traditional multiple person bed, bunk beds, are the most common and most affordable. You will find bunk beds with similar top and bottom sizes while there is another that features a larger bottom compared to the top. This has been a staple when it comes to sleepovers and is still a popular option today. Keep in mind to pick a bunk bed with an easy to climb ladder installed and safety bars located on the side of the top bunk.

Day Beds

Day Bed Trundle Bed

Taking design cues from a sofa, day beds feature three-bed frames instead of the typical two (top and bottom). Because of this design, these beds are best suited to be placed beside the wall. Because of its design, these types of beds can also be used as an alternative sofa that can easily convert into a bed at night. Trundle beds also come in this form, making them an even better choice for residences that see several visitors come and go regularly. Day beds also come in twin and queen sizes, as well.

Sleigh Beds

As the name implies, sleigh beds have an appearance similar to that of a sleigh. It comes with a bed frame design that curls outward, which gives it its name. This bed typically has a considerably taller frame which makes installing a trundle bed quite easy. Some sleigh beds are sold with a trundle bed already pre-installed.

Storage Beds (Captain’s Bed)

Its impressive storage capacity distinguishes captain beds. Instead of the typical frame and headboard, these are now replaced with mini closest/shelves. This type of bed come in different sizes as well, such as twin, full, and queen sizes. Since this bed can also be used to store a wide variety of items, it is best suited for homes that have limited space. Yes, the captain bed is relatively larger and bulkier in design, but it manages to balance the increased floor space requirement with additional storage space.

What are the Benefits of Having a Trundle Bed?

Benefits of Having a Trundle Bed

The primary reason for choosing a trundle bed is with its impeccable ability to save you a ton of space at home. As you can see above, different trundle bed types will be able to fit not only the practical aspect but also the artistic side of things. Practicality is the name of the game with the trundle bed; fortunately, being stylish comes naturally to this bed type, as well.

Below are well-known vital benefits of using a trundle bed for your home.

1. Optimizes Bedding Space and Storage

Since the bedding can be stored underneath the main bed, the trundle bed can save you a heap of space without the need to buy a separate bunk bed. Trundle beds are designed to be extremely low. Low enough to easily slide underneath most bed frames. Make sure to measure how much space allowance your bed has to offer before heading out to buy a trundle bed. Some trundle beds are designed to elevate or expand to the height of your primary bed. These are called pop up trundles.

2. Extra Storage

As you can see from the storage bed or captain’s bed, you can significantly increase the amount of available storage space with the right bed frame type. Storage trundle beds are the ultimate in space-saving capabilities as not only do you get access to an extra mattress; you also have a bed and cabinet hybrid. The compartments within storage beds are enough to accommodate various types of items and equipment.

3. Solution for Limited Room Space

Does your child enjoy having friends sleep over from time to time? Does their room only have enough space for one bed? Well, instead of buying a bunk bed, why not just get a trundle bed? With a trundle bed, you easily store the extra bed until its next use. No need for the cumbersome bunk bed to take up any unnecessary space.

4. Wide Variety of Available Sizes

Trundle beds, like any other beds, come in different sizes. You can find trundle bed frames designed for both kids and adults. It is also available in twin to queen sizes and comes in a broad selection of styles, as well.

5. Aesthetically Pleasing Designs

For those who enjoy personalizing their homes, you can rest easy knowing that trundle beds also come in a wide variety of models and utilizes materials from the entire bed frame making method. This guarantees that you will find the perfect one that checks out all of your preferences.  Trundle beds are far more versatile in terms of design and material that most modern homeowners lean over to this bed type than to more traditional styles.


As you can see, trundle beds are efficient solutions for homes with limited space while still maintaining a top mark in the style/design department. Modern-day interior design is all about maximizing floor space with innovative furniture, and the trundle bed is the epitome of this philosophy.

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