Any technology with the word motion sensor exists to capture movements of people in an area. It has more to do with surveillance and someone being in a place they should not be. Therefore, if you have a motion sensor light in your home, it alerts you of any trespassers in your backyard, patio, deck or shed. This helps you foster security not only in your house but also in other properties where you have the LED lights up.

Now, when purchasing motion sensor lights, it crucial to keep in mind specific factors. They include:

Factor to Consider
  • Brightness: you should check the lumens rating on the lights products you buy. The higher it is, the better. However, it depends on the power source of the product. Battery operated brands have lower lumens than electricity-run ones. Nonetheless, the two produce the brightness you so much need
  • Wireless: installing wired lights is more involving than wireless ones. Although, if you feel you a wired light is better than a wireless one in terms of features, go ahead and buy it
  • DIY installation: products you can set up on your own are better than those that require a professional. They will save you money and time especially if you have a tight budget
  • Lifespan: buy a long lasting, durable item. When shopping, look at the materials the light is made from. Stainless steel and a good finish is always a nice combo. Go for waterproof lights too
  • Design: apart from color and general appearance, consider the number of heads. There are single and dual-head lights. It is upon you to choose what best suits your needs. Dual heads cover more distance though.
  • Ease of use: a good device is user-friendly. It is not too sophisticated to operate giving you an easy time installing and running

Here is a review of best motion sensor light products.

  1. UMR 90 LED Solar Light

UMR 90 LED Solar Security Light

When you are looking for a brand that will save you energy costs, think about UMR 90. The fact that it uses solar energy to run makes it ideal. It charges the whole day and uses the energy at night. It stores enough energy in its battery, thus runs smoothly day and night. Installing this model is a walk in the park. There is no wiring.

The settings on this product are spectacular. There are three modes to choose. High light ensures lights are on throughout the night, the economy has the lights dim at night unless they detect motion, and sensor mode ensures lights are off at night until they detect movement. The economy setting is great especially if you do not want so much light around your home.

Have peace of mind knowing this brand is waterproof. Therefore, it is usable in any season and weather considering its ABS body.


  • Ultra bright
  • Wireless battery
  • Has 5 LEDs on each side
  • Dimmable
  • Waterproof

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8. Amir Night Light

AMIR Motion Sensor Light, Cordless Battery-Powered LED Night Light

This is a nights-only brand that is a battery powered with an outstanding design. It is helpful when electricity is unavailable in your area A pack has six lights. Its lumens output offer the brightness you need to stay safe in your premises. It picks up any motion within 10feet from the lights. If there is no motion, it goes off right away to save on battery energy.

Do not worry about installation; Amir has adhesive pads and an internal magnet to help with that. However, ensure you use the light in temperatures not so high.


  • Decorative
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy setup
  • Cordless
  • Reliable
  • Easy to operate
  • Wireless mounting


  • AAA batteries not included

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7. URPOWER Outdoor Lights

URPOWER Solar Lights 8 LED Wireless Waterproof Motion Sensor Outdoor Light

If you are looking for a solar brand that comes with more than one light in a pack, consider Urpower. It has four pieces, which you can mount in different parts of your home for example garden, deck, yard, and patio. The pack’s unique design is on its internal connections.

Make maximum use of the long working hours. You can be sure your nights will be well lit, and motion sensed. It is fine to use these lights in any weather. With the automatic switch, the light works in an interesting manner. It detects motion and switches on. Once the motion is gone, it goes off. Its sensing range is 10 feet while the angle is 120 degrees.


  • Long working hours
  • Takes 6-8hours to charge fully
  • Water and heatproof
  • Sturdy design

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6. Litom Outdoor Solar Lights

Litom Solar Lights Outdoor, Wireless 24 LED Motion Sensor Solar Lights with Wide Lighting Area

Litom offers a wide-angle coverage that is two times larger than other solar brands, standing at 270 degree. Its range is also bigger, 10-26 feet. These two improvements give it a upper hand in the market. The single head product comes with three modes to try out.

Thinking about brightness levels, you cannot go wrong with Litom. Your patio, deck driveway or garage will be fine with this brand.


  • Safe
  • Has upgraded motion sensing tech
  • Convenient
  • Brighter light-526lumens
  • Reliable
  • Easy installation
  • Waterproof
  • Provides longer periods of lighting, 2 hours


  • Battery needs improvement

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5. RAB Lighting 360 Sensor

RAB Lighting STL360H Super Stealth 360 Sensor

RAB presents bell shaped lights that come in a pair. They are deluxe shielded and turn at 360 degrees. Adjust them in whatever direction you want. Their assembling is on universal plates. The product has surge protection thus less worrying about power destroying them. It can stand 6000 volts.

It is inappropriate to have light on during the day. Therefore, RAB has its lights set to switch off at daytime when there is sunlight all over the place. You can use the lights all day long and at night or customize them to be operational at certain hours.

One thing about motion sensors is false triggers. Some of them sense traffic or trees falling in motion and cause unnecessary alarm. Well, this brand has false triggers at the minimum. The designer of the lights is a professional as he matches units and lens colors perfectly. Bronze units, dark lens, and white lens white units.

If you are looking for an LED motion sensor light with the ability to work in any temperature, this product got your back. It is sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. With three LEDs, you can be sure that the light is scanning your surrounding efficiently.

There is no need to adjust the bells as the brand does a 360-degree swip. In case you need lower coverage, use the lens mask.


  • No wiring needed
  • Immune to radio frequencies around
  • Matching color design
  • Has an evening timer
  • Full coverage
  • Dual detectors

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4. Mr. Beams LED Light

Mr Beams MB360 Wireless LED Spotlight with Motion Sensor and Photocell - Weatherproof

Mr. Beams is one of the LED motion sensor light items that use a battery. It also has a photocell and emits 140 lumens meaning low power consumption. The light turns on and off automatically. It is more advisable that you purchase a product that will serve you for a while before needing to replace it.

About range, this product covers 350 square feet. Its tight seals ensure no water or dust, for instance, damages the light’s parts. Besides, it has UV protection. In basic terms, it is fine with any weather condition be it snow, sunshine or rain. The manufacturer ensured the lights do not switch on during the day. Having a 30-second automatic shut off saves battery energy.


  • Weatherproof
  • Bright light
  • Wireless installation
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Easy to set up


  • Batteries bought separately

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3. Leonlite Dual-head Outdoor Light

LEONLITE 20W Dual-Head Motion-Activated LED Outdoor Security Light

This is an improvement from Leonlite’s halogen motion sensor light. It comes in a modern appearance appropriate for your modern home’s yard and porch. It features three modes dusk to dawn, on time and dusk. These give you more freedom to operate the light according to your preference and convenience. If you are on a budget and do not like replacing home equipment every other time, this is the product to go for at the store or online.

Talking about construction, this brand employs stainless material and extra-bright heads. It rotates at 180 degrees. You just need to mount it the right way and in a position that picks up motion in the most vulnerable areas of your property. The adjust knob feels great in your fingers increasing comfort, yet the mount base will ease the installation process making it quick and easy. Do not mind so much about running the sensor, because it automatically switches on reducing the need for you to control it.


  • Attractive design
  • Dual lights
  • Waterproof
  • Cost saving
  • Consumes less energy
  • Long life, maximum of 50,000hours
  • Low maintenance

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2. Hyperikon LED Light

Hyperikon LED Security Light 20W, 2 Head, White, Outdoor Motion Sensor Light

The electric brand has a range of 30-40 feet. Its sensors are perfect. Installation is an easy task despite having a cord. Simply identify where you want to mount it and set it. It does not matter whether you are mounting the light in your garage, workshop, driveway or parking lot.

Hyperikon works just fine in any weather. It is as bright in the clear sky as it is in the snow, sleet, and rain. Its brightness is not affected at all. Its coverage angle is 240 degree, which is much better than some brands in the market. The lenses are well protected with an elongated hood. The housing is rugged thus stands scratches and looks as good as new even after long periods of use.


  • Waterproof
  • Quick set up
  • Reliable
  • Stable construction
  • Lightweight

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1. Lepower Solar Light

LEPOWER Solar LED Security Light, 950LM Outdoor Motion Sensor Light

Lepower is a credible brand on the list of best LED motion sensor light. It offers two flexible heads and operates in two modes auto and test mode. The heads are made of strong ABS material. It is a solar-run light but does not need direct sunlight to charge. Therefore, even it is cloudy, and there is some sunshine, your light will still charge and provide the security you require at night.

Brightness is an important aspect of any lighting product. This item does not disappoint. It has a high lumens rating producing bright light. The lenses have a wide angle of 180 degree while its range is 50 feet at most. Change the positioning of the lens hood if it is interfering with coverage in any way.


  • Adjustable
  • Convenient charging
  • Waterproof
  • 950 lumens
  • Consistent performance
  • High quality
  • 50,000 hours of service
  • Durable
  • Dual heads

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Lights are important at any premise. They keep you safe. However, having motion sensor lights is even better as it will help you know if you have unwanted company. You can never compromise your security. Therefore, if the sensor lights can keep you safer, then you need to consider investing in one or two brands. From the above guide on LED motion sensor light, you stand a better chance of buying a worthwhile product. Find one that suits your needs well be it single or dual-headed.

Ensure it is durable, easy to use, of great design and has the brightness you are looking for. The factors discussed in the introduction will be helpful when making purchases.

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