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What You Need To Know About Under Desk Treadmills?

Office works sometimes can be very tedious and time consuming. Sitting down for long hours is not something you should be happy about if you really care for your health. However, the good news is that you can still perform your office duties when walking around or standing and this can only be achieved when you are using an under desk treadmill.

An under desk treadmill is also known as a treadmill desk and it is the best machine that can allow you to remain active in the office. Using this workout equipment will allow you to remain physically fit and this will go a long way in boosting your healthy lifestyle. Apart from that, it is one of the best ways to burn your calories, boost circulation and lose weight.

Whether you have ever heard about these equipment or not, this article will reveal some interesting facts everyone should know about these machines.

Why Do You Need an Under Desk Treadmill?

Underdesk treadmill lookUsing an under desk treadmill will help you in the following ways:

  • Regular walking boosts metabolism and also helps to burn calories. It is among the most effective methods of losing weight.
  • Using a treadmill lowers any risks of hypertension and heart diseases and diabetes type 2 by 50%.
  • It helps to boosts your blood circulation.
  • Boosts posture and also helps to prevent joints and back pain.
  • Walking improves your state of mind especially if you are stressed. It also boosts your level of confidence.
  • Regular walking improves your balance and coordination. This allows you to have a better control of your body.
  • Using a treadmill will also boost your productivity when working. It allows your mind to relax and this will increase your concentration.

How to Use an Under Desk Treadmill

Before buying a treadmill, you need to be conversant on how it works. Below are some tips that will help you to use it Speed- Desk Treadmilleffectively.

  • Speed – Set the right speed that you are comfortable with if you want to prevent uneasiness. No need to set a speed that will leave you out of breath. You can start with a pace of 1 mile per hour and increase later as you learn how it works.
  • Safety clip – It is advisable to use a safety clip since it allows the treadmill to stop in case you lose balance. The walking desk station should be in the right place. It should just be below the elbow and you should also try to keep your arms at 90 degrees when working.
  • Time – You do not need to spend a lot of time on the machine. 30 minutes a day are just enough, especially when starting. You can increase the sessions after some time. Spending less time on the treadmill will also allow you to work for long hours without getting fatigued.

Safety Measures When Using an Under Desk Treadmill

treadmill desk - how to use

  • Under-treadmill mats are a worthy investment because they protect your floor from any damages. They also boost stability and are very useful during the cold seasons. Some of these mats are also effective in sound isolation.
  • Extension cord- If you decide to use an extension cord, ensure the wire is 14 AWG or even better. It should have just one outlet in the end.
  • Use manual – If you have never used this machine before, it is advisable to go through the user manual and ensure that you have understood how it works. You also need to be sure of how to use the different controls.
  • Install the machine where you can easily connect it to a 110-volt or a 10-amp ground circuit. You should never use a ground fault circuit interrupt (GFCI) wall outlet when using a treadmill. Appliances that use GFCI are likely to trip often especially if they are using a large motor.

Key Things to Consider When Buying an Under Desk Treadmill

Here are some of the factors you should consider if you are searching for the best under desk treadmill.

  1. Noise – You don’t need a treadmill that is so noisy such that you won’t be able to concentrate with your work. You also need to consider one that has minimal vibrations.
  2. Weight capacity – It is advisable to check the maximum weight a treadmill can support. You also need to consider the strength of the motor and the stability of the unit to ensure that it will serve you as expected.
  3. Price –Treadmill are available in different prices since they come with different features. All you need to ask yourself is whether the features are worth the price. You also need to be very clear of the features you are looking in a treadmill.
  4. Safety – The other thing you need to take into account is the safety measures which will ensure that you are safe as you exercise. You also need to ensure that it has a wide tread track.
  5. Console – The console you should be very easy to use and should include a good LCD display. It is the most important part which you will be using to control different functions. It also enables you to monitor your operations.
  6. USB ports – The best treadmill should come with USB ports that allow you to charge your phone and connect different devices. Connectivity with your smartphone will enable you to access workout data in a convenient manner.
  7. Speed – If you are planning to use under desk treadmill your office, then you need to go for one that has a limited speed. However, if you want to jog or run after you are through with your work, you need to consider a unit that comes with an adjustable speed.
  8. Reviews – You can easily determine the quality of a product by just going through the customers remarks on various e-commerce stores. You can check under desk treadmill reviews and product’s rating on Amazon


If you among those people who spend many hours in your office, you need to know that this can lead to very serious health conditions especially if you rarely exercise. You are likely to gain weight and experience different forms of body pain such as back pain, joint pains, and headaches.

Therefore, investing in a quality under desk treadmill is one of the best investments you can ever make. This machine allows you to exercise your body as you work. This, in turn, boosts productivity and ensures that you are physically fit. All you need is to do thorough research before buying to ensure that you have chosen the best.

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